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Robotic Squirrel

Totally Real Squirrel's Human Infiltration Showcase (Minor updates 04/10/2016 Lexi and Io)

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I have a bunch of Caws started, but not a whole lot of finished products yet. Without getting too wordy, here's the first of more to come, Io Ono. She's up on CC with two attires, entrance and moveset.


So I lied, apparently Io wasn't done before, now she is. Something wasn't quite right about the previous attires, so I altered them. These look much better to me.








Ahem... -.-; Nippon Digital, replacing Sora Digital. This one feels a bit more real, and slightly more mature, and definitely a bit more individual. On the white in various spots is a hex/honeycomb pattern, representing the 'Digital' aspect.







Something wasn't quite right with the original attire, so, I cleaned it up. I think it works better in black than aqua.









Second! Really early WIP of Io's older, less friendly sister Shiho (Will be updated when done):











Next up, "Deutsch gemacht Muskel" Yrena Diehl. This is also a super early WIP, I should have the first attire done soon, since I know what I want to do. The rest will take a bit of time:







Minor update to Yrena's Attire. Lettering is slow, and I have more to do for her shirt:









Last New WIP for a bit: Lexi Lemieux - Canadienne Extrodinaire

Got some logo and lettering to do for her of course, notably, Les Fleurs. It's slow going, since I'm no artist, but Gimp helps. ^.^







Minor Update here, adding her name logo, and Les Fleurs to her tights.










Note: these have all been modded with cheat engine to be male, meaning you can use them against male superstars, in the royal rumble, and even in Career, if you can get past the male voice thing. >.> ...ahem... If you edit the attires, they will revert back to female automatically.


Can be found with the Robotic Squirrel tag on cc. Feel free to comment. More to come ^.^

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