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Wrestling Games Pre-WWE

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After doing lots of research on some old school NES wrestling games like Pro Wrestling and Tecmo World Wrestling, I have devised a perfect comparison in case any of you wish to duplicate each NES wrestler into your roster.

Make sure you match the moves with each character PERFECTLY. I'll start with the original NES Pro Wrestling set. I'll post more on this topic later.



Step Up Enzuigiri, Running Enzuigiri or Tiger Mask (Fighter Hayabusa)

Flying Cross Chop (StarMan)

Front Dropkick 4 or Dropsault (StarMan)

Mongolian Chop (Kin Corn Karn)

Bicycle Kick (Kin Corn Karn)

Iron Claw or Mandible Claw (Giant Panther)

Headbutt 1, Headbutt 3 or Headbutt 5 (Giant Panther)

Forehead Bite 1 (The Amazon)

Headlock & Punch 1 (The Amazon)

Backbreaker 1 (King Slender)

Extreme Neckbreaker Drop (Great Puma)

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Here's another list of moves if you want to include the cast of Tecmo World Wrestling in your roster. Each moves has to be specific to each wrestler.



Step Up Enzuigiri, Running Enzuigiri or Tiger Mask (Back Brain Kick) used by Dragon and Gomez

Octopus Stretch 2 (Royal Octopus Hold) used by Dragon and Rose

German Suplex Pin 2 (German Suplex) used by Dragon and Lee

Sharpshooters 1-3 or The Rock Sharpshooter (Scorpion Deathlock) used by Dragon, Lee, Falcon and Gomez

Abdominal Stretch 1 or Abdominal Stretch 3 (Cobra Twist) used by Dragon, El Tigre, Lee, Rose and Dr. Guildo

Jumping Knee Attack 2 (Jumping Knee Butt) used by El Tigre, Gordon, Falcon and Dr. Guildo

Northern Lights Suplex 1 (Northern Lights Suplex) used by El Tigre and Rose

Figure-4 Leg Lock 2 (Figure Four) used by El Tigre, Gordon, Beat and Rose

Knee Drop 2 or Knee Drop 4 (Knee Drop) used by El Tigre, Gordon, Beat, Lee, Rose, Falcon and Gomez

Oklahoma Slam or Suplex to Front Slam (Power Slam/Abarash Hold) used by Gordon, Beat, Lee, Chekov, Falcon and Dr. Guildo

Backbreaker 1 or Backbreaker 12 (One-Handed Backbreaker) used by Gordon and Chekov

Bear Hug 2 (Bear Hug) used by Beat, Chekov and Falcon

Powerbomb 7 (Power Bomb) used by Beat and Gomez

Military Press or Body Press Drop FW (Death Drop) used by Beat, Falcon and Dr. Guildo

Spear 2 (Flying Shoulder Tackle) used by Lee, Chekov and Dr. Guildo

Elbow Drop 4, Elbow Drop 7, or Elbow Drop 9 (Falling Elbow Drop) used by Chekov and Dr. Guildo

Big Swing (Giant Swing) used by Chekov and Dr, Guildo

Torture Rack (Argentine Backbreaker) only used by Dr. Guildo

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