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WCW Movesets Updated (PS4)


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i currently have a Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio Jr. Uploaded on CC (jaye_will553)


Dean has just the cloverleaf as a finisher and tiger bomb as his sig. lots of technician moves and mat style moves within the set.


Mysterio has a lot of lucha style moves and great submissions also as he was (IMO) a better "wrestler" in WCW. his finisher is the top rope frankensteiner and the frankensteiner from behind (spins around to front to execute move)


I just uploaded savage's moves from WCW era.. he has a lot of "attack" moves since he usually just did suplexes and punches. his sign is the set up scoop slam and his finisher is of course the macho drop. i put the double axe handle as a regular move since he doesn't perform the move in match ending or finish set up situations. comment and let me know what you guys think.


I'm currently working on a Konnan and Hollywood Hogan moveset. I'm tryin to get off early today so i can finish Arn Anderson, DDP, and Bret Hart before the night's over

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I just done a dean melanko moveset is yours accurate cuz I watched some of his move videos and older matches



yes sir as accurate as possible.. i tried to keep it within the 95-99 range. he also has the gourdbuster as a sig since they dont have a top rope move for it. his calf kick and other wear down submissions are also added.. check it out and if there are some moves you think should've been added i will update

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