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A "CAW" Using Model of Edited In-Game Superstar (WIP)

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I made a "CAW" using an in-game model as a base. In this case--Erick Rowan. I added hair and maxed out the height and body mass. There is a way to edit an in-game superstar's head and body (the parts that are usually greyed out). Since there are no 3D beards in CAW mode, this is the closest thing to how I originally planned on creating this CAW, as I made variations of him since some of the earlier games that had a CAW mode. The name of the "CAW" is Doc Eleazar Kase. I have yet to add custom logos as this is a work in progress. Credit for the method on how to change in game models goes out to some of the members of the 2K and Smacktalks forums




























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Thanks. I really appreciate the feedback. I blacked out the x's in the latest version. I will try to have updated pics later. I also lightened his hair, making him more similar to what I wanted my CAW to look like. With that said, I really want to add this to CC. The problem is I'm afraid it might get negative reviews regardless of quality. I don't want to censor as the character has a religious face gimmick (who doesn't force his beliefs on others), and thus wears some religious symbols like crosses. I will try to have updated pics later, along with a bio.


How I changed the beard color: In the face section, go to body art, then go to designs. Choose the plain white rectangle. Make it slightly bigger and place it below the lower lip and then change the color. After confirming, it should change color. If you are satisfied with the result, accept. If not, cancel and try the process again.



I would appreciate feedback (as long as it is constructive, please). Thanks. There are two versions of him in CC (w/o imported logos). The first one can be found with the keyword KASE. The second version can be re uploaded and the keyword for that CAW is a more generic name like DOC.


Update: The updated version:



























Here are some updated pics of him:








I released a version of him without custom logos on Community Creations.












Name: Doc Eleazar Kase

Alias Doc Big Eleazar Kase

Nick Name: The Chokebomber

Height: ??? (Over 7'2")

Weight: Over 500 lbs.

Age: Over 40

Entrance Theme: Outbreak (Should be "Personal Jesus")

Status: Semi-Retired


Signature 1: Running Big Boot

Signature 2: Two-Handed Chokelift Bomb (Khali Bomb)



Finisher 1: Final Exorcism/Falling Two-Handed Chokeslam (12 Step)

Finisher 2: Wisdom Crush/Two-Handed Chokelift and Toss (Two-Handed Chokeslam 1)


Overall; 95 (Peak)

Alignment: Face (Alternates occasionally between Heel and Face)




Gimmick: Somewhat religious motorcycle enthusiast with a supernatural aspect.


Status: Doctor Kase mainly trains up and coming face wrestlers. Still wrestles occasionally.


Championships: One World Title reign. Few titles other than that.


Disposition: Intelligent (has a doctorate in philosophy, which I guess to some, isn't really saying much). Nonviolent unless provoked. Short tempered at times and can make hasty decisions.


Family: Is a father and grandfather.


Personality: Has characteristics of Mick Foley, the Big Show and Ryback.



Giant Powerhouse: Highly Proficient

Technical: Intermediate

Speed and Agility: Fairly Proficient for his size

Brawler: Proficient




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@ White Leather Jacket


Alright. A hat would make more sense than a beanie for long hair anyway (for entrance gear). Or perhaps I should ditch all hats? Yeah. Sunglasses don't really make sense indoors. I was going for a certain aesthetic. I originally wanted him with a hat and eyeglasses during the entrance, (especially if the game would have had cinematic attires). He had a regular hat and eyeglasses in 2k14 anyway. I will try a version with a hat and eye glasses (not shades) for entrances only, and in another save slot, one without any headwear (except hair). Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try tomorrow.



@ maskedmaniac

No problem. I hope it helps. When changing the beard color, be careful. Any color change is permanent, though you can apply a different color strip over it to change the beard color again. Certain parts of the beard will change color depending on where you place the strips. Also any edit using body art on the face is permanent, so be careful with your edits. You can copy and paste these CAWs as well.


Oh, I tried 6 CAWs in a CPU 6 way match. It didn't freeze. However, if you use an edited CAW with a 3D beard, if you decide to use him in career mode, please be sure to make him the exact way you want him to be before exporting. If you go to the appearance edit in my career, the CAW will warp. Also, the game crashed only once when editing an entrance.

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Thanks for the input. I made a few changes to the CAW. Here are some update pics. I included one version with custom logos and one without. The alternate attire with the hat: None of the hats in the game look all that great for him. Bray's was the closest one that seemed to fit his head the best without being too over the top. The ring attires have no head gear. As for the custom logos themselves, I didn't put as much effort into them as I should have. When I initially discovered there were no 3D beards for CAWs, I decided to forego making the CAW at first for the PS4. Then, I decided to wing it. By the time the PC version came out, I figured I shouldn't bother until 2K16.














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Really cool. I don't have the PC version but it really seems to be the way to go. I've always avoided the PC/Modding sections of wrestling games for this very reason haha. It seems that the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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Thanks man. I feel the same way. If they had 3D beards for CAW in the PS4/XB1 versions of WWE 2K15, I probably would have overlooked the PC version. I tried making him for the PS4 version but he doesn't look quite right without the beard. When I found out people found a way to edit in game models, I figured to myself, "Why not? I may as well as make some use out of my PC." I guess I'm too impatient to wait for WWE 2K16.

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