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The Icon's 2016 Part II - Women's Division

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Not sure how alive this place still is but I've recently got back into this game and figured I would post some stuff. Let me know if you want anyone uploaded.


Oh, my iphone skewed some of the pictures so some of the top/bottom proportions are off.


Cali James


- Fan favorite "CJ" Cali James

- 2x National Champion Gymnast

- Celebrated Technical Wrestler

- High-Flying Specialist

(Formerly Quinn James in previous iterations, changed due to lack of name options.)




- "Punk Princess" Lillith

- Very Aggressive in the ring

- Feared Striker

- Known to be a little too Hardcore

(This is the face version of Lillith, went a little more punk this year instead of dark princess look.)





Alexia Knight


- Current Women's World Champion

- She'll berate you as she's beating you

- Renown submission specialist

- Wins by any means necessary

(New character this year went for a Kardashian/Sasha Banks Hybrid.)


Sophia Young


- Alexia's BFF & Partner

- She's tall & strong and knows how to use that to her advantage

- Everyone says she's the next "big thing" but her loyalty to Knight holds her back

- Ruthless in the ring

(Formally known as "The Beautiful" Sophia York, gimmick & name change due to lack of options...Was pretty upset when I saw that the Cody Rhodes face protector was no longer in the game.)


There will probably be some more additions tomorrow.

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Shoot, my bad guys. I made these CAWs and then fell off this game pretty fast afterward. But all of these ladies will be back early on in 2K17 and I will be sure to upload them then.

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