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What's going on in your Universe?

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I have set up 4 shows (Raw, Smackdown, ECW and WCW) but only Raw and Smackdown are getting rivalries. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Superstars, Week 2 of November


-Elizondo defeated Bo Dallas


-Eva Marie defeated Layla


-Eric Rowan and Luke Harper defeated Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady


-R Truth defeated Baron Corbin and Rusev in a triple threat match in the main event

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Doing A Brand Extension Beginning At Survivor Series. It Consist Of 3 Major Shows

Monday - Raw 2002 Arena - Alumni/Legends

Wendesday - NXT Arena - Current NXT roster and Caws (Developmental Show) Smackdown has rights to any current roster superstar and Raw has rights to all Alumni/Legend Caws

Smackdown - 2002 Arena - Current Day Superstars

Champions On Raw
Raw Heavyweight Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin '03
Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho '01
Raw Tag Team Champions: Nation Of Domination- D'Lo & Faarooq
No Divas Championship

NXT Champions:
NXT Heavyweight Champion: Finn Balor
No Singles Title
NXT Tag Team Champions: The Vaudevillians
No NXT Divas Championship

Smackdown Champions:
Smackdown Heavyweight Champion: Brock Lesnar
United States Champion: Daniel Bryan
Smackdown Tag Team Champions: New Day
Divas Champion: Nikki Bella

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So, I reset my universe because I accidentally fast forward my previous one and things aren't going so good in every division. But the main multicompany deal storyline is still going but I made a few edits.


Roman Reigns is a face WWE Champion after defeating Seth Rollins, he's currently feuding with Brock Lesnar. Dean Ambrose is also a face & US Champion, currently feuding with Kevin Owens. Finn Bàlor recently lost his Intercontinental Championship to Sheamus, Sheamus is now feuding with Cesaro. AJ Styles is the NXT Champion, as Triple H's handpicked replacement of Finn Bàlor who gets promoted to main roster. New Day loses, and wins back their Tag Team Championship to Dudley Boyz, now feuding with my universe's version of All Night Express, my career mode CAW "Big Money" Dwayne West -character I found in CC based on Michael B Jordan- and Shawn Stylz. Creds to the original maker of both.


So with this recent results, Bàlor & Rollins pretty much doesn't do anything and the writer doesn't have anything to offer either. So both of them goes to Papa Hunter, asking to go out for awhile to seek a new challenge. Triple H agrees only on one condition. They both must perform in a whole new platform they never wrestled under before. So Finn Bàlor goes to Ring of Honor and Seth Rollins goes to NJPW. Both are NOW the world champions of the company, defeated Adam Cole & Okada respectively. Rollins turns face in the process, after Okada refuses to stop attacking him after the match. While Bàlor might be careful of diabetes because he is now Too Sweet, reuniting with Young Bucks who signed exclusively for ROH & NJPW only.

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April - Week 2


Match 1 (Rivalry Match) - Kevin Owens vs Cesaro

Winner - Cesaro

After - Cesaro checked on Kevin Owens, Kevin Owens punched Cesaro

*Putting on an act, Kevin Owens blindsides Cesaro with a vicious attack after their match, turning against the WWE Universe


Match 2 (Rivalry Match) - Bad News Barrett vs Neville

Before - Bad News Barrett offered Neville a handshake then attacked him

Winner - Bad News Barrett

*Frustration is building between Bad News Barrett & Neville


Match 3 (Elimination Tag) - Kofi Kingston & Big E vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

- Kofi Kingston pinned Luke Harper

- Big E pinned Erick Rowan

Winner - Big E & Kofi Kingston


Match 4 - Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton

Winner - Bray Wyatt


Match 5 (United States Championship) - Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena ©

Winner - John Cena



Match 1 - Adam Rose vs Curtis Axel

Winner - Curtis Axel


Match 2 - Damien Sandow vs Tyler Breeze

Winner - Tyler Breeze


Match 3 - Tyson Kidd vs Neville

Winner - Neville



Match 1 (Rivalry Match) - Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze

Winner - Tyler Breeze

After - Tyler Breeze attacked Dolph Ziggler

*Tyler Breeze continued to attack Dolph Ziggler after their match


Match 2 - Xavier Woods vs Stardust

Winner - Stardust


Match 3 (Rivalry Match) - Big E & Kofi Kingston vs Kalisto & Sin Cara

Winner - Kalisto & Sin Cara (Sin Cara pinned Big E)


Match 4 (Falls Count Anywhere) - Seth Rollins vs Adam Rose

Winner - Seth Rollins


Match 5 (Rivalry Match) - Daniel Bryan vs Ryback

Before - Ryback replaced himself with Mark Henry

Match 5 - Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry

Winner - Daniel Bryan

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Smackdown, Week Two of November


-Triple Threat Match

Damian Sandow defeated Neville and Tyson Kidd


-Women's Tag Team Match

Emma and Paige defeated The Bellas


-One on One

Daniel Bryan defeated Tyler Breeze


-One on One

Rusev defeated Sami Zayn


-Main Event Tag Team Match

Big E and Kofi Kingston with Xavier Woods defeated Darren Young and Titus O'Neil

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WWE Officially Announces WWE: Invasion!

WWE WHC Vacated Due to Rollins Injury!

NOAH Closes Its Doors Following Suzuki-gun Victory!2mpd0s7.jpg

- Previously , we reported about the leaking of WWE: Invasion by Redditor, "YankeesFan4Ever". Today in a Press Conference, COO Triple H officially announced the upcoming event that they had managed to sign a deal with NJPW for. The event will take place in a number of weeks in Osaka-j? Hall in Osaka. The event will be broadcasted live via the WWE Network as well as on NJPWWorld. Invasion will feature wrestlers from both WWE and NJPW as they square off against one another, although Triple H did not mention it, it is believed that there will be many stipulations attached to the matches that will determine NJPW's involvement in WWE going into the future, especially surrounding the recently vacated WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The theme for the historic show was also announced, it'd seem WWE has veered from their usual genre choice:

- In more eventful news, the NOAH promotion has been purchased by NJPW following vice-president of NOAH Naomichi Marufuji's failure to win back the GHC Championship before the end of the year which he stated would spell the end of the promotion. Minoru Suzuki and Suzuki-gun, the ones seen as responsible, are now white hot with popularity following their victory then being signed to exclusive deals with NJPW.


Suzuki-gun celebrating after a victory.

The group Suzuki-gun which is being considered the most lethal and villainous faction in wrestling right now could possibly play a major role in the upcoming Invasion angle!

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April - Week 3


Match 1 - Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev

Winner - Rusev (via submission)


Match 2 - Bray Wyatt vs Fandango

Winner - Bray Wyatt


Match 3 (Rivalry Match) - Bad News Barrett vs Neville

Before - Neville attacked Bad News Barrett

Winner - Neville

*Neville returned a measure of payback against Bad News Barrett


Match 4 (Rivalry Match) - Cesaro & R-Truth vs Kevin Owens & Stardust

Before - Cesaro & R-Truth show unity

Winner - Kevin Owens & Stardust (Kevin Owens pinned Cesaro)

*Cesaro has embraced the WWE fans


Match 5 (United States Championship) (Falls Count Anywhere) - Seth Rollins vs John Cena ©

Winner - John Cena




Match 1 - Fandango vs Zack Ryder

Winner - Zack Ryder


Match 2 - Adam Rose vs Damien Sandow

Winner - Damien Sandow


Match 3 - Sin Cara vs Jey Uso

Winner - Sin Cara



Match 1 (Rivalry Match) - Goldust vs Ryback

Before - Daniel Bryan attacked Ryback

Winner - Ryback

*Daniel Bryan delivered a shocking attack to the champion, desperate to win the title by any means necessary


Match 2 (Rivalry Match) - Big E & Kofi Kingston vs Kalisto & Sin Cara

Winner - Kalisto & Sin Cara (Kalisto pinned Kofi Kingston)


Match 3 (Rivalry Match) - Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze

During - Tyler Breeze left the match

Winner - Dolph Ziggler (via count-out)

*The tense rivalry between Tyler Breeze & Dolph Ziggler heats up


Match 4 (Falls Count Anywhere) - Daniel Bryan vs Heath Slater

Winner - Daniel Bryan


Match 5 - Seth Rollins vs Rusev

Winner - Seth Rollins

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Just finished KOTR. Awesome event. Roman Reigns and DBry met in the finals. Towards the end of the match, Sheamus came down and attacked Bryan. Roman didn't see this. He just saw Bryan down. Roman hit the spear and got the win. As a result, he will get a title shot at Summerslam. Tyler Breeze retained the IC strap against Ryback. Kevin Owens appeared and continued to mock SCSA and call him overrated. He then challenges Steve Austin to a match, if Austin has the guts. Stone Cold is set to return at Summerslam.


Sting retained the WHC against Trips. And in easily the match of the night, Seth Rollins retained the WWE title against HBK. They met in a ladder match. Rollins grabbed the belt right before HBK was able to pull him off the ladder.


After the match, Vince came out and celebrated with Rollins. The stipulation in the ladder match also said that Rollins had to face Shawn alone. Vince couldn't be out there. So, Vinnie Mac was proud of his champion Seth...for retaining the strap all on his own. Show goes off the air with Rollins and Vince celebrating, pyro and confetti come from the rafters. Shawn still sits in the ring, obviously disappointed.


At Summerslam, Seth Rollins will now defend the WWE title against Roman Reigns.

Summerslam is set to blow the roof off of the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.


Match Card Thus far:


Seth Rollins © vs Roman Reigns - WWE Championship


Stone Cold Steve Austin's return

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My question is for those of you that are running 3 or more major shows. How are you going about running your PPVs?

I have 3 PPVs a month:

One for Raw/Smackdown(one roster)

One for NXT

One for WWF/WCW(separate rosters)

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My question is for those of you that are running 3 or more major shows. How are you going about running your PPVs?

I have 5 shows and I only gave RAW and Smackdown PPVs because there the flagship shows and they share a couple of Titles. And because when I had 2 PPVs a month it screwed up rivalrys. So at the end of the month for the other shows I just set the matches to title matches if there title match rivalrys.

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Phase 2 of the New WWE has started and Main Event has been reworked into a major show with its own roster.


The main event of my top tier show's last PPV, Payback, was Stone Cold vs. Mankind in a last man standing match won by Mankind who took a beating but would not stay down. Stone Cold was knocked out by a butterfly DDT.


Seth Rollins defended the World Title against Ryback who was trying to hold the World and Intercontinental titles at the same time but the Big Guy got put down by a curb stomp.


World Title - Seth Rollins

IC Title - Ryback

Diva's Title - Paige

Tag Team Title - New Day

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Legends Show


-Shawn Michaels defeated Farooq


-Triple Threat

Ultimate Warrior defeated Col.Mustafa and Lex Luger


-Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Jim Neidhart


-Falls Count Anywhere

Undertaker'99 defeated Randy Savage


-Main Event

Sting'99 defeated Kevin Nash

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While I could not be stuffed writing out cards on here. I will post current storylines.


Takeover's I like WWE does, but the other PPV's i make a special show.


I'll start with NXT. Hideo Itami challenges NXT Champion Finn Balor for the title. Out of respect to Itami & wanting a clean fair fight. Finn decides not to use the demon. But Itami beats Balor for the NXT Championship. They have a 2 other matches, but after good showings. Finn Balor becomes a little frustraighted & challenges Hideo Itami in a last ditch match. If Itami beats the Demon. Balor will leave NXT. Who will win? As i'm doing that match as of writing.

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Season 2 of Lucha Underground announced to start January 2016 on El Rey Network.

It was announced just hours ago, that Lucha Underground will return for a second season on El Rey Network. A new partnership will also be announced in the coming weeks of a second broadcasting partner for Lucha Underground. Season one ended with many questions. Here is the road so far......


- We left Ultima Lucha in season 1 with a new champion. Mil Muertes defeated Prince Puma to become the new Lucha Underground Champion, joining The Disciples of Death to wear gold. Muertes, along with Catrina and The Disciples of Death will return to the Temple for season 2. What will Prince Puma have to say about losing the championship, and what will he do to try and get it back?


- Speaking of the Disciples of Death, they defeated the Trios Tag Team Champions in Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc to capture the Trios Tag Team Championships. Can anyone stop the Disciples of Death?


- Fenix won a 7 way match to become the Gift of the Gods Champion. This allows Fenix to "cash in" his Gift of the Gods Championship in exchange for a Lucha Underground Championship match anytime he wants. He does however have to give Dario Cuerto, fair warning in advance on when he wishes to do so. We last saw Fenix leaving the temple with his championship, but a familiar truck followed Fenix down the street. What does The Hunter, King Cuerno want with Fenix? Is it the Gift of the Gods Championship, or is there something more to it?


- There was a new alliance formed at Ultima Lucha as well, as Chavo Guerrero aligned with Blue Demon Jr and The Crew at Ultima Lucha, attacking Texano. What is next for this new alliance?


- We saw Marty The Moth, kidnap Sexy Star, and have her tied up in a storage room at the end of Season 1. Marty said to Sexy Star, that she won't think he is a joke, when she meets his sister. Who is The Moth's sister? when will we see her? How will Sexy Star escape?


- Johnny Mundo's girlfriend Melina debuted at Lucha Underground, costing Alberto El Patron the match. Melina hadn't been near a wrestling ring in almost 5 years before debuting to help Mundo. What is next in store for Johnny Mundo and Melina? What about Alberto El Patron?


- After a grueling Cero Miedo match with Pentagon Jr, it was revealed that all along, the Master he has looked up to, was Vampiro himself. With his master Vampiro by his side, Pentagon Jr is even more out of control, who will be his next target?


- As Ultima Lucha ended, we saw owner/promoter Dario Cueto gather his money, and some belongings, and take off with Black Lotus with Cueto's brother not too far behind. We did get a glimpse of the masked man, but that is all we saw. Where are Cueto and Lotus heading? What is left of the temple?

All of these questions, and more will certainly be answered on season 2 of Lucha Underground. The temple is open to the greatest fighers in the world, who else will show up this year, find out soon on Lucha Underground on El Rey Network.

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Just started my NXT number one contender tournament for the nxt title.... These are my matchups

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Brian Pillman

AJ styles vs. Ultimo Dragon

Tyler Breeze vs. Tiger Mask

Hayabusa vs. Finn Bàlor


Winner will face terminator t-2 for the nxt title at nxt njpw takeover show

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Alberto Del Rio (El Patron)

Alex Shelley


Barrio Negro *Lucha Underground Tag Team Champion

Bestia 666




El Sinestro Muerte *Lucha Underground Tag Team Champion

Fenix *Gift of the Gods Champion


Ivelisse Velez

Jack Evans

Jay Briscoe

Johnny Mundo

Kevin Thorn

King Cuerno

L.A. Park


Mark Briscoe

Marty "The Moth" Martinez

Mil Muertes *Lucha Underground Champion


Pentagon Jr

Prince Puma


Son of Havoc

Sexy Starr


Bray Wyatt

Erik Rowan

Finn Balor

Hideo Itami

Jey Uso

Jimmy Uso



Luke Harper

Sami Zayn

Sin Cara






Catrina (The Disciples of Death, Mil Muertes)

Melina (Johnny Mundo)

Ariel (Kevin Thorn)


Stables/Tag Teams

The Disciples of Death (Sinestro, Barrio Negro, Trece)

Jack Evans & Angelico

Cosmic Wasteland (Stardust, The Ascension)

The Uso's

The Wyatt Family

The Briscoe's


**Due to not being able to have mixed tag matches or women vs men, I am probably only going to do a few women's matches from time to time**


**I will have more debuts/returns as well**





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Raw, Week 3 of November


-One on One

Finn Bálor defeated Curtis Axel


-One on One

Natalya defeated Cameron


-Elimination Tag Team

Konnor and Viktor defeated Jey and Jimmy Uso


-Falls Count Anywhere

Cesaro defeated Tyler Breeze


-Fatal 4 Way Main Event

Roman Reigns defeated Dolph Ziggler,Kevin Owens and Ryback

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Monday: Raw (Major)

Tuesday: SuperStars (Raw's Minor)

Wednesday: Legends of the Ring (Major)

Thursday: Main Event (either Legends of the Ring Minor show or Raw vs SmackDown minor show)

Friday: SmackDown (Major)

Saturday: NXT (SmackDown's Minor)


Raw Roster:

Adam Rose

Aiden English


Big E

Blake (DLC)

Bray Wyatt


Curtis Axel

Damien Mizdow

Daniel Bryan

Darren Young

Dolph Ziggler


Erick Rowan

Finn Balor

Heath Slater

Jack Swagger

Jey Uso

Jimmy Uso


Kofi Kingston

Luke Harper

Murphy (DLC)



Sami Zayn

Santino Marella


Simon Gotch


The Miz

The Rock

Titus O'Neil


Xavier Woods

Zack Ryder


Raw Tag Teams:

B&M Security (Blake & Murphy)(DLC)

Brothers of Destruction (Kane & Undertaker)

E&C (Edge & Christian)

Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O'Neil)

Team CoBro (Santino Marella & Zack Ryder)

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

The Stunt Doubles (Damien Mizdow & The Miz)

The Uso's (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso)

The Vaudevillains (Aiden English & Simon Gotch)

The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan & Luke Harper)

ZigSwag (Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger)


Raw Champions:

World Heavyweight Champion: Finn Balor

Intercontinental Champion: Sami Zayn

World Tag Team Champions: ZigSwag


Raw Rivalries:

Finn Balor vs. Undertaker

Sami Zayn vs. Curtis Axel

ZigSwag vs. The Uso's


SmackDown Roster:

Bad News Barrett

Baron Corbin

Big Show

Bo Dallas

Booker T

Brock Lesnar


Chris Jericho

Colin Cassady

Dean Ambrose

Diego (DLC)

Enzo Amore


Fernando (DLC)


Hideo Itami


John Cena


Kevin Owens


Mark Henry


Randy Orton

Roman Reigns


Samoa Joe (DLC)

Seth Rollins

Shawn Michaels

Sin Cara


Triple H

Tyler Breeze

Tyson Kidd


William Regal


SmackDown Tag Teams:

Brass Ring Club (Cesaro & Tyson Kidd)

DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H)

Gold and Stardust (Goldust & Stardust)

JeriShow (Big Show & Chris Jericho)

Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando) (DLC)

Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara)

Realest Guys In The Room (Colin Cassady & Enzo Amore)

The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor)

The Heart Throbs (Fandango & Tyler Breeze)

The Shield (Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns)

The United Kingdom (Bad News Barrett, Neville & William Regal)


SmackDown Champions:

WWE Undisputed Champion: Booker T

United States Champion: Randy Orton

WWE Tag Team Champions: Realest Guys In The Room


SmackDown Rivalries:

Booker T vs. Mark Henry

Randy Orton vs. Cesaro

Realest Guys In The Room vs. Lucha Dragons

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Superstars, Week 3 of November


-Tag Team Match

Konnor and Viktor defeated Collin Cassidy and Enzo Amore


-Triple Threat Match

Tamina defeated Emma and Eva Marie


-One on One

Rage defeated R-Truth


-One on One

Elizondo defeated Stardust


-Tag Team Championship in the Main Event

Kalisto and Sin Cara defeated Aiden English and Simon Gotch to retain the titles


Smackdown, Week 3 of November


-Tag Team Match

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods with Big E defeated The Usos


-One on One

Neville defeated Heath Slater


-One on One

Alicia Fox defeated Summe Rae


-One on One

Finn Bálor defeated Tyler Breeze


Tag Team Match in the Main Event

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns defeated Baron Corbin and Randy Orton

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