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Meanwhile, RIP Daredevil...


Because, Disney.


Said it once, I'll say it a hundred times; They said that the upcoming Disney service wouldn't touch Netflix.


They lied.


And I don't expect those Marvel shows to revived on the Disney platform. I'm sure they're just gone. But...it frees up the IPs and eliminates any competition that Disney would have with their own properties.


Yeah I was thinking their going to do a toned version. I think they realized they wanted complete control of these characters because retaining characters like X-Men,Hulk, and Spidey was a pain



Disney did have complete control over those characters whilst they were on Netflix. Netflix was just distribution.


Sorry, I don't think I was clear I know they had complete control, I just mean they also wanted to control distribution as well. (notice none of the shows on Hulu are effected, and that's because Disney owns Hulu). They wanted 0% outsiders, but they really should have given the writers a heads up so they could give the series a fitting end. I might be the only one, but I feel like Disney at times gets a little too greedy, and it hurts the fans

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So according to a daredevil actress Netflix cancelled Daredevil not Marvel

I don't know a lot of people were upset that Daredevil was cancelled, that could be Disney trying to blame Netflix so they don't look like the bad guys (especially considering their trying to do their own online subscription thing)

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Watched 'Pooka!' on Hulu last night.


Very strange movie. But strange in a way that totally appeals to me. An interesting twist on both horror and holiday movies...one of those movies where you still think about it after it's over...not because it was some great masterpiece, but, because it was unique and refreshing.



Also, not really a horror movie at all, once you finish it. I was catching some vibes in that direction about halfway through...but it all makes sense at the end. And then you realize why the Pooka suit has headlights for eyes.


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