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Unleash The (X) CAWs

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As a former member of the online clan of (X). Nearly 10 years later I'm gonna release all of the comic and movie caws we made over the years. Now I've got over 6 cards worth of our collective works. It wouldn't be right if I didn't credit the people involved in (X). You'll find caws by (X)-JeanGrey,Spawn,Wolverine,Pyro,Hulk and lastly myself. If there's interest in them I'll release the 6 saves. But only if there's enough. So I want at least 20 people to show they want this first. I know it's selfish for me to do that. But I wanna know the people want them before I releasing them to the public. Even though (X) is long gone. I still abide by the code we set.



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