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Tell us the good stuff going on right now in your life


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Had a pretty sweet birthday, spent it playing WATCH_DOGS 2 and just hanging out with my family. Jarrett going in the HoF was the icing on the cake.


Happy belated birthday.


It's mine today, I'm 38. (Happy Birthday to Shinsuke Nakamura too)


I got Red Dwarf VII, Star Wars Episode VII and Rogue One on DVD. Really great book about Tim Peake with lots of awesome photos of Earth from the ISS.

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Finally got my girlfriend into a video game. I feel like I deserve some kind of reward after hearing the "I don't like video games" excuse.

Ooh what game got her to crack?

Little Big Planet 3. :lol:



Sackpeople are adorable.


As for me... I think I finally found a website that will help me buy a new computer. You pick out the parts and they built it for ya. Only downside is that the only case with openings on the front for drive bays is kinda ugly. Oh well. I need a Blu-ray drive and an SD card reader, among other things. This would let me have that. Two optical drives, in fact. Gonna make the other one also a blu-ray drive. BD-rewritable, on both, to be exact. That is... when I get the money to buy a new PC.

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