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WWE 2K16 Roster Concept (WWE vs WCW, NWO, NXT, Divas & Legends

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Hey Peeps


I just wanted to share with you all my WWE 2K16 Roster concept for this years games, I focused the roster around the Monday Night Wars but also wanted to ensure we get a full up to date roster along with the future of the WWE in NXT and the past with WWE Legends, in addition to this I could not forget the all important Divas too!


Would you like to see this roster in WWE 2K16 let me know!



This is my WWE 2K16 Roster concept for XBOX1 and PS4, my concept evolves around the Monday Night Wars and is split into 5 sections.
● WWE Main Roster
● Monday Night Wars (WWE vs WCW)
● Divas
● Legends
If you like this concept please hit that like button and let me know if this is the type of roster you want to see WWE2K16!
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would I like to see this roster? yes, will we see this roster? sadly no, which is a shame because I can,t honestly think of a better one. too bad you don,t control what the roster will be because that's a roster which I believe would please most people

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Hey dude where is the wishlist section I was looking but couldnt find it unfortuantely


It's nice, would get more attention in the wishlist thread repost it there


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