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The Ultimate Warrior CAW by Tomcat13

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Here is the first attire. Will release once I have all 4 attires done and tweaked the moveset to my liking.


WWF SuperStars 3-10-1990






"Dear game developers of WWE 2k16"


The face import is a great feature. Would like to see more logo designs back in the game so I don't have to make more. Applying face textures needs work, because once you apply a texture it moves as you probably already know. It makes the CAW process more of a pain in the ass and not so enjoyable.


The body morph system still doesn't allow as much control as in previous versions. Not being able to control arm,leg,neck,hand, or foot length creates issues. I would also like to see body skins added back to the game. Trying to add them via textures in custom logos doesn't look very good and is a waste of effort. I think it's great that you allow more control to be able to make different sizes for arms and legs, but would it be possible to keep symmetry on? It's also a hassel to try and get the arms to the same size.


The arm and leg definition seems to be lacking as well. Even when you set the body morph to as lean as possible, they still don't have much definition. Please address this for the future. Thanks for you time.



A long time CAW maker who's bought every version since 2007


Ultimate Warrior CAW part specific complaint: Why is the placement of the arm tassels so off? They are correctly placed on his in-game model, but when you put them on a caw they are around the bicep, instead of at the bottom of the deltoid where they belong. Please fix this if at all possible.

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I remember downloading your warrior caws a few years back. Good caw so far.

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