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Where can I download CAWs?

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Nice to be here!

Ive been out of wrestlinggames for the last 10 years...!

Its maybe a noob question...

I have a PS3 and going to buy WWE 2K16, this looks to good to pass by...

How about downloading CAWs?

Is that downloadable thru the game on my PS3?

Or do I have have to use a USB stick through laptop downloading?

And where can I download CAWs created by fans like you?


Thanks in advance

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You will see in the game where to go when you buy it. There's an online section and a place called Community Creations. That's where you can download people,logos,arenas,move sets and the like. They have a search engine where you can type whomever or whatever you're looking for. Two of my personal favorites are ThaCleana for Japanese based wrestlers and either TheDivasRevolution or DivasRevolution for some good Divas,can't remember the name right off

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