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IWC 2002

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With WCW and ECW closing up in 2001 a fictional businessperson decided to see if he could do any good starting a promotion that could eventually fill both of their places. He funded the new promotion, which ended up being named the International Wrestling Commission, leaving the booking duties and general operation to one of his top young executives who just happened to be a huge wrestling fan. It officially opened it's doors in December 2001 advertising their first show for early January, offering an Old School Rasslin' style product.

[OT: Using TEW2013 and just doing a simple diary, won't be a whole lot of detail as evidenced above. In order to get the ball rolling I started my promotion with 30% popularity in all of USA.]

Roster & Staff


AJ Styles
The Amazing Red
Chris Chetti
Curt Hennig
Danny Doring
Eric Young
Jason Cross
Kid Kash
Low Ki
Mike Quackenbush
Paul London

Teddy Hart
Tony Mamaluke

Dawn Marie - Manager of Chris Chetti & Danny Doring

Buff Bagwell
Chase Stevens
Chris Candido
Christian York
Christopher Daniels
Devon Storm
Jerry Lynn
Joey Matthews
Johnny Kashmere
Matt Striker
Michael Shane
Monty Brown
Trent Acid
Super Dragon
Vic Capri

Daffney - Manager of Devon Storm
Don Callis - Manager of Super Dragon
Tammy Lynn Sytch - Manager of Chris Candido

Joseph Lebowski - Commissioner of IWC
Dave Prazak - Announce Team
Mike Tenay - Announce Team
Billy Silverman - Referee
Harley Race - Road Agent


Elix Skipper

Jimmy Yang

Championships & Accomplishments



Reigning Champion: Curt Hennig



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SIZE: Regional
MONEY: $500,000

[IWC: PHOENIX IGNITION - 1,669 in attendance (Joplin Memorial Hall, Joplin MO)]

- The evening kicked off with a Four-Way match between Michael Shane, Mike Quackenbush, Homicide and Spanky. In an evenly contested match in which all four had their moments to shine and the action was solid, the finish came at 13 minutes and 24 seconds after a chain of events where Spanky thought he had the match won after hitting Sliced Bread #2 on Quackenbush, only to be blindsided by a superkick from Michael Shane. Before Shane was able to capitalize Homicide caught him with an Ace Crusher and pinned him for a three count.

- The man in charge of running IWC, "The Commissioner" Joseph Lebowski made an appearance, hyping up the promotion and the 10 Man Mayhem match that will take place later tonight for the IWC championship. The rules are that two men start the match, with entrants coming in two minute intervals until all 10 men have entered the match. Eliminations occur via pinfall or submission.

- Next up was a six man tag match where the team of Nova, Eric Young and Paul London put forth a combined effort to emerge victorious over their opponents, Chase Stevens, Matt Striker and Vic Capri. The end came at 12 minutes and 7 seconds after Nova hit the Nova-Cain on Vic Capri and tagged in Paul London, who finished his opponent off with a spectacular Shooting Star Press.

- The very impressive rookie known as the "Alpha Male" Monty Brown proved himself as a future threat to the IWC Championship after a dominating performance over Jimmy Yang. Yang was able to get in some minor offence along the way to Brown beating him at 13 minutes and 6 seconds with a unique high impact shoulder tackle that Brown calls "The Pounce", completely destroying Jimmy Yang.

- In a Four-Way tag team match Chris Chetti & Danny Doring accompanied by Dawn Marie at ringside emerged as the winners. Other teams included Jason Cross & Tony Mamaluke, Christian York & Joey Matthews and Johnny Kashmere & Trent Acid (The Backseat Boyz). After an all out brawl broke out between all eight wrestlers, with the referee having trouble maintaining control. The ring is cleared of all but Joey Matthews and Chetti & Doring, who end up both coming down off the top rope with a leg drop/body splash combo, pinning him for the three count at 14 minutes and 12 seconds.

- In a back and forth match with some good action, Super Dragon w/ Don Callis pinned The Amazing Red at 13 minutes and 49 seconds. Red showed great resiliency as he fought back, repeatedly kicking out at the last second as Dragon fought to put him away. Eventually Super Dragon got annoyed and beat the crap out of him. Violence Party in the corner followed by a Psycho Driver. He pins him but then lifts Red up at the two count. Choosing instead to finish him off with a brutal Curb Stomp instead.

- Time for the Main Event. Joseph Lebowski brings the IWC Championship belt down to ringside. The first two competitors who will start the match are Devon Storm, accompanied by Daffney, and Curt Hennig. The two brawl all around the ringside area with Daffney screaming in the background. They roll back into the ring as the crowd count down. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels is the next entrant. He teams with Devon Storm to beat down Hennig. Fans countdown and AJ Styles enters the match and fights off Christopher Daniels, hitting big moves and wowing the audience. Storm gets hit with a Hennig-Plex and is eliminated. Elix Skipper is next, followed by Jerry Lynn. Low Ki is out next, destroying everyone with lethal kicks. Chris Candido comes out, being led to the ring by Tammy Lynn Sytch. Jerry Lynn and Candido team up. Kid Kash makes his entrance seconds after Skipper is eliminated after a Cradle Piledriver from Jerry Lynn. Candido is pinned by Hennig using an O'Connor roll. This causes Candido and Tammy to chuck a tantrum, and have to be escorted backstage by security as the final participant, Buff Bagwell, makes his way to the ring. Christopher Daniels hits Angel's Wings on Kid Kash to eliminate him. Buff Bagwell hits AJ Styles with a Butterfly DDT, Daniels flies in with a double jump moonsault to eliminate Styles. Low Ki eliminates Daniels with a Ki Krusher bringing us down to the final four. With Hennig exhausted, Bagwell and Lynn team up on Low Ki. Ki fires up and fights them both off, hitting Lynn with a Tidal Wave kick. He tries to set Buff up for a Ki Krusher but Lynn creeps up from behind, nailing Ki with a low blow then rolling him up with a school boy, grabbing the trunks and getting a cheap pinfall to eliminate Low Ki from the match. Bagwell and Lynn work together to beat up Hennig but then turn on each other. Hennig catches Lynn in a surprise crucifix hold, rolling him up from the three count. Bagwell immediately goes on the offence, stomping Hennig. He sets up for the Buff Blockbuster but Curt Hennig manages to get out of the way. He measures Bagwell as he gets back to his feet, locking him in position and delivering a Hennig-Plex for the three count to win the match at 26 minutes and 20 seconds and become the first IWC Champion.

- With the audience cheering, Hennig accepts the IWC Championship belt from Lebowski, celebrating in the ring as the show comes to a close.

- Eddie Guerrero signs a written deal with NJPW
- Eric Bischoff joins CZW
- IWC have come to terms on working agreements with NJPW and Pro Wrestling NOAH
- Mark Jindrak defeats The Prototype for the OVW Heavyweight Championship



[IWC: AFTER THE FLAMES - 1,690 in attendance (Andrews Hall, Northfield VT)]

- The second IWC show begins with a six man tag team match where The Amazing Red teamed with Chris Chetti & Danny Doring to take on the combination of Super Dragon and The Backseat Boyz, with Dawn Marie supporting her team and Don Callis managing his client on the outside. After 15 minutes and 21 seconds of solid action, mostly dominated by the heel team, Amazing Red comes off the top rope with the Infrared on Johnny Kashmere scoring the win for his team. With the match over the winning team celebrate in the ring as Acid checks on his partner. Callis berates Super Dragon for coming up short as they head backstage.

- We go to a backstage promo from the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, who will be first in line to challenge Curt Hennig for the IWC Championship in tonight's main event. He hypes himself and his match, saying that he's going to leave tonight with the belt.

- In a match with some decent action Homicide faced Chris Candido and came up on the losing end despite being in control for most of the contest. In the end it was some outside interference from Tammy Lynn Sytch making all the difference as Candido scored a tainted pinfall victory at 13 minutes and 43 seconds with a Blonde Bombshell following a distraction from Tammy and a low blow as Homicide was setting up for a top rope Ace Crusher.

- AJ Styles & Nova teamed up to take on Michael Shane and Spanky. AJ getting the win for his team at 13 minutes and 54 seconds, hitting a Styles Clash on Spanky while Nova took out SHane with a plancha at the same time.

- "Alpha Male" Monty Brown took on Eric Young and dominated the entire match, playing with Eric the way a cat might play with a mouse, putting on a display of impressive power as he repeatedly slams his opponent. Eric young finally hits an enzuigiri out of the corner, followed by an axehandle off the second rope. he climbs up top, looking for a diving crossbody block. Brown catches him in mid-air, throwing him up on his shoulders and driving him down into the canvas with a massive powerbomb for the pinfall at 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

- Next up was a four way between Devon Storm, Elix Skipper, Jerry Lynn and Low Ki. With the stipulation previously announced on IWC's website that whichever man picked up the victory would be the top contender and get a title shot at the next show against whoever comes out the champion in tonight's main event. The match called for a clear winner, so there was no disqualification. Something that Storm and Lynn both attempted to use to their advantage, with Storm's manager Daffney interfering multiple times. At one point she climbed on Low Ki's back as he was setting the former Crowbar up for a Ki Krusher. Low Ki threw her off, which leads to a stare down between the two, with Ki unsure about whether he is willing to hit her. The audience encourages him to do it. Too late however as Lynn attacks from behind, setting up then delivering a reverse DDT. He goes for the pinfall but Daffney breaks it up at two. Lynn goes nuts, chasing Daffney, grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the middle of the ring where without second thought he gives her a Cradle Piledriver. Lynn then decides to go all ECW on everyone's ass, setting a table up in the ring. He sets Low Ki up for a tornado DDT onto the table. Ki breaks free and Elix Skipper climbs up on the apron, jumping to the top rope and running along to give Lynn a super hurricanrana through the table. "Holy Shit" chants. Clearing the debris from the ring, Skipper goes for the pin but Lynn kicks out at two. He goes to pick Lynn up but gets attacked by Devon Storm. Beating down both Skipper and Ki at the same time, Storm hits the Mind Bender on Skipper, getting a two count that is broken at the last second by Low Ki. Both Low Ki and Storm throw strikes with Low Ki getting the better of the exchange. Low Ki hits Storm with a Tidal Wave kick. Elix Skipper comes at Low Ki with a Super Kick but Ki steps out of the way. Ki goes to lock in Skipper for the Ki Krusher but Skipper fight him off. Skipper catches Ki with a kick to the gut and set up for the Play of the Day. Low Ki slips out, handsprings into the ropes and hits Skipper with a Tidal Wave. Low Ki signals for the Ki Krusher but Lynn sneaks in and rolls him up with a school boy, pulling trunks for extra leverage and making the pinfall at 16 minutes and 15 seconds to secure himself a title shot on the next show. The audience boos Jerry Lynn as he makes his cowardly way back up the ramp, with Low Ki furious about Lynn having stolen the match from him in such a cheap fashion for the second week in a row.

- IWC Champion Curt Hennig is out next, defending his newly won championship against Christopher Daniels. The match starts out slow with lots of stalling from Daniels but eventually gets going as the champion batters his opponent with a series of backhand chops, backing Daniels across the ring into the corner. The Fallen Angel responds with a blatant eye gouge, being told off by the official as he takes control of the match. He wears Hennig down with various holds, the crowd trying to cheer the champ back into the match. Hennig starts to fight off the challenger but Daniels cuts him off with a STO for a early two count. Daniels hits a neckbreaker and follows with an Arabian Press for another two count. He then attempts a DVD but Hennig slips out and starts making a comeback, hitting Daniels with a running knee lift, series of hip tosses and a perfect dropkick for a two count. The champ continues to chip away at his challenger with backhand chops, he goes for an Irish whip but Daniels reverses it, catching Hennig on the rebound and flipping him out to the floor. Christopher Daniel climbs out on the apron, hitting Hennig with an Arabian Press to the floor this time. He rolls him back in and makes the cover, getting another two count. Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Driver for a real close two count. He picks Hennig up in position to deliver the Last Rites. Hennig reverses with a snapmare followed by a running neck snap. He sits Daniels up and hits a second running neck snap, measuring him for the Hennig-Plex. He goes to lock it in but Daniels fights him off with punches to the gut, breaking free from his grasp. As Daniels attempts regain his composure, Hennig feeds him a foot then delivers a mighty enzuigiri to the back of the Fallen Angels head. He grabs a facelock, setting up the Hennig Plex, which is completed this time, pinning Christopher Daniels in the middle of the ring at 20 minutes and 32 seconds to make defence #1 of the IWC Championship.

- After the match Curt Hennig celebrates in the ring to close the show as Christopher Daniels recuperates before heading to the back, abusing members of the audience along the way.

- Elix Skipper & Jimmy Yang sign exclusive deals with AJPW
- Jeff Jarrett defeats Evan Karagias for the XPW World Heavyweight Championship

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[IWC: WRESTLEOCOLYPSE - 1,000 in attendance (The Wavehouse, San Diego CA)]

DARK MATCH: In an extremely poor match, Paul London defeated Matt Striker in 12:42 by pinfall with a Shooting Star Press.

- We open tonight's show with a fairly one-sided match between Super Dragon and Jimmy Yang with Dragon keeping one step ahead of his opponent throughout the match. Using this opener as a opportunity to expend some of that pent up aggression he had after losing his match last week. Somehow Jimmy manages to slip out of a Psycho Driver attempt and land a kick combo that floors Dragon. He goes up to the top rope for a corkscrew moonsault but Dragon rolls out of the way, letting him crash to the canvas. With his manager Don Callis on the outside signalling for the kill, Super Dragon applies an Indian deathlock and hits the Curb Stomp at 13 minutes and 43 seconds for the pinfall victory.

- Next up was a crazy six man scramble featuring Amazing Red, Kid Kash, Michael Shane, Mike Quackenbush, Spanky and Trent Acid. This was pretty much non stop action from the opening bell. Two men in the ring, no tags, as soon as one leaves another enters. It came down to Kid Kash and Michael Shane left standing at 12 minutes and 6 seconds, when Kid Kash hit the Money Maker and pinned Shane, scoring him his first win on an IWC event.

- "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels took on "Primetime" Elix Skipper in a good back and forth contest. Skipper brought his A game and was able to match Daniels throughout the match, getting several near falls. In the end Christopher Daniels was just too good for him, reversing out of a Play of the Day and hitting a Complete Shot and applying the Koji Clutch at 15 minutes and 48 seconds for the submission victory.

- Buff Bagwell makes an appearance with his hilarious WCW entrance theme drawing boos from the audience as he hits the ring and grabs a microphone. He complains about being the hottest thing on the show but for some reason has not been booked in a match. Feeling that he is not being treated with the respect he deserves "Buff Daddy" makes an open challenge to the back for anyone that has the balls to face him. "Intergalactic" by Beastie Boys plays and out comes Nova to cheers, leading us to an impromptu match.

- Buff Bagwell backs up his words in the ring. Nova comes out like a house on fire, getting the better of Bagwell and taking him off balance with a flurry of running offence. However as soon as Buff got in control it stayed that way, and he finishes Nova with the Buff Blockbuster at 10 minutes and 4 seconds.

- Monty Brown cuts a backstage promo, where he introduces himself for everyone watching, talking up his NFL career and Super Bowl appearance. Basically letting everybody know that he is the Alpha Male and intends solidify his status by taking the IWC Championship, no matter who he has to go through to get it.

- In the last match prior to the main event we get two unique team going head to head in a six man tag. On one side you have the experience of Chris Candido and Devon Storm teaming with the rookie monster Monty Brown, complete with Tammy Lynn Sytch and Daffney battling each other for attention on the outside. And they face a team representing the new generation of pro wrestling, exemplified by AJ Styles and Low Ki, with the man who trained Low Ki, Homicide, rounding off the team. Devon Storm and Low Ki start the match, and Low Ki soon takes the advantage. Things quickly take a turn for the worse shortly after Styles is tagged, as Daffney trips him as he comes off the ropes allowing Devon to capitalize on the distraction with a jawbreaker followed by a spinning wheel kick. As the official reprimanded Daffney, warning to send her to the back, Chris Candido tagged in a started going to work on Styles. Brown demands to be tagged in but Candido refuses. He hits a vertical suplex for a two count, then puts Styles in a headlock. AJ fights back to his feet. Candido attempts a back suplex. Syles flips out and counters with a belly to back wheelbarrow facebuster. Both men crawl to their corners, making hot tags to Homicide and Monty Brown who collide in the ring with a series of punches. Homicide surprisingly gets the better, using his quickness to duck Brown's strikes. He connects with a flurry of punches before whipping Brown off the ropes. Monty Brown reverses and bends over for a back body drop. Homicide meets him with a boot to the skull, followed by a running neckbreaker. Storm and Candido invade the ring only to get taken out to the floor by Styles and Low Ki, then taken out with dives as Homicide hits Brown with a Shining Wizard for a close two count. Homicide drags Brown to the corner and climbs to the top rope, but the referee is busy checking the men on the outside, missing as Tammy climbs up on the apron and trips him down off the turnbuckle. Monty Brown regains his composure, sensing his moment he drags Homicide back up to his feet, throwing him off the ropes then hitting The Pounce, making the pinfall. Low Ki rushes in to break it up but is too late, with Brown scoring the win for his team at 16 minutes and 35 seconds of the match.

- So now it was time for our main event and the IWC Championship will be on the line as the defending champion Curt Hennig takes on the number one contender Jerry Lynn. While the champ was the clear winner in terms of crowd support, Lynn was not without his fans, who were a vocal minority despite him being in full on heel mode since his debut in the 10 man mayhem at Phoenix Ignition. The match starts out slow, with somewhat of a feeling out process between the two. Both quite fluid with their chain wrestling, Lynn often coming out on top, being the one countering Hennigs counter. As things start to get moving, Hennig uses some chops, letting his opponent feel his distinct advantage in terms of strength and power. Lynn decides to try getting things moving at a quicker pace, running off the ropes and hitting the champ with a shoulder block. Only problem is Hennig was anticipating it and plants his feet, using the power to his advantage once more to level Lynn with a shoulder block of his own. He runs off the ropes as Lynn quickly gets up and ducks down for a back body drop. Hennig puts the brakes on, catching Lynn in a front headlock and trying to set up for a Hennig-Plex. Jerry Lynn struggles free, rolling outside for a breather. Curt doesn't allow that to happen and follows Lynn out, chasing him around the outside of the ring with a series of chops. He backs Lynn against the barricade, quietening down the people then delivering a super hard chop to big applause as he sends Jerry Lynn back inside. The IWC Champion delivers a snapmare followed by a signature running neck snap for a two count. He takes Lynn to the corner and climbs up, delivering a 10 punch combo as the crowd count along. The referee admonished him after since closed fist strikes are illegal. Swinging neckbreaker followed into a jacknife pin scores another two count for the champion. He whips Lynn into the ropes and delivers an inverted atomic drop. Jerry Lynn backs up against the ropes recovering. Hennig charges in with a clothesline but Lynn pulls the top rope down at the last second, sending Curt tumbling out. Managing to save himself by landing on his feet on the apron, Hennig goes for a shoulder block through the ropes but Jerry Lynn jumps up and catches him with a leg drop across the back of the neck, driving his head into the canvas. Lynn drags the champion into the middle of the ring, getting a close two count. He continues his attack, keeping Hennig grounded with stomps then throwing a couple of leg drops in. He picks Hennig up on his shoulders, setting up for a TKO. Hennig wriggles out, grabbing a waistlock and running Lynn into the ropes, catching him with the O'Connor roll for a close two count. Struggling to regain his composure, Hennig whips Lynn to the corner. Catching his breath for a moment before charging in after him. Lynn gets a foot up, kicking Curt in the face and stunning him. He climbs up on the second turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. He picks Hennig right back up, getting him over his shoulder and delivering a TKO for a near fall. Starting to get frustrated, Lynn picks Hennig up and sets up for a Cradle Piledriver, looking to end things. Hennig powers out with a back body drop. Both men struggle back to their feet but Lynn is up first, he meets Hennig with a kick to the gut and sets up for a Cradle Piledriver. Hennig fights it off. Lynn goes nuts, hammering away with clubs into the champs back and beating him down to the mat. He picks him up and hoists him off the ground for the piledriver but Hennig as able to catch him with a kick to the head. This causes Lynn to lower Hennig for a moment, giving the champion the chance to flip him over with another back body drop, Curt Hennig measures Jerry Lynn as he is getting to his feet, hooking him up for a Hennig-Plex and pinning him for the three count at 25 minutes and 57 seconds into the match. Making defence #2 of the IWC Championship.

- As Curt Hennig takes his title from the referee, enjoying the applause from the fans following a hard fought title defence, Buff Bagwell come from out of nowhere and blasts him with a forearm to the back of the head. Bagwell picks up the belt posing with it for a moment before using it to attack Hennig as he goes to get back to his feet. Curt Hennig is busted wide open following the shot to the head he took from his own belt. Buff Bagwell puts a foot on his chest, continuing to pose with the belt leaving the fans pissed off and booing him, yelling all kinds of angry things to close out the show.

- WWF Royal Rumble 2002 drew a 6.13 Buy Rate. Main Evented by Chris Jericho defeating Triple H to retain the WWF Undisputed Championship plus The Rock winning the royal rumble match.
- Elix Skipper & Jimmy Yang leave IWC for AJPW
- Randy Orton gets called up from developmental.

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SIZE: Regional
MONEY: $476,508 [Performance in JAN: $23,492 LOSS]

[IWC: URBAN CHAOS - 1,522 in attendance (Reed Gym, Pocatello ID)]
- "The Commissioner" Joesph Lebowski kicks off the show, welcoming fans in attendance for tonight's show and hyping up IWC. He reveals that in the main event Curt Hennig will be defending the championship in a triple threat match. The two other competitors in that match will be the "Alpha Male" Monty Brown and the man who attacked Hennig at the last show, Buff Bagwell

- First match of the night is a six man tag, with Michael Shane teaming up with the Backseat Boyz as they face off against Paul London, Jason Cross and Tony Mamaluke. The babyface team were in charge early on and looked to have this one in the bag. Backseat Boyz start getting some teamwork happening, taking out Mamaluke with a Backseat Driver which earns a two count before being broken up. The hot tag is made to Paul London, who gets in some impressive offence, at one point getting both Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid with the same move, hitting a dropsault on Acid that knocks him down off the apron then landing on Kashmere and making a pinfall for a close two count. Cross and London getting the crowd up out of their seats for the first time as they hit crazy dives on the Backseat Boyz outside the ring. This leaves Tony Mamaluke alone with Michael Shane. He goes for a Russian legsweep but Shane is able to block it, coming out of nowhere with Sweet Shane Music to pin Mamaluke at 12 minutes and 41 seconds.

- The Amazing Red takes on "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels in the next match. The confidence of Daniels seemed to be running high going in, despite his recent loss to Curt Hennig, as he did not appear to consider this match in doubt. After 14 minutes and 17 seconds of action this had been proven not to be the case as Red had on multiple occasions came within inches of scoring a three count, including hitting the Code Red for a very near fall. The veteran however had a very deep bag of tricks and was able find a counter that would lead into his Last Rites finisher, earning another victory for the Fallen Angel

- Making his IWC debut, Teddy Hart wins over the majority of the audience from the first moment with a great display of high flying and technical wrestling abilities as he was able to go toe to toe with Super Dragon, managed by Don Callis on the outside. Although putting on a great showing, even getting a close two count after hitting the spectacular manoeuvre he calls the Stu Hart Special. In the end it was not enough to put a stop to Dragon's current path of destruction. Super Dragon scoring the pinfall victory at 13 minutes and 44 seconds with a Psycho Driver followed by the Curb Stomp.

- Chris Candido is out next along with his lovely valet Tammy Lynn Sytch, and tonight he will be competing against Low Ki in a singles match. Low Ki comes out breathing fire, looking to pick up his first IWC win and break a streak of questionable losses. Candido is on retreat from the opening bell, using stall tactics to try to mess with Ki's head. It takes over 5 minutes but following the first stiff kick to the chest that knocks Candido straight over and elicits a huge pop from the audience, things start to get more serious and instead Candido is retreating for his own safety, running to the outside and hiding behind Tammy at one point. Eventually he is trapped in the ring with his opponent and takes the full force of Low Ki's wrath with a series of hard kicks. Candido manages to get in an eye gouge and change the tides. He decides to grapple with Ki, deny him the distance he needs to throw more strikes. He drags him down with a headlock, trying to keep it on the mat. With the crowd cheering him on Ki fights out. Chris Candido hits a vertical suplex for a two count. He goes off the top rope with a diving headbutt but Low Ki rolls out of the way and avoids it. Low Ki hits a series f kicks, whipping Candido in the corner and catching him a Tidal Crush for a two count. He locks in a dragon sleeper but Candido fights out of it. Candido goes for a back suplex, Ki flips out. Low Ki goes to set up for a Ki Krusher but Candido fights out. Low Ki handsprings off the ropes and rebounds with a Tidal Wave kick. He drags his opponent to the corner and climbs to the top rope, pausing for a moment before coming off with a Phoenix Splash that hit its target. He goes for the cover but Tammy puts Candido's foot on the rope and yells at the referee to stop counting. Low Ki is pissed off, he turns to Tammy and she gets up on the apron and gives him a mouth full as well. The referee comes in between the two and is distracted by Tammy as Jerry Lynn runs out and hands Candido a pair of brass knuckles. Low Ki stops worrying about Tammy and turns his attention back to the match, leaving her blatantly distracting the referee, rubbing his face in her chest as Ki drags Candido back to his feet and goes to set up for a Ki Krusher. Candido, who was partially playing possum, levels Low Ki with a hard right hook using the brass knuckles, burying the evidence in his tights as he rolls on top to make the cover. Tammy drops her act, telling the referee to get over there and do his job and he makes the three count, giving Chris Candido the tainted victory at 14 minutes and 38 seconds of the match.

- AJ Styles was in singles action against Devon Storm w/ Daffney. The two men went back and forth, with the rookie Styles more than holding his own against the more experienced Storm. Sending AJ out through the ropes to the floor, Devon Storm catches his opponent with a vaulting body press over the top rope. Daffney screams along in the background as her client seems to have things under control. Storm whips Styles at the barricade surrounding the the ring but AJ leaps clear over it, landing on his feet in the audience. He catches Storm with a roundhouse kick over the barricade before diving off it and hitting a diving forearm smash to his opponent. Back in the ring, Storm is able to get back on track, catching AJ with a bridging northern lights suplex for a two count, and then hitting a Lionsault for another near fall. AJ makes a comeback, hitting a Pele Kick out of nowhere and following with a spinning rack bomb for a two count. Daffney senses that her client is in danger of losing, climbing up on the apron. The referee has had enough, warning her twice then sending Daffney to the back to a loud cheer from the audience. She has a tantrum at ringside before security come out to move her along. All of this has caused somewhat of a distraction, leaving AJ with his back to his opponent. Devon Storm attempts to capitalize on this, setting AJ up for a reverse DDT. Styles struggles out, hitting Storm with a kick to the gut, followed by the Styles Clash to earn him the pinfall at 14 minutes and 52 seconds.

- The next match is a singles encounter between Jerry Lynn and Homicide, starting out with some chain wrestling in which Homicide seems to catch Lynn off guard with his proficiency. After several minutes of this, Lynn cracks it and nails Homicide with an illegal right hand punch, taking the advantage. He follows with a fireman's carry, taking Homicide over and sticking him in a headlock. With support from the crowd, Homicide fights back to his feet, hitting Lynn with several elbows to the ribs before whipping him off into the ropes and catching him with a calf kick. He then locked Lynn in the hold but Lynn counters with a back suplex. Getting frustrated already, Lynn stomps away at Homicide. He picks him up, landing a series of knees to the mid section before flipping him up over his shoulder into a Gory Special. Homicide fights out, rolling around to attack Jerry Lynn with a combo of forearms. Lynn catches Homicide in a German Suplex, throwing him backward over his head. Homicide lands it on his feet, racing in while Lynn kneels to get back up, drilling him with a Shining Wizard. Before Homicide is able to make a cover Jerry Lynn rolls to the outside, attempting to regain his composure. Homicide immediately races off the ropes and dives to the outside, taking out Lynn with a Tope Con Hilo that lands him in the front row. Homicide celebrates with fans for a moment before rolling Lynn back inside for a two count. Homicide picks him up, going for a scoop slam piledriver. However, Lynn drops down behind and catches him with an inverted DDT for a two count. He picks Homicide up and hits the TKO for another two count. He waits as Homicide comes back to his feet, looking for a Cradle Piledriver but Homicide crawls out between his legs. Lynn kicks Homicide in the gut and goes for a whip into the corner. Homicide reverses it and comes racing in to attack. Lynn gets a boot up, stunning his opponent momentarily. He sits himself up in the corner, setting up for a diving move. Before he has a chance, Homicide climbs up on the middle rope and the two trade punches, with the referee warning them to stop. Homicide nails Lynn with a headbutt, ending the exchange. He then grabs Lynn and nails him with an Ace Crusher from off the second turnbuckle, climbing on top and making the cover for a near fall. Both men struggle back to their feet, meeting in the middle of the ring with an exchange of forearm strikes. With Homicide winning at the Strong Style, Lynn breaks it up with a kick to the gut, going for an over the shoulder belly to back piledriver. Homicide reverses into a sunset flip for a two count. Both men race back to their feet. Homicide catches Lynn, setting up for an exploder suplex. Lynn elbows his way out of it. He kicks Homicide in the gut and pulls him in for a Cradle Piledriver. Homicide reverses into a jacknife pin for the three count at 15 minutes and 8 seconds in a surprise upset victory.

- Jerry Lynn is in shock following what was a huge upset loss. As Homicide gets his hand raised by the referee he finally jolts into action, attacking from behind and laying in with a series of stomps as the crowd boo. He picks Homicide up, flipping him off before a kick to the gut, setting him up and finally hitting his devastating Cradle Piledriver finisher. Lynn leaves to the boos of the audience as Homicide comes to in the ring.

- Time for the main event, IWC Champion Curt Hennig defends his title against two imposing challengers, the "Alpha Male" Monty Brown and Buff Bagwell, who was fresh off giving the champ a sneak attack at the end of last weeks show. Not surprisingly Curt Hennig goes after Buff Bagwell right from the opening bell. Curt chases Buff, who ducks a clotheline from Monty Brown which then takes out the champion. Bagwell heads outside as Monty Brown lays the boots into Curt Hennig. Brown continues to pound on Hennig. He picks him up and goes to lock in an abdominal stretch but the veteran immediately counters into one of his own. Bagwell sneaks in and applies his own Abdominal Stretch to Hennig. The crowd cheer as all three are locked together. Hennig hip tosses Bagwell out, then Brown hip tosses Hennig. The Alpha Male continues stomping on Hennig. Bagwell gets back up and tries to sneak off again but Monty Brown catches him with a running knee to the midsection, following with a fallaway slam before he turns his attention back to the champion. Hennig sees Brown coming and catches him with a kick to the gut, followed by a snapmare and a running neck snap. Hennig drags Bagwell to the corner and batters him with a series of chops. Brown attacks Hennig from behind, taking him out with a gutwrench suplex. Bagwell catches Brown with a Butterfly DDT for a near fall. Bagwell goes after Hennig, hitting him with a neckbreaker. He poses a bit before mounting Hennig with a series of closed fists. Hennig reverses the mount, laying in with wild haymakers before the referee separates the two. As Bagwell rolls to the outside, Monty Brown comes in, hitting a Alpha Bomb on Hennig for the near fall before Bagwell rushes in to break it up. Monty Brown turns his attention to Bagwell, who begs off, retreating into the corner. Just as Brown is about to attack, Bagwell catches him with an eye gouge, climbing up to the middle rope and flying off to drill Brown with a Buff Blockbuster. Bagwell is beside himself, doing his little dance then flexing his muscles in celebration rather then going for the pin. Hennig knocks him out of the ring with a dropkick into the back. Curt Hennig picks up the Alpha Male, who was still dazed, setting him up then delivering a Hennig-Plex for the three count at 20 minutes and 28 seconds to make his third defence of the IWC Championship.

- Following the match Bagwell attempts to attack Hennig from behind but the IWC Champion was prepared for him this time and the two rivals brawl in the ring to close the show.

- Rob Feinstein opens Ring Of Honor
- IWC signs Teddy Hart

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[IWC: CIRCLE OF FEAR - 1,000 in attendance (Great Plains Coliseum, Lawton OK]

- Buff Bagwell opens the show, complaining that he was cheated in his last match. Since he didn't get pinned or submitted and was right on the cusp of winning the IWC Championship when he was robbed by Hennig, Buff demands a rematch one on one for the title tonight. Unless Hennig was too afraid to face him. The IWC champion Curt Hennig makes his entrance to applause from the audience, heading to the ring and getting in Bagwell's face. He calls out Buff for being an idiot and for the sneak attacks, telling him that he'll give him a title shot any time. The Commissioner Joseph Lebowski comes out and tells the two guys in the ring not to go getting ahead of themselves, there will be no title matches taking place here tonight. The crowd boo. Lebowski informs everybody that Don Callis has been lobbying for his client Super Dragon to get a shot at Hennig's belt, and Christopher Daniels is also campaigning for a rematch. Both men will have a chance to earn their shot tonight, as there will be a triple threat match between Daniels, Super Dragon and AJ Styles, with the winner being next in line to face Hennig. As for Bagwell and Hennig, tonight they are scheduled as leaders of opposing teams in an eight man tag team match in tonight's main event. Bagwell is upset by this news and cheap shots Hennig but Curt quickly gets the better of him, clearing Buff out of the ring where he continues to throw a tantrum. Yelling to Hennig that this isn't the end of it and he's just going to kick his ass later instead.

- Low Ki was finally able to secure his first victory, albeit in a six man tag, getting a big pop from the fans after he came off the top rope with the Phoenix Splash on Spanky, who was teaming with the Backseat Boyz, 14 minutes and 10 seconds into the first match of tonight's event. His fellow tag partners Paul London and Tony Mamaluke congratulate their intense team mate on the win, keeping their distance as he was still in the zone.

- Next up Devon Storm beat Kid Kash by pinfall with a Mind Bender at 14 minutes and 4 seconds. Kid Kash was impressive and got plenty of offence in a good back and forth match, including a spectacular springboard senton into his opponent who was in the crowd. Daffney needed to exert her influence over the match several times, distracting Kash and the referee to help make sure her man wasn't defeated and came out with the win.

- The "Alpha Male" Monty Brown went in trying to make a statement in his first outing following his defeat at the hands of Curt Hennig, with an assist from Buff Bagwell. Unfortunately for Monty, he had a very slippery opponent who was not going down without a fight in The Amazing Red, who remained elusive as ever, frustrating his bigger opponent into making rookie mistakes. At one point Red even got a near fall over the former NFL linebacker, reversing the Alpha Bomb into a hurricanrana and almost surprising everyone by scoring the three count. Eventually The Amazing Red's luck ran out and he fell victim to The Pounce, earning a pinfall victory for the Alpha Male at 11 minutes and 34 seconds.

- Tammy Lynn Sytch accompanied her husband Chris Candido to ringside for his rematch with Homicide. The two grappler's engaging in a solid contest filled with back and forth action, having relatively similar styles and attributes. Tammy once again attempts to be a deciding factor but gets sent to the back by the referee right away, screeching in protest as she makes her way up the ramp. Homicide is gaining the advantage and scoring several near falls over Candido, appearing to be the more hungry of the two, with his opponent doing everything he can just to stay in the match. Candido hits a powerbomb to give himself some breathing room and regain his composure. He goes for the cover, getting a near fall before slamming Homicide to the mat and going to the top rope. Candido goes for a swandive headbutt, Homicide moves out of the way at the last second, quickly locking in an Oklahoma roll for the three count and some would say another upset at 16 minutes and 22 seconds.

- Following the match Jerry Lynn runs out and immediately starts attacking Homicide, dropping him with a TKO then laying in the boots. He gets Candido back up and together they stomp Homicide. Just as Jerry Lynn is setting up for the Cradle Piledriver, "Fighter's Passion" blast over the PA and the crowd erupt with cheer as Low Ki steps out on the stage, sizing up the two men in the ring. Lynn forgets about Homicide as he and Candido turn their attention to Low Ki, beckoning him to come down to the ring and fight them both. Low Ki has no problem with that and sprints down to the ring, fighting off both men with chops and stiff kicks. The numbers game eventually catches up but only momentarily as Low Ki rebounds of the ropes with a Tidal Wave roundhouse kick, knocking Lynn down and sending him rolling out to safety. Candido watches in awe, about to step in and catch Low Ki with cheap shot until Homicide came out of nowhere, levelling him with an Ace Crusher. Candido and Lynn regroup on the floor and are joined by Tammy as the trio retreat back up the ramp licking their wounds as she yells insults at the men in the ring. Low Ki and Homicide stand their ground, daring their two rivals to come back and fight like men.

- Time for the triple threat match to determine a new number one contender for the IWC Championship. It was AJ Styles versus Christopher Daniels versus Super Dragon. The match itself featured solid action, with all three men busting out every trick they had in order to gain the ever important title shot against Curt Hennig. Daniels hit Dragon with an Arabian press to the outside and then AJ took out both men with a somersault plancha. Super Dragon had his manger Don Callis at ringside but he was taken out early when he put his hands on Styles and was knocked unconscious with a right hook for his troubles. Super Dragon and Daniels teamed up at various stages in the match but ended up going to war with each other after Daniels broke up a pinfall Super Dragon had on AJ Styles following a Psycho Driver, when things had appeared to be all but over until the Fallen Angel intervened at the last second. Later on Daniels managed to hit Angels Wings on Super Dragon but before he could make a pinfall, he was caught in an exchange with AJ Styles that ended with a Pele Kick and the Styles Clash. AJ Styles pinning Christopher Daniels at 14 minutes and 44 seconds to earn himself a shot at the IWC Championship on the next show.

- In the main event the two teams were IWC champ Curt Hennig, Chris Chetti & Danny Doring w/ Dawn Marie and Teddy Hart versus Buff Bagwell, Michael Shane, Christian York & Joey Matthews. Hennig starts the match out for his team, challenging Bagwell to face him. Bagwell refuses, sending Joey Matthews in to get manhandled by the champion as he starts the match on the apron, doing poses and drawing heat from the crowd. Bored with his domination of Matthews, Hennig tags in Chris Chetti who picks up where he left off. Chetti hits a Scissors Kick on Matthews for a near fall before the pin is broken up by York. Matthews and York double team Chetti, as the ref struggles to keep control of the match when Danny Doring comes in to help his tag partner. The ref finally gets it back to two legal men in the ring but the heel team have taken their advantage. Matthews tags in Michael Shane who continues the attack on Chetti as Bagwell begs to be tagged in. Shane tags Bagwell who comes in with a very arrogant demeanour, bullying around Chetti. He puts him in a headlock and taunts Hennig. Chetti fights out but Bagwell cuts him off before he can make a tag. He hits Chetti with a powerslam for a near fall. Hennig breaks it up and the two go at it for a moment before the referee separates them. Bagwell returns to his headlock. Hennig gets the crowd thumping, giving Chetti the support he needs to break the hold. Bagwell attempts a back suplex but Chetti flips out, tagging out to Teddy Hart, who springboards into the ring and takes out Bagwell with a dropkick. Teddy continues to throw offence at Bagwell, pinning him for a two count following a Cradle DDT. After Bagwell kicks out Teddy clearly has plans to go up top but Hennig put his hand out for a tag. Perplexed, Teddy thinks about it for a second then goes with the crowd and tags in Hennig. Bagwell slowly gets to his feet as the IWC Champ vaults over the rope into the ring. After a brief stare down they collide with an exchange of punches, Curt Hennig taking the advantage as the referee warns them. Hennig turns to chops instead, backing his opponent into the ropes and going for an Irish whip. Bagwell reverses and sends Hennig off the ropes, looking for a back body drop. Hennig meets him with a kick to the head. Bagwell back-steps, dazed for a moment before getting taken down with a clothesline. Hennig waits for him to get back to his feet, kicking him in the gut and setting up for the Hennig-Plex. Buff Bagwell slips out, diving to his corner and tagging Micheal Shane back in before retreating to the outside. Shane does his best but is outclassed by the champion, finding himself on the receiving end of a running neck snap. Bagwell runs back into the ring and attacks Hennig from behind. The two brawl with the referee trying to separate them before Hennig does it for him, knocking Buff outside with a clothesline over the ropes. Behind him Michael Shane is tuning up the band. Curt Hennig turns into the Super Kick but has the reflexes and presence of mind to catch hold of Shane's foot. He spins him around then meets him with a leg feed enzuigiri. Dazed, Michael Shane stumbles back, out on his feet. Curt Hennig catches him with a Hennig-Plex for the pinfall victory at 20 minutes and 4 seconds.

- Bagwell attacks Hennig after the match and the two teams end up in a wild brawl to close the show. As Bagwell and Hennig battle up the ramp, the other six men fight through the crowd. Bagwell sets his rival up for a piledriver on the ramp but Hennig flips him over onto his back. From that point Bagwell was retreating, heading around the side of the stage to look for an exit as the IWC Champion follows after him. Back to the other brawl and Teddy Hart has found himself 16 or 17 feet in the air, busting out a huge moonsault from the top of a balcony and taking out everyone. IWC chants close the show.

- Shark Boy wins the ROH Championship

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[IWC: BLACK DIAMOND - 1,000 in attendance (Cleveland Grays Armory, Cleveland OH]

DARK MATCH: In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Eric Young, Nova and Homicide defeated Chase Stevens, Matt Striker and Vic Capri in 14:07 when Homicide defeated Matt Striker by pinfall with a Lariat.

- The Backseat Boyz pick up a win in the opening match, emerging victorious over the team of Jason Cross & Tony Mamaluke, fully showcasing their excellent chemistry and skills as a team. The end came when Jason Cross was pinned by Trent Acid at 11 minutes and 42 seconds after being hit with the T-Gimmick.

- Buff Bagwell was out next, heeling it up and acting like a bit of a clown, giving no respect to his rookie opponent Paul London. London did manage to catch Bagwell by surprise a few times, stringing together some of his usual fast paced offence. He knocks Bagwell onto the apron then dropsaults him down to the floor. Paul London gets a run up for a dive but Bagwell retreats around the outside of the ring. London vaults onto the apron then runs along, flipping over the bar of the turnbuckle and hitting Bagwell to a big cheer from the audience. Back in the ring, London goes for a pin and gets a two count. He sets Bagwell up for a legsweep DDT but Bagwell reverses into a hangman's neckbreaker for a two count, shortly followed by the Buff Blockbuster for a pinfall victory at 12 minutes and 4 seconds.

- Next up, Kid Kash versus the "Alpha Male" Monty Brown, which was a surprisingly competitive match. Hard nosed Kid Kash wasn't backing down one step from his larger opponent and the match included a lot of brawling between the two men, with Kash getting beaten up a lot but continuing to come back for more each time. Eventually Kash was able to take control, turning up the pace of the match and playing to his advantage. Monty Brown also utilized his arsenal of power moves to great effect, catching his smaller opponent in multiple slams and hitting the Alpha-Bomb for a nearfall. At 14 minutes and 5 seconds Kid Kash was hit with The Pounce, and that was enough to get him down for the three count, earning another win for the Alpha Male.

- A great back and forth match between Jerry Lynn and Low Ki ended with Ki picking up a huge victory over one of his rivals, following botched interference by Chris Candido. Jerry Lynn was once again looking desperate, unable to put away Low Ki and having his Cradle Piledriver attempts thwarted. Low Ki got him up for the Ki Krusher, however, struggling to get free Lynn "accidently" kicks the referee in the head. Low Ki lets Lynn down as Candido comes out with steel chair in hand. He swings for the fences, aiming for Ki. Of course Low ducks it and the chair shot blasts Lynn in the face. Low Ki takes out Candido with a Tidal Wave. Climbing up to the top rope and coming down with a Phoenix Splash, covering Lynn for the pinfall at 15 minutes and 53 seconds.

- As Low Ki's music plays he challenges Candido to step into the ring with him. Despite initial hesitation Candido accepts and the two rivals brawl in the ring. Low Ki starts to win the scuffle, getting some space and finding a target for his lighting fast kicks to the chest. Candido manages to get in an eye gouge and a low blow to even the odds, stomping on Low Ki before helping Lynn back to his feet so he can do the same. Homicide ran out and cleared the ring before they got a chance, ending in a stare down between the two teams.

- In a six man tag match the team of Christopher Daniels, Devon Storm w/ Daffney & Super Dragon w/ Don Callis were too much to handle for the opposing team of Mike Quackenbush, Teddy Hart & The Amazing Red. Soon after the opening bell Don Callis joined the announce team, spending the whole match putting over his charge Super Dragon who was as brutal as ever, especially when he had The Amazing Red trapped in the ring with him, desperate for a tag. Dragon beats down Red then grabs his lifeless arm and reaches for a tag, mocking his opponents and the audience who get behind the underdog. After some animosity between Christopher Daniels and Super Dragon stemming from their triple threat at the last show results in some push and shove between the two partners, The Amazing Red finally makes the hot tag to Teddy Hart. He comes in like a maniac, taking on all comers and clearing the ring so he can do a ridiculous springboard moonsault to the outside and get the crowd chanting his name. Soon after, he comes off the top rope, looking for Open Hart Surgery but Dragon moves causing him to crash and burn. Super Dragon gets Teddy Hart up for a Psycho Driver as Christopher Daniels makes a blind tag and enters the ring, running over and knocking Quackenbush and Red down off the apron. Super Dragon hits the Psycho Driver and goes for the cover but the referee won't count because he is not the legal man. Dragon scruffs the referee by the shirt and is about to attack the man when Christopher Daniels pushes him out of the way, hitting Teddy Hart with the Best Moonsault Ever. The referee counts the pinfall at 14 minutes and 53 seconds, earning Daniels the win for his team. Super Dragon gets in Daniels face after the match but the Fallen Angel quickly retreats, backing up the ramp taunting and celebrating, cocky as ever following another impressive victory.

- Time for the main event of the evening as IWC Champion Curt Hennig takes on the top contender, a supremely talented young competitor by the name of AJ Styles. The match gets off to a slow start as the two men feel each other out. After some extensive chain wrestling between the two, with each able to come out on top on different occasions, finding themselves at a stalemate. Both having good amateur wrestling experience. They slap hands in a show of respect that gets a big cheer from the crowd before going at it again. Curt starts to use his strength advantage, trapping AJ in a side headlock. AJ manages to rush him into the ropes, first dropping down, then on the second rebound catching the champ with a spectacular dropkick. They are soon trading big moves and near falls. AJ makes several attempts for the Styles Clash but Curt has it scouted, likewise AJ and the Hennig-Plex. AJ attempts his moonsault into the reverse DDT. Before he is able to drop to the mat with the DDT, Hennig counters into a snapmare, hitting AJ with a running neck snap for the third time in the match and doing more damage to the neck. He sets AJ up and delivers the Hennig-Plex in the middle of the ring for the pinfall at 23 minutes and 2 seconds, making defence #4 of the IWC Championship.

- Following the match Curt Hennig offers AJ Styles a handshake, having earned the IWC Champion's respect following his performance. AJ accepts and Curt raises his arm, putting the young up and comer over to big cheers from the audience. Buff Daddy interrupts, ruining all the good vibes. Bagwell up on the ramp with a microphone, tells everyone that this display in the ring is making him sick. He makes fun of Curt Hennig barely being able to beat some rookie who Bagwell has never even heard of. He finishes by letting Curt Hennig know that his days are numbered. The match has been signed for next week, and after that not only will Buff be the stuff, he will also be the new IWC Champion.

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[IWC: PAST IMPERFECT - 1,546 in attendance (Pepin Gym, Middlebury VT]

DARK MATCH: In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Devon Storm w/ Daffney defeated Spanky, Mike Quackenbush, Matt Striker, Paul London and Chris Chetti in 12:47 when Devon Storm defeated Matt Striker by pinfall with a Mind Bender.

- The opening match saw The Amazing Red team up with Homicide and Low Ki in a six man tag against Super Dragon w/ Don Callis and The Backseat Boyz. A solid encounter with both teams getting in their fair share of offense. The Backseat Boyz are able to utilize their experience as a team, trapping Amazing Red in their half of the ring and wearing him down while making quick tags. Once again Super Dragon revels in the opportunity to bully around Red, but in the end the hot tag is made to Low Ki, who comes in and destroys everything. Homicide catches Johnny Kashmere with a Lariat to end things at 14 minutes and 12 seconds.

- In another competitive match AJ Styles pinned Michael Shane at 14 minutes and 47 seconds with the Styles Clash. Although he was beaten in the end, Shane had put on a good performance and even got a couple of near falls, including once after nailing Styles with his picture perfect elbow drop from the top rope.

- Chris Candido w/ Tammy and Jerry Lynn easily defeat Jason Cross and Tony Mamaluke in a one-sided match. Showcasing themselves as a potential force in the tag team division while Tammy draws heat from the fans with her antics on the outside. Jerry Lynn destroys Cross with a Cradle Piledriver, Candido leaps off the top with a swandive headbutt for extra measure before Lynn makes the cover, putting an end to things at 12 minutes and 16 seconds.

- "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels confronts AJ Styles backstage as he is cooling down after his match. Daniels tells AJ that if he had been granted his rematch last week, he would have beaten Hennig and become the new champion. Instead the opportunity was wasted on him, and he completely dropped the ball. Then when it was all over, instead of shaking Curt's hand in some meaningless gesture of sportsmanship, he should have attacked him to make a statement. AJ gets annoyed by this, telling Daniels that's not how he operates. Having earned the respect of Curt Hennig, someone who he's always looked up to, means more to him than trying to make an easy name for himself. Daniels laughs, telling AJ that he will get nowhere with that attitude, and if he wants someone to look up to he should abandon Hennig and worship the Fallen Angel instead.

- Candido, Lynn and Tammy are shown in the office of IWC Commissioner Joseph Lebowski, demanding that they are given a spot in next week's IWC Tag Team Championship tournament, previously announced on the website. Lebowski is easily convinced, appearing to be quite charmed by Tammy. Announcing the team will compete in the tournament, alongside Chetti & Doring, The Backseat Boyz and Homicide & Low Ki, who are immediately disparaged by their rivals. In another piece of exciting news, Lebowski says that's not all. He just got off the phone with the NOAH office and next week the GHC Heavyweight Champion, Jun Akiyama, is coming to the International Wrestling Commission to challenge tonight's winner in a title match for the IWC Championship.

- Christopher Daniels had gone out to make a statement, still trying to get himself a rematch for the IWC Championship following his losing effort in the title bout back at After The Flames. Tonight unfortunately wasn't going to be the night to do that as young Teddy Hart also apparently had some similar plans off his own and took it to the Fallen Angel right from the opening bell. Giving his best showing in an IWC ring so far, Teddy Hart spent much of the battle in control, showing that he had some mat wrestling skill to go along with his crazy high flying. He hits the belly-to-back flipped into a bulldog for a two count. He goes for a shooting star leg drop but lands painfully after Daniels rolls out of the way. Fallen Angel catches Hart with a Blue Thunder Driver for a nearfall. Hart takes back control, goes for the Stu Hart Special. Daniels wriggles out, meeting Teddy Hart with a kick to the gut followed by Angel's Wings and pinning him for the three count at 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

- Next up was another mostly lopsided match where Nova tried his best early on but in the end proved to be little match for the "Alpha Male" Monty Brown. The Alpha Male racking up another win with his explosive finishing manoevre; The Pounce, pinning his opponent at 11 minutes and 55 seconds

- Time for the main event, the match the fans had all been waiting for as the IWC Champion Curt Hennig defends his title against his current rival Buff Bagwell. The referee raises the championship and the bell sounds as the two men circle each other in a feeling out process. Curt is all business, eager to do battle with his opponent. Bagwell is much more hesitant, though still wearing all his usual arrogance. Curt goes to lock up but Bagwell steps back, flexing his muscles and posing to boos from the crowd. Curt shakes his head, demanding that Bagwell quit stalling. They begin to circle but once again Bagwell feigns going in for the lock up only to step back and bust out another pose, big cocky grin on his face. Hennig advances toward Bagwell but he backs in between the ropes, screaming at the referee to get Curt off him. The referee uses all his strength to drag Curt away as Buff continues to grin. They circle some more. This time Buff just hops straight out between the ropes, standing with his back to the ring and posing for the fans in the front row. Curt has had enough and climbs out after him. Bagwell turns to see Hennig coming and runs away. The champion chases the challenger around the ring in a pathetic display of cowardice from Bagwell. Buff slides back into the ring, catching Hennig with boots as he attempts to follow after. The crowd boo this but then cheer as Hennig just powers up to his feet anyway and strikes Bagwell the first time with a hard chop to the chest. Buff backs up, holding his chest in pain but Hennig hits him with another, and another, backing him up against the ropes on the other side of the ring before sending running with an Irish whip. Hennig catches Bagwell with a kitchen sink style knee lift to the midsection, flipping him over and setting him up for a running neck snap, which he then delivers with high velocity. Bagwell rolls out of the ring, favouring his neck. Hennig follows him out, unleashing his rage with a club to the back. However, Bagwell uses this to turn the tides, side stepping the attack then tossing Hennig crashing into the ring steps. The fans boo as Bagwell takes a moment to regain his composure and recover from some of the damage he's taken. Finally showing a sense of urgency, Bagwell rushes over and continues laying in the boots, keeping him down. He rolls back inside to break the referees count before coming back to give Hennig a snake eyes type move onto the guardrail. He sends Curt back into the ring and goes for a cover, getting a two count. Bagwell applies a side headlock, grinding his opponent into the mat. With support from the fans, Curt fights up to his feet. Bagwell releases the hold and nails Hennig with axehandles to the back, flipping off the audience then hitting the champ with a sit-out spinebuster for another two count. Bagwell goes for a neckbreaker. Hennig twists out and gives Bagwell a hard shove to the back, sending him bouncing into the ropes then hitting him with a clothesline, followed by a second as the fans come alive in support of the champion. He hits a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Hennig then nails Bagwell with an atomic drop followed by a running knee drop. He goes for it again but Bagwell rolls aside, beating Hennig back up to his feet and drilling the IWC champion with a blatant punch to the jaw. The referee warns Bagwell as he immediately takes advantage of the rule break, catching the stunned Hennig with a powerslam. Buff Bagwell stalks Curt Hennig as the champ returns to his feet, meeting him with a kick to the gut then catching him in position and delivering a Butterfly DDT for a nearfall that earned a collect gasp from the fans. Bagwell climbs up on the second turnbuckle, signalling for the Buff Blockbuster. Curt rushes over to the corner and grabs Buff by the legs, holding on for a moment before Bagwell knocks him back with a double boot to the chest. Stumbling briefly, Hennig comes back at Bagwell but is caught in a tornado DDT out of the corner. After spinning out Hennig pushes Bagwell off him before he can complete the DDT. He lands a gut kick and sets up for a Hennig-Plex. Bagwell twists out, levelling Curt with a dropkick. He sits himself up in the corner, looking once again for the Blockbuster as Curt drags himself back to his feet. Bagwell stands up but before he can dive off for the Blockbuster, Hennig rushes forward and leaps up to nail him with a dropkick to the chest. While he's still stunned, seated up on the top rope, Hennig sets him up and delivers a Hennig-Plex out of the corner, bridging up for the referee to administer the three count at 20 minutes and 32 seconds. Curt Hennig makes defence #5 of the IWC Championship.

- Still IWC Champion, the fans cheer along as Curt celebrates to end the show. Climbing turnbuckles and raising his championship triumphantly as his rival Bagwell remains flat on the canvas, down and out, staring up at the lights.

- WWF No Way Out drew a 6.68 Buy Rate. Main Evented by Chris Jericho defeating The Undertaker to retain the WWF Undisputed Championship and Big Show defeating Kane.
- A talent trade has been worked out between Pro Wrestling NOAH and IWC, current GHC Champion Jun Akiyama will appear on the next IWC show to take on IWC Champion Curt Hennig, in exchange Hennig, Chris Candido and Devon Storm will head to Japan for one appearance each.

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