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WWF No Mercy/2k16 Mod!

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Hey guys so am hoping you allow this, obviously we're mainly all wrestling fans on this website so i thought it would be cool to post it, mods...inbox me if not and i won't in the future! I just thought many people would be interested and if bored of WWE 2K16 they could have a go at this classic game with the latest superstars etc


Anyways this is a mod made by a guy named Sebastian (I speak to him occasionally) and he, and his friends have made modded the classic N64 Game No Mercy with all the latest as of November attires, superstars etc.....he found the first video i did on his mod which was a Royal Rumble video i did and now he wants me make another for his new MOD which i tell you about UNDER this video


(This video is the November Mod, for new MOD info being released after NXT tonight, read under the video)




BUT he has just sent me the latest mod, which really is so updated it has AJ Styles Fastlane attire on it, same one he's using now, also has Shinsuke Nakamura on this too, along with arenas, new attires, movesets etc...if people wan't this version let me know, i will be posting a video on the NEW mod tomorrow at some point revealing the latest WWE Superstars in a Roy Rumble match!



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