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Custom CAWs from LegacyKeeper - 2 CAWs on PC/CC now

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EDIT : Omega Harris added 01/05/15




I thought I would start uploading and sharing my original CAWs from 2K15. I've been making my own Superstars and Divas for years going back to SvR 2008, but I've never thought they were good enough to share. But what do I have to lose eh?

I'll be uploading caws and posting them here for the PC version as I complete them. All caws will come with entrances, move-sets and two attires.


Say hello to my first CAW for the PC version of 2K15.


"The Phantom" Xander Quinn


1st Attire - Street Attire/ NXT: Iron Maiden shirt & jacket







Iron Maiden logos, Rassilon symbol uploaded by me. Credit to the respective uploaders of the pin up girl and Batman tattoos.


2nd Attire - WWE Debut: "The Phantom"








Credit to the uploaders of the black and red lucha facepaint and winged demon logos on this attire.


In-Game Screens


Live on PC CC now.


Tags: Caws.ws, Phantom, eddie2000



ADDED 01/05/15 - Omega Harris


1st Attire - White and Red










2nd Attire - Blue and Black (Venom t-shirt)








Headphones Details (Entrance attire)



Live on PC CC now.


Tags: Caws.ws, Omega, eddie2000

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Nice I like them! Where did you get the face textures from? Ps. can you use custom textures on PC version without uploading them to CC?


Thanks dude, glad you like them :)


Quinn's face texture is my own face with a few in-game facial hairs on top, and Harris' face is actually someone else's upload of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Was the first face I saw and I thought "yep, I'll make this work".


As far as I know, you still have to upload to the Logo Manager as you did with the XB1 and PS4 versions. But I think there are modders working on a way to add textures locally from your PC without using CC. We'll have to wait and see what comes.


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