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Does anybody have an archive of WWE Smackdown Games cheat device codes?

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Hi guys, I was once again playing with good old PlayStation 2 and SmackDown games: Just bring it, here comes the pain, 2006 etc.

And I want to enhance my gameplay experience. So I turned to look for cheat device codes which I remember in the past were widely available and hacked almost every aspect of the game. So I revisited those sites and all I find is ruins. Abandoned sites, with broken links to cheat lists. i am shocked to see those vast archives go into the abbyss.

Guys, do any of you had thought into the future and saved those lists of cheat codes?

Can you share them?

All the games that you have, especially HCTP, JBI and SVR 2006 & 2008.

For all devices like armax, cb for both regions PAL and NTSC.

This is what Im after:

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Hope this helps some. You'll have to search through pages for stuff you want. But it's got lots to work with.

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