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Drew McIntyre Debut '07 CAW

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"My name is Drew McIntyre, and I am from Scotland. Though I know you Americans LOVE to cheer for your own kind, and that is why I've applied to dual citizenship. So tonight, it would be great to hear you say 'USA!'"


Attire from his debut match against Brett Majors.


Photos: http://imgur.com/a/IvmBi


I uploaded him hours ago, but then this arse of a troll put a bad review of it. He's that guy who puts "WWE 2K16 CAW CHYNA" or whatever the hell he puts. Therefore, I deleted him and plus, I needed to put some more finishing touches to him including his abilities.


Just like his debut, his entrance music is William Regal's theme though (if you didn't know) you can put his 2nd theme by the name of "Gaelic Highlands" on him. Hey, your choice.


I'll update this post with the tags.


Please, if you want, check out my other CAWs that are already on CC. I remade NickBreakerUK's ECW arena, I made Father James Mitchell/Sinister Minister, Ryback's new attire, and Danshoku Dino. I'm on there as CodeSS09.

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