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Interesting misc.pac info

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I've done a little tinkering with the misc.pac file (part of a standard PSP Smackdown 2011 iso), and found some interesting things.


Here is a list of flags that I've discovered the function of.


1. KAESHIHOSEI: determines the effectiveness of the "recovery" minigame (after being knocked down and you have to mash the Cross button). Also affects the AI's recovery ability.


2. PROB: there are four (pairs) of these flags, one for each difficulty. Determines the frequency with which the AI attempts reversals. The AI reversal frequency sliders you can edit in-game determine the level of SUCCESS the AI has at reversing.


3. FRAME: once again, there are four (pairs) of these flags, one for each difficulty. Determines the size of the reversal window (overall). The reversal balancing sliders you can edit in-game determine the level of SUCCESS you will have, even if you correctly time your reversal attempts.


4. M_MAX_TIME: here it is, the Holy Grail of misc.pac flags! This one directly affects how long you (and the AI) will be able to use a finisher after obtaining access to it. Affects all match types, except for standard tag-team matches (which require tagging). This flag DOES affect tornado-style tag matches (whether of the 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 variety).


Please note that there are THREE of each flag listed above (two in misc.pac, and one in PreLoad.pac). You need to edit ALL THREE to be exactly the same (then rebuild the iso), in order for the changes to take effect. Otherwise, you could see either no change in gameplay, or worse--the game will freeze when trying to load a match.


Also, I would like to impart a bit of info regarding the way front-grapple created finishers actually work.


Each created finisher consists of a long string of addresses, which are separated into various types of values:


1. Damage values/type: there are five (maybe six) bytes which determine how much damage the finisher does to each body part (head, body, arms, legs), and the type of damage (as in, bleeding potential, KO, dirty, pinfall, etc.). These bytes are arranged in the same fashion as the damage values were listed in older games (two-by-three array).


2. Animation addresses: each created finisher consists of up to 10 2-byte values, each value corresponding to a specific animation. Normally, there are certain limits to what finishers you can create in-game. However, if you have a catalog of animations available, and a bit of imagination, you can splice normally incompatible animations together to create entirely new finishers not normally possible.


3. Framerate addresses: each animation requires a specific number of frames in order to "flow" smoothly. Naturally, you can edit these addresses in order to make a normally jerky set of animations flow more smoothly.


4. Speed addresses: each animation also has a master speed address, which determines how fast that animation executes, irrespective of the framerate. The game normally allows you to edit this from 50 percent to 150 percent of the default value. However, you can set it to any value between 0 and 255 (I would NOT suggest 0, because it would make the finisher last forever!).


5. Finisher name: of course, your finisher has to have a name! You have a total of 24 available alphanumeric slots (the game normally only gives you 23).


One final thing: you can even assign created finishers as signature moves, but beware--try to edit the affected character's signature moves in the create-a-moveset menu, and you WILL freeze the game! Also, you can only use a created finisher as a signature move, which has already been assigned to the character as their actual finisher.


As I've warned in previous posts, do NOT ask me where to find PSP isos! Your post will be reported, and you may very well wind up getting banned!


You have been warned. ;)

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