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Just wasn't quite happy enough with it.... yeah, i'm annoying myself a tad with it now haha.


Not overly happy with the angled face but due to the game being a bitch, I've had to deal with it. The upper and lower cheeks got stuck in the same position after trying to edit them. Looks awesome in game though, my favorite one yet.


Same Search Tags-ish, STG, Goldberg, Bill Goldberg, Version 4






Figured I might as well edit this topic and keep adding to it!


So here's Brock, they're already on LIVE so search tags Brock_Lesnar or STG


Current -





First WWE Stint







....Redid everything other than the attire. Just wasn't feeling it and realised he resembled a burns victim. So anyway, same tags, STG, GOLDBERG, WWE AND WCW, Version 3


Think I'm done but after the amount of times i've retried, we'll see.


I'm really happy with this though.



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Been working on and off this since launch but I think I'm happy enough to actually show it....





Looking Nice Bro ! :D

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Thank you all. I've just had a quick edit of it in a couple of ways I wasn't quite 100% with. The body felt a tad small to my liking and the back was a bit too muscular so apply these and try it in game!


Body morphing

Lean 13.1

Buff 71.7


Chest height/width 21.2 lean

buff 10.1


Traps buff 85.8


Upper stomach width 30.3


Lower stomach width buff 30.3


Also, adjust this one thing on the face...


Adjust the top cheekbones to be in line with the lower ones. (The game wouldn't let me adjust it before it was released but does now?!) It gives him the podgier cheek look he has.

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Great job on this. It's not a WWE game without you making Aj Styles & Goldberg! Good times.

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