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Mani-Mans Showcase 2k16! Slot 1-2! Update 02/08/16 Slot 3-5

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Hello fellow caw makers and wrestling fans.
Its been some time since ive been active in terms of Wrestling Video Games.

WWE 12 was the last one i played.
After this game, i was pretty much done with the series.
I didnt plan to buy 2k16, since i knew it would still have some problems that will be hugely annoying for Caw makers.

But to my surprise, i got the game plus season pass as a christmas gift.
Trying it out, i had surprisingly much fun with it.

Even more, it made me realize how much i had missed creating caws, testing moveset changes, entrances, etc.

Overall the Create mode in 2k16 is good...but also frustrating.

Face photo, the whole thing with the logos fading out when they are a bit too big, the long...long loading times, hairlines all over the place for the different hair styles, the servers, restrictions left and right, no paint tool etc.

I have a lot of frustrating moments with 2k16, but overall i feel like i have been more creative then ever before.
So i have a lot of fun with it.


Here is my Original Caw that i mainly use to create dozens of different attires.
I once tried to do a full roster of different caws, but it wasnt as much fun as focusing on one guy.
He probably had over 100 attires since the early days of caw making. :)

The Game

When i first started creating him in 2k16, i thought about changing his name.
Somebody once told me that it would be a good idea to come up with a different name for this caw.
I thought long about changing his name, but i never came up with a name i liked enough.
It always felt a bit off to change his name...maybe because i was so used to it.
WWE smackdown 2 was the first game where i created him i think, he always had this name so i stuck with it.
I thought about using a „generic“ name and add for example a X to Alex or take away a letter fomr a different name to have a name thats „edgy“...but i didnt like it...so he stays THE GAME.

Basic Concept of the Caw:

I like the idea that my caw has a certain theme to his attires.
While i do understand the appeal of those „indy“ looking caws who are covered with Tattoos, have attires that are full of designs and a hip hop or metal entrance music...im not fond with it personally.

So i try to have my caw rather „unique“ in terms of attire, entrance, move set.
He is a big guy who has strength, is athletic and fast...but he doesnt do 450 splashes, many springboard attacks and that stuff.
I try to make everything fit each other and not feel out of place.
This is not always possible, but i try. :)

The head/face of my caw is something that im okay with, i tried the face photo thing a couple of times...but it didnt work...so i took a preset face and tweaked it a bit.

Like i said before, the game has a lot of frustrating things to it, the face photo and the logo uploading gives me a bit of trouble...so its not all perfect.
Im happy with what comes up however...and that is all that matters in the end. :D

I dont know if i will upload the caw:
Because im never really 100% finished with the attires, there is always something to change and add.

This is all a bit much...but i just thought i should share a bit of my thinking in terms of Caw creating and wwe 2k16.

Thats it, Enjoy.

The Game:

Signature Moves: Lost in the woods(i change it to a running big boot maybe soon)
Go Home Driver


Game Over! (sit-out Chokebomb)
Endgame( Shouten...but this is also not "final")

Im still working on the Entrance, since you cant change the camera and the camera in the preview and actually entrance are sometimes different, the entrances arent perfect.
(Dont get me started on the awful Transisions)

Slot 1:

This first slot is surprisingly not my main slot...i actually dont have a main slot i use so far.
Normally my main slot would involve the theme of Dragons(since they are my favorite fantasy creatures)...but so far i havent done a attire that has them.

When i started creating The Game in 2k16, it was with the thought of returning to the series.
So with this, the idea of a Rising Phoenix like attire started.
Rising from the Ashes, breaking the chains etc...that was my starting point for this attire.

I love the idea of attires that are inspired by all kinds of things, fantasy, comics, games, movies etc.
Taking a theme and working around it, trying to fit it...that is something i find really cool.
Of course i had to use the color blue for the flames, phoenix etc...since its my favorite color.
So the first attire came pretty fast and was done in minutes.
The Phoenix on the side is not perfect, there are some white points still visible since i forgot to delete them...but i actually think it makes it look a bit better.

The second one was on accident, i tried out how the flames would look full extended and wrapped around the trunks.
I liked the look and continued from there.
Im constantly thinking about changing the boots to black or blue, wanting to add more flames or a different logo...but for now im happy with it.


Attire 2:


Slot 2:

I liked the boots the caw mode had...so i built him up from the bottom to the top:D
Sadly you cant add two different logos on each side of the boots.
I wanted to write Game on one side and Over on the other, since i call his finisher Game Over...but i can live with it.

Attire 4 is so far my least liked one.
I dont know what throws me off, but im hardly playing with it.
I wanted to do a white tights attire...but i had no real plan for this one.
Then i thought about using the flame design like in attire 2.
It works and looks interesting...but it is not my favorite.


Attire 4:


Thats it for now...i currently have around 10 slots...so i hope that i can share them all with you guys soon.

Slot 3:

This slot is pretty obvious. :D
Finding the right lighting design is very hard, but i think i did a good job.
At first it was supposed to be some kind of The Rock type of look...but then i decided to stay with the "Electrifiying" theme.

Attire 5


Attire 6


Slot 4


This was a fun idea to start with.

I wanted to do a Slot that has the overall topic of wolves.

The whole Lone Wolf thing started when i thought about a guy who simply has enough of being nice and friendly, trying to be „civil“ so to speak.

Someone who doesnt care about anybody and lets loose in the ring.

The Moveset is slightly changed with a lot of rather „mean“ attacks, kicks, punches and hard slams.


Its more of a brawler type of moveset.


The Entrance came out really well, except the fact that his hair look blueish.

Will try to get a video of the Entrance soon.




Attire 7




Attire 8






Slot 5


This slot made the most fun to create so far.

It is a extention of the previous slot...just a bit more angrier and wilder.

While the previous slot was more aimed to a wrestler who simply reacts when attacked...this one looks like a wrestler who seeks a fight and is constantly full of rage.

Always waiting for the moment he can throw a punch and then another and another.




Attire 9




Attire 10





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What's your Hashtag? Also in my opinion, I think he needs a name because The Game sounds bad if your a wrestler. I think when I download your CAW, I'll find a name that should work!

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What's your Hashtag? Also in my opinion, I think he needs a name because The Game sounds bad if your a wrestler. I think when I download your CAW, I'll find a name that should work!


Maybe im simply used to the name, since i use it in 13-14 wrestling games.

Im more and more thinking about giving him a "real" name, but so far nothing really sounds like it fits.


I havent uploaded any of my slots so far.

Currently im tweaking the moveset and Entrance...if im done with that, maybe i upload it.


Added slot 3-5


BTW: Am i the only one who is a bit bothered by the hairlines for the hair?

They are all over the place.


It isnt a huge deal, but it annoys me just enough that i use a sloppy design to at least make it look slightly like the hairline is always the same.

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I don't think he looks all that great in a mask, or hood for that matter. Not to knock the design work because it's great but just doesn't fit this guy in my eyes. Great attires, especially the wolves and the lightning ones


As far as a name, Tommy Sinn just popped into my head. Just seems like Sin(n), Grimm, or Grimes as a last name would fit. I have a caw named Marcus Hellion and something within that realm prolly could work as well. Good luck with that if you go through with giving him a real name. 13 games (so, what... 11, 12 years? Smackdown 2 would be roughly 15 if you played it the year it dropped) is a long time in to force a change like that

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