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nWo legend hitman4life

xbox list of caws needed/ wanted

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1. goldberg

2. kurt angle late wwe

3. scott steiner wcw nwo and later

4. rick steiner late wcw

5. buff bagwell nwo

6. raven

7. rey mysterio

8. ultimo dragon

9. dean malenko

10. hollywood hogan

11. hulk hogan wwe return

12. classic hulk hogan

13. brain adams nwo

14. scott norton nwo

15. juvi guerrera

16 eddie guerrero

17. chavo guerrero

loads more but will stop there for now and see if any good caws makers on xbox one as i believe most on ps4 now sadly



2 of my past fav caws that can remember

the baron

hmm minds gone blank

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HollyWood Hogan w/classic attire as well is uploaded

Kurt Angle is uploaded

Raven is up

Scott Steiner is on CC

And I believe there is a good Goldberg

The resim no sure about

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