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WWE Merchandise Thread


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Do people wear those damn shirts, though? Like...I'm not a huge fan of the Rusev Day shtick (I think it's overplayed)...but even if I thought it was the funniest shit in the whole world...it's still such a niche insider-joke type thing. I would never wear a shirt like that out in public. You're gonna be asked by a thousand different people what the hell it means.


Only wrestling shirts I wear are the ones that look like "fight camp" shirts...like, maybe they say "Undertaker, Death Valley" in vintage lettering or something. Those are good workout shirts.

I think you're a little too worried about what people think of your shirts. And also being a tad unrealistic on how many people approach (not cos you wrote a thousand, but cos you think even one person would).

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Guest Fight Me.

Does this go here? Idk lol.




This week's WTF Figure of the Week on Hawkins and Ryder's ppdcast. John Cena WM34 crowd attire...well, it's accurate. :lol:

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