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What's going on in your Universe?


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I wanna start a a universe with no wwe but I don't know what days tna njpw roh and czw are on and I know tna ppvs but not njpw roh and czw ppvs

I wanna start a a universe with no wwe but I don't know what days tna njpw roh and czw are on and I know tna ppvs but not njpw roh and czw ppvs

I wanna start a a universe with no wwe but I don't know what days tna njpw roh and czw are on and I know tna ppvs but not njpw roh and czw ppvs

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Bray Wyatt def. Randy Orton

Women's Championship

Nikki Bella © def. Brie Bella, Paige & Natalya

Jack Swagger def. Curtis Axel

WWE Tag Team Championships

The New Day def. The Usos ©

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Chris Jericho © def. Luke Harper

Dean Ambrose def. Daniel Bryan

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Kevin Owens © def. AJ Styles

I'm about to create a new WWE Universe Mode set-up now that I've reached WrestleMania. I'll be posting about my new one, and it starts the night after TLC. I'll be implementing the brand split I think.

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Monday Night RAW

WWE Championship: John Cena

WWE United States Championship: Sheamus

WWE Tag Team Championships: The Usos

Money in the Bank Holder: Bray Wyatt


Adam Rose

Baron Corbin

Bray Wyatt

Daniel Bryan


Finn Balor

Hideo Itami

Jack Swagger

John Cena


Luke Harper

Mark Henry


Roman Reigns


Sami Zayn

Shawn Michaels




Triple H

Tyler Breeze

Tyson Kidd

William Regal

Tag Team Division

The Vaudevillains

The Ascension

The Usos

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady

Primetime Players

The New Day


Friday Night SmackDown Live

World Heavyweight Championship: Kevin Owens

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Christian

WWE Women’s Championship: Paige


Bad News Barrett


Big Show

Bo Dallas

Brock Lesnar


Chris Jericho


Curtis Axel

Damien Sandow

Dean Ambrose

Dolph Ziggler

Erick Rowan


Heath Slater

Kevin Owens


Randy Orton


Seth Rollins

Sin Cara

The Miz


Zack Ryder

Women’s Division

Alicia Fox

Brie Bella



Eva Marie




Nikki Bella


Summer Rae


The Tag Team Division is exclusive to RAW, while the Women's Division is exclusive to SmackDown Live. This Universe Mode starts the 4 weeks before the Royal Rumble.

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Triple H vs. Finn Balor in an Iron Man Match for the WWE Universal Championship
New Day vs. Elite
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte for the SD Women's Championship
John Cena vs. Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match for the U.S. Championship
AJ Styles vs. Apollo Crews in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Heath Slater competes for a WWE Contract. If he wins he can pick what show he goes to.
Seth Rollins/No Scheduled Match
Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship
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Did my 2k16 Universe finale to determine my WWE 2K17 champions going into Universe mode. It seems I won't be getting my NXT edition copy until Wednesday according to GameStop so I will post rosters tomorrow on the 2K17 thread and jump right into Universe this weekend.


Kickoff (Last Gen)

Six Woman Elimination Match to determine the WWE Women's Champion

Paige vs. Nikki Bella vs. Natalya vs. Emma vs. Naomi vs. Brie Bella


Did this match on last gen where I did my Universe mode in 2K16. An all out brawl between the six divas. Brie Bella is the first to be eliminated after tapping out to the Emmalock. Paige and Natalya traded a few blows then Paige locked in a single leg Boston crab but Natalya countered. Paige would end up hitting the Paige Turner but got a nearfall before hitting Natalya with the Ram-Paige and pinned Natalya for the second elimination. Naomi whips Nikki Bella into the ropes who counters with a hurricanrana pin but Naomi countered it and got a 2 count before Nikki rolled Naomi into a pin of her own and got 3 to eliminate her. It came down to Emma, Paige, and Nikki Bella. Emma took control taking out Nikki but fell victim to Paige who hit the Paige-Turner and pinned Emma. Paige taunted Nikki and went for another Ram-Paige attempt but Nikki countered and hit the Rack Attack but got a nearfall. Paige ends up hitting another Paige-Turner before forcing Nikki to submit to the PTO for the win.


Winner and NEW Women's Champion: Paige


*The show opens with Mr. McMahon, he says that it was time to shake things up again in the WWE Universe and that tonight will lay the foundation of a new era. He announces that with new era comes change and that first change was the return of the WWE Draft. He says that he promised a major announcement tonight regarding that draft saying that superstars will be drafted to either RAW or...WCW Nitro! He says after tonight all champions will have the option to remain on RAW or move to WCW Nitro and trade their title for it's WCW counterpart. He says after tonight's show rosters for both shows will be drafted. WCW Nitro will make it's return to Monday Nights while RAW will move to Thursdays. Mr. McMahon adds that tonight the two General Managers will be revealed and as an added bonus each GM would be allowed to draft one person of their choosing to their brand but as for tonight all the active WWE Championships will be defended including the WWE World Heavyweight and WWE Tag Team Championships. Later tonight there will be a 10-Man WWE World Heavyweight Championship Challenge Rumble Match to determine the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but right now there will be 10-Team Rumble Style match with the winning team to face The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championships and that match is next!


Match #1: 10-Team (20-Man Rumble) to determine #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Teams: Neville & Sami Zayn, Blake & Murphy, Los Matadores, The Ascension, The Wyatt Family, Enzo & Big Cass, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel, The Lucha Dragons, The Vaudevillians, and The Usos.


This was a 20-Man Royal Rumble set as a customized match on universe with the Tag Team part added by me. Neville and Murphy started off as the first two entrants, Diego joins in and is eliminated quickly by Neville. Erick Rowan entered at #4 dominating the first two entrants before forming a brief alliance with Murphy to attack Neville. Enzo and Big Cass enter at #'s 5 and 6 respectively. Bo Dallas enters at #7 but is eliminated by Neville. Curtis Axel is out next to try and avenge his partner. Rowan eliminates Murphy and Enzo Amore to the surprise of the crowd which led to Big Cass targeting Rowan. Curtis Axel is eliminated next which leads to the first tag team eliminated from contention in Dallas & Axel. Big Cass eliminates Erick Rowan to avenge Enzo. The Ascension join the fray at #9 and #10. Neville eliminates Viktor but Big Cass is eliminated by Konnor as the favorites are now eliminated from contention. Fernando enters to try and win for himself and Diego and is followed by The Usos and The Vaudevillians. The Usos eliminate Fernando to eliminate Los Matadores. The Lucha Dragons join in next as both Usos and The Vaudevillians get eliminated. Neville eliminates Sin Cara before being eliminated by the #19 entrant Blake. Kalisto, Blake, Harper and Sami Zayn are the final four. Zayn eliminates Kalisto as Blake is eliminated by Luke Harper. It's down to Harper and Zayn with Zayn eliminating Harper with the Helluva Kick in the corner to win.


Winner: Sami Zayn (Neville & Sami Zayn)


*Renee Young interviews Kevin Owens who is competing in a Fatal Four Way for the NXT Championship. Owens says that he remembers his match with Finn Balor in the first match in 2K16 for the NXT Championship. He says that tonight he will avenge his lost to Balor and that Samoa Joe and Hideo Itami where just obstacles in his way.


Match #2: Six Man Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro vs. The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev vs. Bray Wyatt


All the particpants made their entrances and from the get go all six men began tossing each other outside then Ziggler brought in the ladder. Bray Wyatt brought in a chair and began attacking Ziggler and Cesaro before hitting The Miz but Bryan took the chair and hit Bray across the skull with it. The Miz looked to take advantage early on climbing the ladder to reach the title but Daniel Bryan stopped him as Cesaro knocked the ladder down. Cesaro and Rusev brawl on the outside. Daniel Bryan delivers a suplex to Bray Wyatt onto the ladder then connects with his kick combination but instead of trying to go for the win he knocks Miz into the ropes and connects with a suicide dive. Wyatt knocks Ziggler with the ladder then climbs towards the title but Bryan catches up only for Rusev to come from behind and pull Bryan from the ladder allowing Wyatt to secure the title and the win in a surprise victory.


Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Bray Wyatt


*Post-Match: A distraught Miz grabs the mic and says that this was supposed to be his moment and demanded that someone come out and restart the match. Ric Flair's music hits to a huge ovation as The Miz and the other four guys who didn't win look on. The Miz greets his former mentor, Flair says it's great to be back before treating the crowd to a Woooo! Flair says that he's here because he was given an offer he couldn't refuse and says that offer was him being made the new General Manager of WCW Monday Nitro. Flair says it's a new start and he's out here to announce his draft pick. He points at Miz who looks pleased but says that he hopes Miz is drafted to WCW Nitro somehow because he picks Daniel Bryan! Bryan looks shocked as well as everyone else but after a brief stare down, Bryan shakes Flair's hand and leads the crowd into a Yes! Chant as his theme plays. Bryan and Flair leave as the first two confirmed for the revival of WCW Monday Nitro as The Miz watches on livid.


*A video package is shown highlighting the NXT Championship feud between Finn Balor and Kevin Owens.


Match #3: Fatal Four Way for the NXT Championship

Finn Balor vs. Hideo Itami vs. Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe


The fatal four way setup to determine who would lead NXT into the new era in 2K17. Hideo and Balor team up early on as they take Joe and Owens respectively to the outside before Joe sends Itami into the ring. Joe dominates but Balor is back into the ring and takes the fight to Joe before Hideo sends Joe to the outside with a dropkick as then we get a Hideo/Finn faceoff. Hideo takes Balor out with combination strikes and a kick to the head but Finn comes back with some strikes of his own before taking Itami down with a Slingblade. Finn connects with his signature dropkick to Hideo in the corner then a sitout powerbomb and goes for the pin but is broken up by Owens. Joe is back in with a chair and takes out Owens but is caught by Hideo who lays out Joe with a shot to the skull before countering a dropkick attempt from Owens before sending him to the outside. Hideo hits Balor with the GTS but Joe hits Hideo with his back suplex combination before hitting Hideo with the Muscle Buster for the win.


Winner and NEW NXT Champion: Samoa Joe


*Seth Rollins is backstage preparing for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Rumble. Triple H walks in he says that he and Stephanie got the entry numbers taken care off and says that he's entering the rumble himself to ensure Rollins walks out the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Match #4: WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) (w/Xavier Woods) © vs. Neville & Sami Zayn


Funny enough, I set this up before watching RAW where Zayn and Neville teamed up. Zayn won the Tag Team Rumble early on to earn the title shot for himself and Neville earlier on. Xavier proved to be the obvious distraction early on in the match but Zayn and Neville took out both Xavier and Big E early on with dives to the outside. Sami Zayn climbs the top rope but is knocked down by Woods allowing Big E to take control. Big E tagged in Kofi who connected with the Boom Drop and went for the cover but Neville broke it up. Zayn countered a Trouble in Paradise attempt with Zayn connecting with an exploder suplex. Zayn hit the Helluva Kick but Woods distracted the ref again and was finally ejected from ringside. Neville took care of Big E allowing Zayn and Kofi to face off once more. Kofi ends up being countered into the corner where Zayn connects with his old school Brainbuster on the top turnbuckle and pinned Kofi for the win!


Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Neville & Sami Zayn


*We see Vince and Stephanie McMahon making their way to the ring carrying the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt.


Main Event: 10-Man Rumble for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Obviously I couldn't make the rumble for the title in-game so I planned on awarding the title to whoever won in 2K17. The concept of the match was that it was open to all former WWE and World Heavyweight Champions with the exception of a few who competed earlier on as well as The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Christian who all may be involved in my Universe in some form in 2K17. John Cena and Chris Jericho were the first two entrants. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose join in as the next two entrants followed by the former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry then Sheamus. Ambrose takes out Cena but is eliminated by Jericho who in turn is eliminated by Cena. Randy Orton enters at #7 and teams with Cena to eliminate Henry then they try to eliminate the next entrant Big Show but to no avail until Reigns joins them as the three eliminate Big Show! Triple H is out next at #9 making it obvious that he gave Rollins the best # at #10. Triple H began clearing the way for Rollins eliminating Orton. Seth Rollins is out at #10 with the huge advantage. After Cena shows signs of a comeback Triple H delivers a cheap shot and allows Rollins and Sheamus to eliminate Cena. Triple H, Rollins, and Sheamus try to team up on Reigns but Reigns turned the tables and eliminated Sheamus before trying to eliminate Rollins but Triple H delivers a Spinebuster then allows Rollins to eliminate Reigns. Rollins celebrates as he believed Triple H would hand him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship again...but Triple H turns Rollins around into a Pedigree then clotheslines him out for the win!!!


Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H


*Triple H and Stephanie McMahon celebrate as Triple H is once again WWE World Heavyweight Champion...


(Glass Shatters)


Stone Cold Steve Austin is here to a huge ovation. He says that the night isn't over and that Triple H would defend his title right now against RAW's draft pick ("And that's the bottom line because...the new RAW General Manager Stone Cold...said so!"). Stone Cold's handpicked draftee is...the former NXT Champion Finn Balor!!


Main Event: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Triple H © vs. Finn Balor


Triple H is livid as Balor hits the ring minus his demon paint he had earlier on. Triple H goes for a quick clothesline but Balor counters and connects with a suplex. Balor gets a deal of offense but Triple H sends Finn to the outside before assaulting him on the announce table. Trie H sends him back into the ring but Balor hits a springboard dropkick then sends Triple H into the corner before connecting with his signature corner dropkick before a sit out powerbomb pulling Triple H from the corner to setup the Coup de Grace but Triple H gets up slowly and groggy before he's dropped again by a dropkick from Balor from the top turnbuckle. Triple H is in perfect position as Balor calls for it and hits the Coup de Grace! 1...2...3! We have a new champion!


Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Finn Balor


*Balor celebrates with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to a huge ovation to close the 2K16 finale and will go into 2K17 as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion the question is now who will be affected with the draft and who will Balor's first opponent be? Plus with the news of the return of WCW Monday Nitro, the first edition featuring the new roster joined by General Manager Ric Flair and his draft pick Daniel Bryan will kick off my 2K17 Universe as Nitro returns to Monday Nights with RAW moving to it's new night on Thursdays.


Hope you enjoyed, it's been a long time since I've posted my Universe and will hope to do so for 2K17 with my Universe reboot being my "comeback" of sorts. I may also try YouTube with the addition of video creator adding cutscenes that might help bring some of the things I usually add to my Universe that don't really happen in game to life. My rosters will be drafted using a random generator and will be posted tomorrow as a lead-in to my Universe kickoff this weekend.

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WWE Royal Rumble Live from Seattle, WA.


1)Ashley © def Alicia Fox to retain the Divas Championship.

2)Neville Def Rusev.

3)Christian and Heath Slater def The Lucha Dragons © to become WWE Tag Team Champions.

4)Sheamus def Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

5)Zack Sabre Jr © def Luke to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

6)Paul © def Brett to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

7) Cesaro won the Royal Rumble.

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WWE Championship (Last Man Standing Match):


Zues © Vs The Ultimate Warrior


WINNER: Zues retains



Intercontinental Championship (Triple Threat Match):


Hercules © Vs. Goldberg Vs. The Rock


WINNER: The Rock (New Champion)


United States Championship (2 out of 3 Falls Match):


Roddy Piper © Vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts


WINNER: Roddy Piper retains


Million Dollar Championship - Ladder Match


Ted Debiase © Vs. Brutus Beefcake Vs. Randy Savage Vs. Ricky Steamboat


WINNER: Ted Dibiase retains


Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match #1


Demolition vs Strike Force


WINNER: Strike Force


Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match #2


The Rockers Vs. The Mega Powers


WINNER: The Mega Powers


Tag Team Championship


The Mega Powers Vs. Strike Force


WINNER: Strike Force (New Champions)

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