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Watched the first episode of The Witcher. They nailed the tone of the books.


It is very good. Watched three episodes now...and it's pretty much as excellent of a representation as you can get. I also regret complaining about Henry Cavill when they first announced him. He's very good in the role of Geralt. Perhaps still too "clean" and not scruffy enough in appearance...but, whatever. I can deal with that.

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I have to finish watching it, but not having played the game, damn sure not having read the books, and generally disliking any property with a similar feel( GOT, LOTR, any of those middle-ages monsters and magic things), I'm really enjoying Witcher. I only watched like 3 eps but it's great so far

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I didn't really like The Witcher found it a little boring


Can't believe I'm agreeing with Austin ffs.


But yeah, it bored the crap outta me. Bear in mind, I never read the books or played the games so there's that, but I believe no series should rely on you doing that to get you the slightest bit of interested. The episodes just felt like they dragged.


Done with all but the final episode.

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You both have bad taste.


Pretty much.


You hear that Gen, the first *censored*ing episode had TOO MUCH TALKING. It didn't have an open pitch battle scene at all...it was all talking.


Funny that aint it, TV shows talking and taking the world seriously.

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