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Bugs & Glitches


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This needs to be more organized as the forum is flooded with bugs and glitches threads.


I will be posted small fixes/updates.



  • Alternate attires make the model disappear in the winning animation.
  • Main menu music sounds low and muffled. (Could be 360 only)
  • Announcer keeps talking into mic after introductions. (Last Gen)
  • Sweat immediately disappears on an edited superstar and caw after using HHH's entrance.
  • Screen tearing in cut-scenes during match.
  • When doing a title vs title match (WWE vs. NXT) after the match the winner will hold up two of the same belts.(360)
  • After replays at the end of the match, it freezes.(360)
  • If you give cesaro an alternate attire, his towel will glitch in his entrance.
  • Sometimes tag matches the order comes out wrong in entrances if they have separate entrances.
  • If someone wins the 97-02 tag belts they hold up the current tag belts in the winning animation sometimes.
  • Added designs on a textured caw's face disappear during entrance and in the ring.


  • Can't make title matches in universe *****Workaround: CAN edit title matches and change participants) & A PATCH IS COMING!*****
  • Doesn't update stats.
  • Rivalries keep deleting themselves.
  • The city name on the nameplate doesn't match what you choose for your show or PPV.


  • Caws in my career via invasion has their logos messed up.


  • Under Special Objectives, at WM19 The Rock has his Nation Of Domination entrance video instead of his Hollywood Rock video.
  • Under Special Objectives, you don't get credited for completing "I'm the tag team champions!!!" in special ref matches.
  • Had an objective to do a Sharpshooter on Bret and he didn't have any reversal slots, but he reversed anyway.


  • Some wrestlers can't preform the secondary running front/rear grapples.
  • Shawn Michaels teleports if you duck the Sweet Chin Music(corner).
  • When having a strong strike signature/finisher, it will stop your ability to use your other finisher.
  • When pinning near the ropes and the opponent grabes it, both wrestlers freeze.
  • Sometimes pinning warps them to the other side of the opponent.
  • Whenever the AI does a charging finisher, they hesitate before hitting the move, which makes it easier for you to reverse.

Community Creations:

  • When re-downloading a caw the logos will screw up on it. If you try to fix them by moving the logos back to their original position, any work with the face editor will be deleted.
  • Sometimes downloads doesn't count right. (Only download 11 but says it used all 20).

Create a Wrestler:

  • When adding 02 kanes mask to 01 Kane's model, it glitches.
  • Face model morphing resets at random.
  • Designs randomly changes colours
  • When applying in game logos to the skin, it eventually turns the skin green and patchy.
  • When creating a super heavyweight, the top half weight goes back to normal when adding pants.
  • Changing the hair for someones second attire erases any hair dye work for the first attire.
  • Opacity for tattoos and some designs just doesn't work.
  • The afro hair looks weird and is glitched with polygons sticking out.
  • If you pick the silver hair the colours are glitched. *****(FIX: Go into dye option and then clicking undo)*****

Create a Moveset:

  • If you copy a moveset from a WWE superstar, abilities, attributes & skills doesn't transfer over.
  • Can't select certain moves. (Last Gen)

Create an Entrance:

  • Create an entrance freezes the game if you view a champion entrance then try to preview another.
  • Sometimes you have to click preview multiple times to view ring pyro in create an entrance.
  • Advanced entrance settings boots you out of the game. (Ps4 only perhaps)

Create an Arena:

  • in CAA, even though your wrestler use "arena movie" as their minitrons, it shows the raw minitron instead of your own shows.
  • When selecting the NXT arena match up screen, it shows superstars instead.

Create an Championship:

  • Sometimes the front plate goes missing during entrance.


  • Entrances boot out of the game in exhibition. (Ps4 only perhaps)





Submit your own, or any fixes/work arounds you have.

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I'm getting an issue when i'm on career mode with my caw. Everytime someone does a run in on me, the cut scene skips and i go straight back to the match card page where it says "run in" next to match. One time my rank went up after it. I feel i'm missing important scenes and i also don't know who to retaliate against. Anyone else getting this??

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- Sweat mechanism needs to be patched so it'll work, includes in-game default attires, edited attires and caws. Sweat immediately disappears on an edited superstar and CAW after using HHH's entrance (Both Xbox One & PS4).

- using Kalisto's face mask freezes the game and is not present (Xbox One).

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I just had a really good one in my own favor. I was replacing one of my day one Asuka's with a newer much better one, and it uploaded, but doesn't appear on my uploads list. I decided to try and fix this by uploading the same character over that slot again to see if it would show up, and while it didn't in my uploads menu, both are now online. I seem to have an infinite upload slot now!

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For Xbox One


CAA glitch - Despite wrestlers using 'Arena Movie' as their minitron, it will always display the Raw minitron instead of your own show's.


CAS weight glitch - I've created a super heavyweight whose top half weight goes back to normal when I add pants to him.

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Create-a-show: I set a downloaded nxt arena to nxt match up screen and superstars shows up instead. My universe show with a custom smackdown doesn't have the problem so maybe there's a problem with selecting the nxt match up screen??

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If you play the special match in Showcase where you play as The Rock in WM 19 to beat Austin, the Rock has his NoD entrance video instead of his Hollywood Rock video.

Seconding this on PS3.


Also don't get credit for "I'm the Tag Team Champions" in special ref matches. Probably ditto for Backstages but I didn't try those.

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