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WWE Merchandise Thread

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Honestly, it looks like a black shirt that he cut the sleeves off and "ruined" with bleach. I doubt it will be an actual shirt.

Pretty sure that's all it is. But if people ask for it, WWE may oblige if they see money in it.

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That's actually a great shirt on their end. Because you know women will wear that because "they're not like most girls". I wouldn't be surprised if that sells decent.

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Yay for not black!



They released Sasha Banks plates for the replica of the Women's championship:




I have the replica belt and I did not know the side plates could be removed. I saw the screws on the back of the belt but it did not occur to me that that's the way they go on. Probably going to hold out for some Bayley plates.

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Loot Crate introduces SlamCrate


Our Debut Theme is 'The First'


Order by October 15th at 9pm PT to get yours!
It’s only fitting that our first WWE Slam Crate theme is THE FIRST! Remember the first time you saw a match, or the first time a superstar made you shout “This is Awesome!”? We’re bringing you a crate full of amazing and exclusive “firsts” in the WWE Universe, including an Austin Aries Topps card (100 of which are autographed by Austin Aries) and a magical New Day collectible.



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