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Need some advice

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I wanna start to upload some of my logos and superstar heads I've made but am afraid of people downloading them and then reposting them as their own. Can I prevent that or is it just part of the risk of putting stuff online? So far I have the following I want to upload finished:

Superstar Heads:

Austin w/ 3:16 shirt featuring the skull with blue smoke

Austin w/ 3:16 shirt featuring red skull and black/yellow lettering

The Rock w/ "bring the whuppin" shirt and track pants

john cena w/ hlr away style shirt

john cena w/ hlr bulldog shirt

randy Orton in a suit with red dress shirt

ryback from 1/4/16 raw

ryback w/ yellow and white split attire

Austin w/ "what?" Shirt

the rock in a vest and jeans (from shut your mouth)

Superstar heads (not finished)

the rock with "just bring it" shirt with white lettering

the rock with USA just bring it shirt



custom black and gold wwe logo

rock just bring it logo

Austin skull

Austin skull with blue smoke

Austin red skull with yellow smoke

Austin 3:16 black and yellow lettering

Austin "what?" Lettering

rock "u bring the whuppin" shirt logos (front and back)

- old wcw bullseye ring mat

John cena "even stronger" shirt front logo


And I am working on making others. So what advice can you offer? It also sucks to only have 5 slots as I'm sure I'll never get a lot of downloads

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But I seem to remember a glitch in the old days that all they had to do was copy it to another slot once they downloaded it and then they could. If not then that really helps me a lot mink! :-) I was surprised to see two of the logos I uploaded already have 2 downloads each as I thought they were kinda boring. I'm also not sure what of mine would be best to upload.

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