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International Championship Wrestling Federation - PS4 Fed

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Hello all! I am the owner of a new WWE2K15 PS4 Fed, the International Championship Wrestling Federation (or the ICWF). We're currently looking for new members to join us as we prepare to begin our season, with a tournament to determine our first ever ICWF World Champion!

ICWF is a CAW-based federation, every superstar will begin at a rating of 85, with access to any abilities or skills, so long as their overall rating is an 85. This creates a unique and diverse set of play styles, suited for a roster that will consist of a unique and diverse range of wrestlers.

We will start out running one week per show, in which every member of the roster will be booked and then given a week to contact their opponent and complete their match. The goal is to set up a friendly community, focused on having fun and playing fair matches instead of having to deal with the randoms on ranked matches.

We also heavily encourage Role Playing in the style of cutting promos, segments with other members and the sorts. However, this is for fun and to create fantastic storylines, it is not strictly required and if you do not feel like you would like to take part in it, you don't have to.

We will be continuing into WWE2K16 once it comes out, if you'd like to join up then please reply below or swing me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :)

Note: This fed will also be run in this thread like the others, with Match Cards, Announcements and Results being regularly posted.

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