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Tell us the good stuff going on right now in your life


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I always like how you'll find KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut roll in a squad. They'll often be locations that have two of those three chains in one building. All three being the fast food places that make you feel the shittiest after eating. A haven a getting a guaranteed messy shit for the day.


The top fast food places are Chick Fil A, Steak and Shake, Culvers, and Five Guys. This isn't up for debate.

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After a ridiculous amount of time and shenanigans, I'm finally getting my bachelor's degree at the end of the month.

Congrats! How much did it cost for the paper?

Thank you! Didn't cost anything except time, since studying is more or less free over here.

Oh, nice. Didn't see you were from Finland. Whatcha major in?

Finnish. Mostly linguistics stuff. It's useful for a bunch of careers where advanced language skills are integral. Edited by Petos
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My local McDonalds has closed, but apparently there's a Subway opening right round the corner from it, so I'm hyped.


That's not a fair trade at all.


McDonalds might be garbage...but it's quality garbage. Subway is basically dry catfood on toast. I don't know how people live without Quickchek or Wawas subs.


Quickchek holds a special place in my heart over Wawas, just because the sandwich lady there is a complete bitch (but I somehow still love and appreciate her)...and the one cashier asked my buddy why he was buying four cans of whipped cream one time (fully knowing that we were doing whippets). He said he was making a cake, and she burned a hole through his soul. :lol:

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