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The Official Movie Discussion thread

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Bergman* 😉

There’s no better time to watch a film about the Plague than now, I’d say! lol It also helps that the film can be quite humorous. I recommend Wild Strawberries next.

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Hey guys, just watched the Turkish version of Miracle on 7th cell and it was so sad. I was crying my eyes out.

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On 4/6/2020 at 4:42 AM, Jeb ★ said:

Next on movies that I've missed: Midsommar and Knives Out. Midsommar was weird as *Censored*, didn't know William Jackson Harper was in it so that's cool. Knives Out was excellent, had me hooked through every twist.

I thought Midsommar was alright but I think they did a way better job with Hereditary. I'd watch that if you haven't already. Just rewatched that last week after my brother told me he hadn't seen it.

Just showed my dad the John Wick trilogy. Thought he would like the third one, but it just went too long for him and he hates that it's continuing.

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