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Personally i dont like the Kane we got the last few years and i like this Kane even less because of the man who is behind the mask and that persons Political Views.
To me, its a cowards excuse to go " a person and his political views are seperate things" because a persons political view is who they are as a person, and that is the most important to me.

I could never look at some of my friends if i would enjoy someone who i know supports things that hurt my friends.
I cant enjoy a Chris Jericho NOW, because i know he supported a man who stands for the worst in humanity, who hates POC, Women, poor people, Transgender etc.
I dont give a damn how good Jericho is, how entertaining...i cant be so shallow that i simply ignore all this for something as mundane as Entertainment.

I can enjoy past stuff because its a done deal, but i dont need to support and enjoy a present Jericho.
Same with Kane, thats why the shirt is extremely cool.

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9 hours ago, Luchador LXXXV said:

You don't like Kane or Glen Jacobs?  Him as a person or political views is a separate thing that doesn't matter and if you don't like the character anymore well then good thing the badass shirt represents classic attitude era Kane


Does it even matter? I don't have interest in wearing a shirt with him on it. 

I fell out of love with the Kane character a long time ago...before his political views were even a thing. Do I still think masked Kane was cool as hell? Yeah. But, that was also the briefest period of his career. As a whole, I think the Kane character just grew lamer and lamer over the years. And I'm one of those "see the character as a whole" type people. I have similar feelings about Undertaker's career. There was a point when the magic died.

If Kane had remained masked for his whole career, I would love that character to this day...and his political views wouldn't keep me from liking that character. But, it's a combination of the two things. The guy behind the mask became a turd. And the guy hasn't worn the mask in two decades anyway. 

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Guest Fight Me.



Oh shit, they're actually selling it lmao

This should not be a Jey Uso shirt, considering, you know. :hqhq:

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Guest Fight Me.

The Billy Gunn figures are a little surprising. AEW should sell one and have it come out around the same time. I'm sure someone out there wants a Gunn Club 3-pack lol

These kind of releases must be weird lol But hey, they're rare now.

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