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So, as always, in the dying months of this lovely game I present you with some CAWS.


First: Tyler Morningstar. A superhero loving adopted son of a great Mexican wrestler, who honors his father's legacy not by wearing a mask as only he could. Tyler's a Sami Zayn esque flyer and striker as likely to fly through the ropes at you as he is to kick you in the face. Watch it for his POW! (Go 2 Sleep) and his Kryptonite Krash (Pedigree).









And up next is the CAW that inspired my username, my longest running creation. A surly, miserable man from the north of Canada who's on the downside of a long career and is willing to do anything he can to keep in the title picture. Keep an eye out for his brutal Half Nelson Suplex, his Diving Headbutt, his Finishing Touch (White Noise) and Clutch submission finisher (Anaconda Vise)



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