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For me its not an issue because they were interesting enough out of the suits mostly. Im not saying everything worked but Id say enough to get by without me checking my watch. It wasnt like Godzilla where the human element as well as monster fights were lacking for a large chunk of the movie. I have no particular attachment to the series though. I mean I loved it as a little kid and had tons of the toys, but even by age 7 I realized the show kind of sucked.

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So you guys didn't mind the fact that there was only 10 minutes of actual Power Ranger action?

I did, but they implied that they'll have sequels, so I'm okay with it. Plus, it was cool to see the Rangers fight and do cool stuff without the suits, which is why I liked the movie.


They should have far more action in the sequel though, hopefully.

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Guest Fight Me.

Watched Jeepers Creepers 3 on Netflix late last night...

I'm guessing it wasn't good lol.


Shame cause I was a fan of the first two, but can't bring myself to watch the new one.

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So...I finally saw Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. It wasn't a "good" movie...but it was alright. I've come to accept that you're never going to capture the magic of the original Jurassic Park. It just isn't possible. That said, I liked the first Jurassic World movie more than this one...because, at least it was a park. I think that "everything has gone wrong in the park" aspect of the movies is the most fun aspect of them. Which is why the sequels never do well, IMO...you remove the park, you just have cgi dinosaurs.



I did like the ending, though...with the dinosaurs being let loose into the whole world, with the implication being that they would breed and populate the earth. Complete with Goldblum's character saying "Welcome to Jurassic World". I mean...you have to mark for that part just a little. So, yeah...maybe the follow-up movie will be cool. But this one fell flat. In that regard, this trilogy might turn out similar to the original trilogy...with the first being the better one, the second being a bit of a turd, and the third slightly redeeming the second (IMO that's how the original trilogy was). Also, I like the little girl being a clone. I don't see how that could serve any major purpose in the future...and I don't know that the girl even needs to be in the future movies...but I thought it was a neat little idea.



Side note: It's probably only because it's so fresh in my mind...but, I'm playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider right now...and there are some freakish parallels between that game and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. First, they have the little girl exploring the mansion/estate...which also happens to have a museum inside it. She is pretending that she's on an adventure through the museum. At first, I thought..."Huh, that's a funny coincidence. Definitely reminds me of Tomb Raider". Later, towards the end of the movie, the girl is out climbing on the building itself...and she even walks across a large glass sunroof like young Lara in Tomb Raider. At that point, I was like "what the shit!" :lol: Not to mention, there is a father (or fatherly figure) who gets killed by a shady person/people, and made to look like he died of natural causes/suicide. I mean...every scene involving that mansion and the events therein just reminded me of my recent playthrough of Tomb Raider. It was inescapable.


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Personally thought Hereditary sucked ass. Had high hopes of it as well. Was weird but not exactly scary at all.


Bohemien Rhapsody does look great though.

Well, I don't find any movies to be scary, tbh...because I'm not six years old. But, it was memorable in how weird it was...which is the most that I can personally hope for with horror movies.

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