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Wrestlemania Predictions

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I believe it's the wrestle mania that "hands over the torch".


Undertaker > Bray Wyatt

Triple H > Rollins

Jericho > AJ etc

Foley/SCSA > Ambrose


Firstly, I believe that someone will interfere the taker v Shane match, as there's no way they can make Shane beat taker 1 v 1 at the grandest stage of all. Praying its Bray Wyatt, and Shane done "a bigger deal with a bigger devil in Bray Wyatt". Cementing his position as new boss of WWE.


Hoping Rollins costs HHH the match against Reigns, as revenge for how he was treated towards the end of his run by The Authority, and then destroys Roman Reigns sending a strong message that, that is his belt.


Alternatively he could cost Taker the match, thus, stripping Authority of all their power, either way, I don't think we'll see HHH/Stephanie for a long time after wrestle mania!


Jericho > Aj. Been paired as "Aj is what Jericho was at his prime, if not better" obviously AJ no where near Chris on the mic, so playing it smart basically having Chris sell AJ for weeks on the mic.


Stone Cold/Foley > Ambrose - Hard one, because I always thought Ambrose is this era's Stone Cold, watered down maybe, but that don't give a *Censored* attitude, whose a bit of a loon, acts like a heel but seen as a face etc . But after Foley giving him the barbed wire bat, basically as a gift of "passing the torch", maybe it's him? No other result but Ambrose to win, otherwise, just blown this hole storyline/Ambroses push. He has to beat Lesnar.


Enzo Amore/Colin Cassidy to debut? - suddenly using Xavier Woods as the second title defender (when have they done this) just gave me this impression, and rumours they were debuting at Fastlane. It's as if, they're pairing them ie Amore > Woods Cassidy>Big E. Suddenly making them face as well (New Day), could be Heel turn, costing them title etc?


Thinks this is the best time in wrestling since Attitude/Agression era. Finally trying to mould characters to forget the great Attitude era. Because up until not so long ago, WWE (imo) has just been a blur. And with Shane coming in, complete fresh direction, just hoping TV-14 comes with it..

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I would like someone to please answer this: What is the major deal with Taker losing? I don't get it! If he loses big deal. The WWE built him up so much that fans will riot if he loses a match? I really am not taking this in.


Speaking of the Taker/Shane match, it is pretty simplistic. Unless Shane wins CLEAN, then there will be no changes in the WWE or RAW. I see majority of people complaining about RAW, and how stale it's getting, yet you would rather see ONE man win a match, then see RAW different each and every week providing solid matches, and good storytelling? I not only want to see Shane win, but win clean so that changes will occur. I could care less if Taker has 2 losses. What i truly want is RAW and WWE to provide some grade A matches and entertainment. Takers WM record means nothing to me. Hopefully he can just retire soon so that the WWE can finally move forward then constantly looking behind them. I realize he has a major fanbase but unfortunately none of them will admit he is massively overrated.

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Nor could I. But I know, it won't happen that way. He just has to win. There's no rule to how? Plus hell in a cell is no disqualification. So someone can interfere. As you said, they've built him up etc. No way in hell, will Shane win clean. Praying its Bray Wyatt who makes him win. He then controls Raw. The new corporate ministry, ha.

Ps, Taker is gone now. Watching him last Monday, he's about 80. Just ruining his legacy. Should have quit year before coming back and losing to Lesnar. Haven't been a fan of him since his "American Badass" days. I think it's just the name that is appealing.

Pss* I feel this is the first time in years, WWE is finally looking forward and looking to mould new icons/future HOF. It seems they're trying to give this generation an alternative to Attitude era Wyatt/Taker etc. And I for one, enjoy Wyatt than I ever did Taker. His mannerisms, charisma, character, just brilliant. Hoping mania is the push to put him to the top. The way he wiped HHH's belt after smashing Ambrose, was brilliant.


Finally have this crop of wrestlers, that would cut it 15/20 years ago imo. Time to go forward!

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