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Name: Lex Xander


Theme Song: Immortal - Eve to Adam


Hometown: Richmond, VA


Height: 6'0


Weight: 213 lbs.


Signature(s): Lexecution, Discus Big-Boot


Finisher(s): Lex-Plex, Brogue Kick


Bio: Given the name Alex Ledford Xander at birth, Lex Xander was raised in a typical middle-class household in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. He was the oldest of three children, with his parents divorcing when Lex was only 7 years old. Unfortunately(or fortunately?), his mother moved out of the household and he was left with his father, brother, and sister. Perhaps surprisingly, Lex never participated in high school sports and extracurricular activities. But, his father was very influential in what would be his future wrestling career. He taught him the essentials of life which would eventually translate into an unbreakable future. Working hard at everything he did, staying well-rounded, and trusting yourself were just a few of the things that he learned in his youth. After graduating high school, he was given an offer to participate in a new wrestling school. He saw this as the first step in his new life, as he was an avid wrestling fan all throughout his childhood. However, the catch would backfire more than he could imagine. This school was located in Vancouver, Canada. He simply couldn't leave like his mother did, as his brother and sister were still in school, but he also couldn't pass up what would become the key to his future. After he arrived at Renegade Wrestling School run by Christian Renegade, he met one Trevor York, a very decorated and dearly missed wrestler. He and York trained endlessly together, and eventually York got a call from CWF back in the US and was given a year contract. Lex only saw this as a means to train harder, and eventually, he received that very same life-changing call.


CWF: After arriving in CWF, he was told that his first match would be unlike any other debut. He would compete for the Television Championship at a PPV against Kaleb Kross. Unfortunately, he lost, but this wouldn't stop him. The one goal he had in mind was becoming a champion, and he did everything he could to make that dream a reality. Throughout 2013, he met names like Warren Marshall, Jared Harris, Aaron Jordan, and Nero Sin, all of which would make a huge impact on Lex's career in more than one way. Come 2014, CWF has lost a large majority of it's steam, and is going on a downward spiral. Lex knew that the only way to prevent this was to start the most heated rivalry that company had seen, and at the same time, win his first championship. Trevor York, the current CWF champion, accepted a challenge from Lex to fight for the coveted belt. The feud spanned for weeks, and it became personal. Unfortunately, the conclusion left Lex Xander with still no championship and a broken soul. This would be Lex Xander's last match in CWF until it's downfall in the Summer of 2014. However, this would not stop him from living his dream, and soon enough, he received a phone call from Elliot Maverick.


XWE: Quickly becoming the home of many former CWF stars, Lex found it quite easy to fall into the mold of the XWE locker room. But simply being another wrestler was not enough for Lex. After a successful debut, he quickly rose to stardom and became an essential name in the powerhouse company. After a while however, his hunger for gold was long gone, as he realized that a gold plated belt doesn't make a wrestler, it's the wrestler that makes that belt mean something. But, soon Lex Xande realized his amazing skill of making people dislike him. He used this skill to his advantage and was recognized as the largest heel in XWE. On the flip-side, he also had a knack for lying. He turned his attention to undoubtedly the most decorated XWE Superstar today, Warren Marshall. Telling Marshall tales of taking him under his wing and truly respecting him as a wrestler, Lex Xander challenged Marshall to a contest were if Marshall loses, he must form a team with Lex Xander. Being the deceiver he had become, in the middle of the match, he proceeded to strike Marshall several times with a chair. This fueled a hatred between the two like no other, and led to what is often regarded as the greatest XWE match in history at Final Destination. Afterwards, Lex decided it truly was time to regain his sanity and focus on climbing the ranks of XWE. After many failed attempts at the XWE Championship, he lost his direction. Then, almost from nowhere, a man named Viktor Marax took XWE and it's roster by the throat, influencing corruption and chaos, claiming he was going to save XWE. Lex knew exactly what he had to do. Almost instinctively, he rallied the troops. With Marax grabbing hold of half of the roster and thereby naming it Sinister, Lex Xander led Team XWE into battle at Khristmas Khaos in December 2014. Every match would be XWE VS Sinister themed, and the winner would gain a point for their respective side. All tied up, Lex Xander and Viktor Marax prepared for their TLC Main Event. With Elliot Maverick's five star commentary, the two men hit countless deadly maneuvers including one infamous backstabber from Marax, as well as a super-plex from the top of a ladder placed inside the ring, onto two stacked tables AND the announcers table. In the end, Lex ascended the ladder, ready the rip XWE from Viktor's grasp, and then--he stepped down. It was revealed that Lex Xander was paid off by Marax to throw the match. This didn't settle well with the roster, and Lex Xander fled with his money and started his own wrestling school, which would create future XWE superstars. This school opened the doors for current XWE superstars Seth Lucifer and Aaron Slade, and former superstars Jeremy Motionless and Jay McGregor. After these four men graduated and Marax stepped away from XWE, Xander retunred to in-ring competition. Currently, Lex Xander is recovering from 5 broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. At the Redemption PPV on June 5th, 2015, Lex Xander went to battle with current XWE Champion Seth Lucifer. Seth speared Xander through a barricade and afterwards hit an Oasis(Sister Abigail) on nearby steel steps. This match was for the XWE Championship held by Seth, and Lex felt that this was truly his time to hold not only the most important championship in competitive CAW wrestling, but what would have been his first singles championship...ever. The night after on XWE's flagship show, Showdown, Lex arrived bruised, beaten, distraught, and unfortunately, unstable. His first thought was to immediately challenge Seth for the championship, but after realizing that doing that would give Seth the reigns, Lex looked to the #1 Contender, and his friend, Alex Blade. Hesitantly, Blade accepted the challenge. Running on pure adrenaline, Lex Xander ignored almost everything Alex Blade could throw at him, except for the Byrning Hammer(Powerbomb Lungblower) made famous by Trent Graham. Already having 3 broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder, this devastating move only furthered the injuries of Lex, making him in-able to continue. Currently, Lex is in Chippenham Hospital, and many are unsure whether or not he will be able to return to the ring. But being the Immortal Icon that he is, it's safe to say that one day soon, he will be back, and that burning desire to end Seth Lucifer will be brighter and more violent than ever.

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Name: Keith Cline


Theme: "Callout" by Atilla


From: Crawfordville, Florida


Signature: Pipebomb (Future Shock DDT)


?Finisher: 13 (Codebreaker)


Bio: Keith Alan Cline was born in Crawfordville, Fl. Unlike anybody else, Keith Cline had a not so happy beginning. Since birth, it was discovered that he has a touch of autism, deaf in one ear, and a speech disorder. All through school, he was picked on and bullied by the kids making him the outcast of school and life. Since graduating high school, Keith Cline started to achieve his dream.. as a professional wrestler. While wrestling in Southern Champion Wrestling, Keith was told he could never go to the big time. His speech disability was going to embarrass the company and so on and so forth. But, that never stopped him from achieving his dream. When executives from XWE showed up to the PPV show. On July 13th 2013, it was announced that Keith Cline has singed to the big leagues... XWE


XWE (2013) On July 20th, 2013, Keith Cline made his debut in a last minute tag team match teaming up with upstart Big Ben and facing Alpha and Omega. Thirty seconds into the match, Keith grabbed a steel chair and nailed Alpha in the head with the chair. Unlike getting either suspended or fired, Keith Cline won the award for most memorable debut. A couple of weeks later, he found himself in a fatal four way match against Tally, Neko, and Ethan for the Hardcore Championship. Keith almost won by nearly having Tally tap out to the anaconda vice, but unfortunately was broken up by Neko with a steel chair and a pedigree. In August 2013, Keith Cline was almost going to achieve greatness by nearly tagging with Brent Simmons but did not happen due to protesting by Alpha. Since the tagging with Brent didn't happen, Keith Cline had to find a way to get noticed. He was unpopular in the locker room cause he didn't fit in. He provided some great matches but also learned to get better at wrestling and promo skills along the way. In October 2013, Keith Cline met fellow friends Warren Marshal, Nero Sin, and Mother*censored*ing Hellraiser as they debuted in the same show as he tagged with Warren Marshal to face Nero Sin and Hellraiser.. Both Cline and Marshal lost.


(2014)- On June 14th, 2014 Keith Cline signed with XWE and returned to face his fellow mentor Alpha. After his match, he grabbed a mic and cut the most controversial shoot promo in XWE history. A week later, a competition league fired back at Keith by making fun of his real life problems but his XWE family showed that they had his back by going off on the person who made the video. Throughout 2014, Keith Cline competed in good rivalries with MV3, Alex G, Tyson Omega and Quinton Wolf. In July 2014, he celebrated his one year anniversary by competing in the first ever Chaos Royal but was unsuccessful. However, he competed in his first Major PPV with rival Tyson Omega. His final match was against rival Alex G. He left XWE after his match due to his contract being up.


TOW/BTB (2014-2015)- While competing in XWE, Keith Cline signed with TOW. He competed with the likes of Chicago Beast, Shawn the Spider Brown, and etc. After a month of joining, Keith Cline later won his first title ever, the TOW United States Champion. Keith Cline would defend it until the league closed in October 2014. While BTB started, Keith Cline was facing allegations, turmoil, and heat. In Mid April 2015, it was announced that Keith Cine has quit BTB and resigned with XWE. A month later, he would do a exclusive tell all interview with Addicted2Awesome.


XWE (2015)- On June 2nd 2015, Keith Cline made his shocking return to XWE in a live event. Keith Cline defeated Hellrazor and announced that he has returned home with a couple of goals in mind. Since has forced to be tucked away in the sidelines while his friends was world champion, he announced that his goal is to be XWE Champion. The other was the change XWE from it's core. With a new look, new haircolor, new hairstyle, new theme song, and edgy promos, Keith Cline returned to the Redemption PPV to face Bezerk but was unsuccessful. However, the following night, he finally redeemed himself by shockingly defeating Danny Grimm by a upset victory. Keith Cline's goals is to show everybody that you can be different and still have the courage to climb atop the XWE mountain.

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Name: Warren Marshall

Theme Song: Rebel Yell, Drowning Pool

From: Brooklyn New York

Height: 6'2

Weight: 248

Signatures: Spinning European Uppercut, Cradle DDT

Finishers: Rebel Yell (Very European Uppercut), Marshall Law (Crucifix Powerbomb)

Age: 36


Bio: Warren Marshall came from humble beginnings. He lived in Brooklyn, his home town, and he had little to no money. He was the former star of his high school wrestling team, but was not offered any scholarships to college due to poor conduct. His family couldn't afford to pay for his schooling and allow for him to wrestle collegiately, so Warren looked for a job. He went around Brooklyn making little to no money for years. He always prided himself on being an athlete, so he continued to work towards being a collegiate wrestler even though it would never happen, he thought it was a good work out. Warren was always tall and lanky, standing 6'2, but never really got big weight wise until he began training, blowing up to nearly 250 lbs. One day the man you may know as Danny V5 walked into the training facility. Danny was and still is a smaller guy, so Warren thought he'd be able to push him around. Marshall had grown into one of the leaders of the group, so he decided that he would, "teach the new guy who's boss," per say. Well, unluckily for him, it didn't turn out that way, with Danny kicking Warrens ass for the duration of the training session. Afterward, Warren asked Danny where he'd learned so much about the sport, and that led to the opportunity of a lifetime for Warren, when Danny introduced him to professional wrestling, and CWF.


CWF: CWF marked Warrens first opportunity at pro wrestling, and marked the beginning of a new career for him. Warrens first CWF match was against Aaron Jordan, and Warren lost very badly. He almost ruined his chance of wrestling ever again by his sloppy performance, but he got it back together, and earned a CWF Global Championship match against the long time champion, and man who destroyed him Aaron Jordan. Marshall and his friend Danny V5, both had a long established rivalry with Aaron Jordan, so for Warren, getting a win here was huge for him. It was a hard fought match, and in the end, Warren ended up winning. Although this wasn't a particularly long reign, only lasting a week, it got Marshalls feet wet in terms of championship gold. Later on in Warrens CWF career, he gained many championship matches, but never won another title until the closing of the company in late 2013, a fact that still bothers him to this day. Even though Warren sees his time in CWF as a failure, he got his foot in the door, showed he was talented, and began his storied relationship, as the Rebels, with Danny V5.

CWF Credentials: 1X CWF Global Champion


XWE: Warren Marshall debuted in XWE in 2013, after another tip from Danny V5, and immediately went to the tag team division with Danny, naming their team, "The Rebels." Over the months, Warren and Danny proved to be unstoppable, and Warren was undefeated in both singles and tag competition. As the pay per view, Khristmas Khaos was coming up, Warren and Danny had their eyes set on the Tag Team Championships, but also the newly established Isolation match (elimination chamber). Because of the hot streak both men were on, they went into both the XWE Heavyweight Championship Isolation match, and the Tag Team Championship match for that month. Warren and Danny easily picked up the Tag Belts, and held them for a record time. But the Isolation match was tricky. They had to devise a plan to give themselves an advantage, but also notice that they were going to have to face off eventually, and they did just that after drawing number 1 and 2, not fight until the end that is. The Rebels didn't fight eachother at all to start the match, they just waited outside the pod of the next opponent, and they attacked like frenzied dogs, destroying everybody who walked out, and pinning them all. Finally it came time for the 1 on 1 between Warren and Danny. The two went back and forth, in a brutal match, but eventually, Warren became the new XWE Heavyweight Champion. He was ecstatic with this feat, as it was his first world championship. Warren went on to hold it on and off for ten months, and then relinquish the title in the next Isolation match. This all led to one of the greatest feuds and matches, in XWE history, Warren Marshall vs Lex Xander. The two men went back and forth throughout the months leading to XWE's biggest pay per view, Final Destination. The two walked into the ring on that night, and prepared for war, and that's exactly what happened. Warren and Lex went back and forth for 26 minutes in what is still regarded as one of, if not the best match in XWE history. In the end though, Lex defeated Warren, a defeat that crushed Warren mentally. He went on a losing streak and nearly quit XWE, but was talked out of it by Danny V5, and the two went back into tag team action, winning the belts together two more times, and going on to be the most recognizable team in XWE history, but then one night, it all changed. Warren was fed up with Danny V5, and they were booked to defend their titles in a ladder match that night. Danny was poised to win the match and they would retain as usual, but then, out of nowhere, Warren pushed the ladder out from under Danny. He layed a brutal beating on the man, thus ending their friendship, and beginning the brutal feud you see today, which has led to an XWE Revolutionary Championship win and loss for Warren, but still he hasn't been able to reach the top of the company again. Nowadays, Warren is one of the most well respected men on the XWE roster, although sometimes his antics don't point to that, but he still longs for another XWE Championship reign, as soon as he finished off Danny V5 that is. (New) The feud with Danny V5 had gone on for a long time, with neither man really gaining an edge over the other. Marshall and V5 wanted to put a definitive end to their feud finally, but the two men were too crafty to allow the other to beat them more than a few times in a row, so they just kept going back and forth. At The Chaos Royale 2015, this was poised to change though, as Marshall and V5 had signed on for a career vs career match, where the loser must leave town. Leading up to the match, the intense rivalry between the men was getting to another level, with V5 and Warren anxiously awaiting the date in which they could get their hands on their former Rebel partner. The crowd also grew impatient, as Marshall and V5 had one of the most hyped up matches on the entire pay per view. In the actual match, Marshall showed his physical dominance of V5, and almost mirroring the beating he took from Danny V5 in the wrestling gym oh so many years ago, Marshall destroyed V5. He went for pin after pin on the man, but nothing could keep V5 down in this moment. Marshall threw his best shots at Danny V5, everything he had, and still Danny would kick out with a smile on his face asking for more, and with a smile on his face, Marshall would deliver more. The crowd was in awe of the physical determination of Danny V5, refusing to stay down to every attack of Marshall. Finally, Danny found an inch of an opening, after being brutalized for nearly a half an hour, and he capitalized big time. Danny caught Marshall with a V Cutter, a flap jack into a V Cutter, and then, in something V5 had never done to anybody before, a V Cutter from the top rope, and that kept Warren Marshall down for the count of 3. With that, the feud between V5 and Marshall was over, and so was the career of Marshall. While the crowd had booed Marshall ever since he pushed the ladder over, sending V5 toppling to the ground, losing the tag team belts, and beginning the long lasting feud between the two men, that night they cheered him one last time as they had in his glory days. For what was thought to be the last time, Marshall left the arena sobbing like a baby as he thought his wrestling career, the career he'd worked his entire life to have, was over.


XWE Part 2: Even though Warren's career was said to have ended in the Chaos Royale match with V5, Marshall didn't honor his agreement very long, as he made his return to XWE two months later at Final Destination when he was called by Elliott Maverick to be the mystery final entrant in the jackpot ladder match. Marshall accepted immediately, and began preparations for the match. When Marshall made his return though, the match didn't go as planned for him, and he lost rather embarrassingly. He didn't look good in the match, and seemed rather out of shape. Marshall was able to get back into wrestling condition over the next few months and challenge for the Revolutionary Championship at Khristmas Khaos 2015 in a fatal 4 way match involving former rivals Lex Xander and Danny V5, along with the current champion Tristan Knight. Marshall and Knight worked together over the match and seemed to develop a friendship while taking out V5 and Xander. With this tandem, they were able to eliminate V5 from the match, and were on the verge of eliminating Lex, until Tristan lifted up Marshall for the GoodKnight, taking him completely by surprise and getting the three. The match ultimately went on to finish due to technical difficulties, and Marshall attributed the GoodKnight to intelligent gamesmanship by the young champion, and that he would have done the same thing. For the next month Marshall remained somewhat inactive and watched as Tristan went for the XWE Championship against Seth Lucifer, his arch rival. Tristan lost the match to Lucifer, and seemed like he was about to retire from wrestling, before Warren Marshall came out and warned him against it. Tristan decided not to retire, and for the next few weeks the men went their separate ways and did other things. On an episode of Showdown later though, Warren was set to face off against Lucifer. Warren was doing well for himself, but Tristan Knight came running into the ring with a steel chair anyway. Lucifer got out of the ring before Knight could do anything to him, and Lucifer began to talk about how Tristan would never be able to get him because he was weak. What happened next changed the course of XWE for the foreseeable future. Tristan Knight raised the chair, and swung it at the back of Warren's head, connecting to an absolutely stunned Marshall, knocking him out completely. Tristan then left the ring and went to the he back, not to be heard from again for the night. Marshall was put in an ambulance after the brutal chair shot was feared to give him a massive concussion, but those fears turned out to be unnecessary as Marshall was healthy in every way, but he was still completely stunned. What had he done to Knight to deserve that? He had no clue, but he didn't care, all he wanted now was the blood of Tristan Knight on his hands. Tristan's reasoning was that Warren Marshall was holding him down below, treating him as though he was less than Warren was himself, and Knight couldn't have that anymore. Warren Marshall had to wait months to finally get his hands on Tristan Knight 1 on 1 though, because of matches like the triple threat between the two of them and Ryan Gates, and the Redemption Tournament, in which their bid to meet eachother in the finals was snuffed out in the semifinal round by Lucifer and Jacob Holiday. Marshall and Knight did finally get their match however, at Final Destination 4. The two men had built up an incredible hatred, to the point where there needed to be a no contact clause put in place to keep them from killing eachother before the event. When that no contact clause was extinguished as the bell rang though, war broke out between the two men. Marshall and Knight went at eachother with everything they had, and unfortunately for Marshall, Tristan Knight came out on top definitively. This was almost too much to bear for Marshall, as he went on a deterioration that nobody could have expected. Marshall lost for months on end, coming close to picking up victories, but never actually getting the job done. Marshall seemed to lose that trademark determination he had always had, and many speculated that maybe it was time for him to retire. Unfortunately for those people, Marshall didn't see it that way, as he announced his intentions for the mega-ppv, Khristmas Khaos 2016. Warren Marshall wanted a piece of Tristan Knight, who was the reigning XWE Champion. Knight laughed in Marshall's face at the offer, and was about to leave the ring, until Marshall said that he would put his career on the line, for real this time. Tristan Knight then accepted the challenge, and Marshall vs Knight was on for Khristmas Khaos, title vs career. At the pay per view, nobody was sure what to make of Marshall in this match. He had been on a losing streak for months, but had just put everything on the line to get an opportunity at Tristan Knight and the XWE Championship. Knight had been undefeated since Final Destination, and now had the backing of the Chess Club, a team that helped him get to the XWE Championship after years of failing to reach the goal. The Chess Club were also XWE Tag Team Champions. Warren knew that he had to get rid of the team before he could take on its leader Tristan Knight, and he also knew just the partner to get that feat done, Danny V5. So it was set, Marshall was going to be double booked on the night, going after the tag team Champions with his partner Danny V5, and going after the world champion on his own. Early in the night, Marshall and V5 were able to defeat the Chess Club and become new tag team Champions, but Marshall's plan went wrong there. Bill Moriarty and Slade Draven attacked Marshall after the match and beat him to a pulp. They focused specifically on his legs, and tore away at the muscles and ligaments there, maybe causing severe damage ahead of his match with Tristan Knight. Nobody will ever know what kind of damage those men caused though, because Marshall refused to be checked by doctors ahead of his match with Tristan Knight for fear of the match being cancelled. As the match approached, Marshall was in agonizing pain backstage, but could only think of one moment in his head, that day when Tristan Knight rocked him with that chair to the head, how much pain he was in that day, and how much he needed to make Tristan Knight pay for it. He was already half way there, he had the Tag Team Title, and now all he needed to do was get that World Championship belt. The time for the match arrived, and Tristan smelled the blood in the water. He went after Marshall's wounded legs without relent, and beat down on Marshall until many just chalked the match up as the last one in the career of Warren Marshall not even because of the stipulation, but because of the damage that was happening to his knees. Incredibly, Marshall was able to fight back from time to time, but every time Marshall would begin to deliver some quality offense, Tristan Knight would go back to the legs and Marshall would collapse in pain. As the match went on though, Marshall exhibited the kind of determination we had not seen for months though, as he kept on getting up after the assaults from Tristan Knight. Knight continued to put him down, and still, Marshall showed no quit, until finally he saw his opening, and what an opening it was. Marshall got Tristan Knight near the announce table, which had been set up in a fashion where the monitors were still sticking out, and delivered a Marshall Law through the table, nearly breaking Knight in half in the process. Marshall then threw Tristan Knight in the ring, woke him up, and hit the Marshall Law once again and covered him. 1...2...3. Warren Marshall had once again become the XWE Champion in the single most emotional win of his career. Marshall had now toppled the Chess Club in one night with assistance from Danny V5, and got his long coveted revenge on Tristan Knight, and revenge had never tasted so sweet. Marshall had completed everything he had been looking to do over the year in 2016, and was now on top of the world heading into 2017. Unfortunately for Marshall, he wasn't able to hold onto the world title belt for long as he lost it to Tristan Knight the next month at New Year's Revolt, but Khristmas Khaos 2016 will go down forever as maybe the greatest moment in the career of Warren Marshall.


XWE Credentials: 5x XWE Heavyweight Champion

4x XWE Tag Team Champion

1X XWE Revolutionary Champion


Total Credentials: 1X CWF Global Champion

5x XWE Heavyweight Champion

4x XWE Tag Team Champion

1X XWE Revolutionary Champion

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Name: Viktor Marax

Theme Song: It Has Begun, Starset

From: Richmond, Virginia

Height: 6'3

Weight: 215

Signatures: Irish Curse Backbreaker, Ah Funk It

Finishers: Sinister Spike (TKO), Half Nelson Backbreaker

Age: 26


Bio: Most of Viktor Marax's life before XWE is unknown except for the fact that he was born happily and lived in Richmond for a short time until things took a turn for the worst. Marax's parents were involved in a car accident and both tragically passed away when Marax was 6. Marax was then taken from his life of normalcy to a place that nobody can exactly pinpoint, and Marax refuses to speak about to this day. Marax reappeared in XWE, shocking the world.


XWE: Viktor Marax made his debut in XWE by confronting owner Elliot Maverick. Marax made the claim that he owned XWE all along, and said, "Back in December of 2012, I, Viktor Marax, started a group called Sinister. This group, was, and still is intended to increase the morals of the human race, and to save this world from its own ignorance, by any means necessary. Month after month of acquiring members, who shared my ideas, and we were still looking for a way to... expand our ideas to a global size. 1 year after I started the group called Sinister, I made a move to attempt to increase the area that we could reach. I bought a failing wrestling company called XWE, and brought it up to the top of the wrestling world." Maverick was stunned, but Marax insisted that he owned the place, and wanted to take charge. The issue was to be settled in a match between the two men next month, but before the match could begin Maverick was beaten to a bloody pulp and hospitalised. Marax then went on to run the company to his will. Many people were dissatisfied with the reign of Viktor Marax atop XWE, as he helped the men who followed his Sinister cult, and abandoned the men who opposed it. This opposition though, began to pick up steam as Lex Xander began to head it. This led to a blowoff between the two groups at Khristmas Khaos 2014, with the main event of the evening being Marax vs Xander in a TLC match, with Marax's control of XWE on the line. For Lex Xander though, his contract was coming to an end at the conclusion of the Khristmas Khaos pay per view. To get a two year contract extension, Lex needed to win this match. The match was absolutely brutal, with Lex and Viktor going back and forth to try to get up the ladder, and memorable commentary from Elliot Maverick, the man with the most invested in the match apart from the competitors. Unfortunately for Maverick though, the whole thing was revealed to be a trick by Marax. Marax had paid off Lex Xander before the match, and just as it seemed like Lex was going to win, he jumped off the ladder and allowed Marax to win the match, crushing the chances of anybody ever breaking the Sinister grip on the throat of XWE. Over the next few months, Marax focused on his Sinister followers, most importantly being the XWE Champion at the time Nero Sin. Marax's corruption showed itself when he made Nero's title match for the month at New Year's Revolt 2015 a handicap match, with Marax himself in the match. Sin's opponent, Alex Blade, was no match for the two Sinister members, and he was quickly defeated. Unfortunately for Sin, he wasn't able to defend the title on his own, losing it to Alex Blade on Showdown. Viktor Marax then decided that it was time to step in himself, because Nero Sin was absolutely ineffective at anything approaching world championship level, and was a fat slob, a joke, and an embarrassment to the Sinister group. At Proving Ground, Marax challenged Alex Blade for the XWE Championship, and after over 40 minutes of grueling competition, Marax was able to keep him down and win the XWE Championship. Marax went on to relinquish the championship on his own volition, and take more of a backstage role in the company, with appearances becoming more and more sporadic. Notable exceptions occurred for the Isolation Chamber 2015, and a match with Tristan Knight for the XWE Revolutionary Championship at Final Destination 3. Marax revolutionized XWE in his time here, and while he's taken more of a behind the scenes role now, he still competes from time to time when he needs to, and at only 26 years of age, Marax can definitely still go physically.


Accolades: 1x XWE Champion

Leader of Sinister

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