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ECWselby's Arenas (XB1) **Another update, post draft, with clips!**

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**6/24/16 UPDATE


So i've finally got clips of every arena i've done. Most of them are all up on XBLive, but let me know if there's any in particular you would like me to upload that aren't there already.


Any feedback/requests welcome.




WWE Backlash (SD! exclusive, post draft)



XPW Liberty or Death



WWE Battleground (post draft edition)



WWE Armageddon



WCW Nitro (Modern)



WWE Fully Loaded (Modern)





WCW The Big Bang 2001 (Cancelled PPV) **NEW**



DOA (From WCW vs nWo: World Tour N64)



Independent Union (From WCW vs nWo: World Tour N64)
ECW Hardcore Revolution (Recreation of the Brimstone Match from ECW Anarchy Rulz on PS1/Dreamcast!)
IWA Barbed Wire Board Deathmatch
Fightback (Custom women's wrestling arena)
WCW New Blood Rising
ECW Hardcore Heaven
ECW Guilty As Charged
ECW One Night Stand
ECW Heat Wave
ECW November To Remember
ECW Anarchy Rulz
WWE Battleground (Custom)
XPW - Xtreme Pro Wrestling
WWE Raw (Custom)
WCW Thunder

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Appreciate that man. Big fan of your work. Just uploaded an XPW one that's a bit interesting. I put some barbed wire boards on the entrance way.

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How do you embed a YouTube clip on here? I've made sure the thumbnail was actually suitible, as well :(


paste the link and hit post i just tried it and it works

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I even tried that and it didn't work. So strange. Unless it displays it as embedded for others, and not me? Not sure why that'd be the case, but i'm pretty much out of ideas!

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Battleground arena is legit one of the best custom arenas I've seen. Great work!

Thank you so much. I was particularly proud of this one. When I heard they were using the name 'Battleground' for a PPV, it's kind of more what I had in mind!

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