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Kane "The Devil's Slave" attire (Made Up)

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When will this gimmick start?: After Coporate Kane

When will this gimmick end?: Retirement

Bio: After Kane is fired from his position, you see him slowly break back into his former self (The Demon) through skits of therapy. Through these skits, you start to hear more about the backstory of the Kane character. After a few weeks, he breaks down and chokeslams the therapist through a table. In which he walks to the door, raises his arms (in the similar fashion of The Undertaker). And a red fog will start forming outside the door. He opens the door, and then looks back at the therapist in which he starts laughing maniacally while he walks into the red fog.

How it Ends: Kane will start a feud with The Undertaker where he'll start playing mind games with Taker (One could be where Undertaker will be surrounded by flames in the ring and then druids will surround the ring repeating "Come Back Home" to Taker, and then Kane drags The Undertaker under the ring). When Wrestlemania starts, the main event is "The Undertaker VS. Kane" and will be advertised as "The End of the Dead Men", the winner of this match will be Undertaker. During the celebration, Undertaker will help Kane up. And they both walk out of the arena together...

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