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WWE 2k16 Wishlist/Fixlist


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I apologize if there is another thread like this or an issue w/ threads like this.




I've always seen 2k15 as building a foundation, for example look at WWE Smackdown Vs Raw [05] then look at what they did with '06 at the time THQ took what was implemented into HCTP build an engine around that and added to that foundation making a better game.

- FIX: A.I Targeting:

Playing multi-man matches in 2k15 is a test of wills in of itself specifically Triple Threat and Tag-Team matches, playing fifteen minute long Triple Threat/Tag-Team matches may seem enjoyable but when it's mostly just attempting to get the victory the enjoy factor becomes limited.


The player shouldn't hit a major finish in a tag-team match, yet when they go to knock the illegal partner off the apron they'll turn around still locked onto the legal man downed inside the ring attempting to hit a ground attack/running ground strike. Making matters worse is when the illegal partner reverses an attempt to knock them off the apron, dragging matches on even longer.


- FIX: Last Man Standing A.I:

It appears that A.I staying down in The Last Man Standing match is purely luck based, the player could win via a basic backbreaker reversal or hit their signature/finisher only for the A.I to get up at a three/four count.


I'll quote myself for a reference of an example of The Last Man Standing match A.I.


“WWE World Heavyweight Championship Last Man Standing match at Payback Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker. The Undertaker dominated Lesnar, Lesnar tried to get the upper hand but got reversed into a backbreaker staying down for nearly the whole 10 count.


The Undertaker picked him up at 9 doing the chokeslam, The Deadman then went to call for the tombstone piledriver w/ his signature taunt but Lesnar barely stayed down for a 4 count and then Brock Lesnar got the upper hand due to the taunt but The Undertaker reversed hitting the tombstone piledriver yet Lesnar only stayed down for a three count.


Tombstone Piledriver through Announcers Table = 6 count, Last Ride into standing ringside chairs = 9 1/2 Count and One final tombstone piledriver ringside = 10 count.”


- FIX: The Undertaker's 'Kip-Up' A.I:

Why does The Undertaker do his signature 'Sit-Up' whenever he gets knocked to the mat?



“I'll use '80 Hogan/Hollywood Hogan + Surfer Sting/Crow Sting as an example of why having a larger roster doesn't always matter, having In-Game models of pro wrestlers doesn't add much if their move-sets aren't on par. For example The Undertaker, who is literally 'The Cornerstone of the WWE' has been in every single WWE Video Game since WWF Smackdown! and even before that.


Yet, in WWE 2k15 we have The Undertaker doing Reverse DDT 3, Elbow Stomp, Beast Bite, ect. Just odd to play as The Deadman, yet not feel like you are playing as 'The Last Outlaw'.


2k really needs to reanimate DDT 10, not only is it easy Running Grapple Spam but it looks absolutely nothing like The Undertaker/Kane's Counter DDT.


The problem in these games is for some reason THQ post-'06 stopped building a set-list of moves, every single maneuver renamed or otherwise that is added to the previous years game should be in the next years installment. In 2k16 there shouldn't be a single move removed outside of being reanimated, same goes for entrances, single or otherwise these should by default be set as 'Pre-Set' Entrances and left on the game. 'Space' has never been an issue, so building up from what was added previously shouldn't be a problem.


2k should just have part timers, legends, ect that can still actively do their Motions, Maneuvers, etc do mo-capture or at least sit-in well mo-capture is being done to criticize any faults they see or any missing maneuvers that go unnoticed. Can't imagine "Stone Cold" Steve Austin would be too bothered to watch a live stream of someone doing his entrance, moves, ect and criticizing them Austin could even make a podcast out of it.”


Since this is just testing the waters around here I'll keep this relatively short.


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WWE Universe Mode:

I've found a lot of potential in WWE Universe Mode, problem is there are a lot of Scenes that add up to or don't effect gameplay in any way, shape or form. For example someone coming down to sit w/ Commentary which results in a finger poke and them walking away like nothing happened.


WWE Universe Mode needs some sort of 'Gimmick' section same as Create-A-Wrestler does, I shouldn't see someone like The Undertaker walking out naturally to sit at Commentary and then just pointing at their current rival as they get close and walk away like nothing. Just doesn't happen.


WWE Universe Mode is effected by everything else in 2k15, match types, A.I, move-sets, ect. This is the trifecta mode where everything should come together and play nicely, unfortunately A.I booking and issues with gameplay cause major faults in this department.


- ADD: Choices:

There are scenes that go nowhere such as Ringside W/ Commentary, Pro Wrestler waving off a match, etc. These should all have choices for the player/A.I, for example Pro Wrestler/Champion waving off a match should give the player if they aren't the one waving off the match to go after or take the win via count out or if they are the pro wrestler/champion waving off the match the option to either just take the count out loss or call upon an enemy of the rival to double team them. A.I. should also have these choices to leave WWE Universe Mode more open ended so you don't know exactly what will happen.


- ADD: GM Mode, Superstar/Diva Mode or All In One Mode:

Since WWE Universe Mode in '11 I always thought that there should be three styles of playing, General Manager Mode a system where you can edit cards, but can't play matches. Superstar/Diva Mode where you play as Pro Wrestlers, but can't edit cards and 'All In One' Mode where you can edit cards, play as anyone, etc.


WWE Universe Mode should contain a Wrestling Observer Newsletter style rating system that effects Card Ratings in GM Mode, Match Ratings in Superstar/Diva Mode and both in 'All In One' Mode.


Additionally Contracts, Costs, moral, etc in General Manager Mode should be completely optional and not effect the mode whatsoever.


- STOP/FIX: Achievements/Trophies centered around WWE Universe Mode:

The player shouldn't have to play a specific way in WWE Universe Mode to unlock a specific achievement/trophy, there shouldn't be any Deadman style achievements/trophies, ect that should all be left to 'Play'/Exhibition modes. Forcing a player to unlock certain pro wrestlers or events by doing specific things in WWE Universe Mode defeats the purpose of being able to edit WWE Universe Mode, no specific unlockables should be tied to the mode.


- ADD: Victory Scenes:

I think I've seen a single Tag-Team Victory scene in 2k15 and Single Victory Scenes don't always 'Fit' the scenario.


- FIX: Tag-Teams

Ring Announcers will announce In-Game Tag-Teams, Prime Time Players for example as The Prime Time Players even if in WWE Universe Mode they aren't referred to as PTP in a different tag-team. Setting Positions in Tag-Team/Trio Entrances changes the position of Tag-Team/Trio members in WWE Universe Mode, for example I had 'Money Corp.' featuring Titus O'Neil & Darren Young w/ Alberto Del Rio but using 'Evolution' as the trio entrance and change Del Rio as Triple H made the tag-team Del Rio & Darren Young. This also occurred in my Samoan Dynasty Team which was Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns, using The Shield Trio Entrance and giving Reigns his usual position changed the tag-team to Roman Reigns & Jimmy Uso.


Match Types:


- FIX: Weapon Physics/Weight:

In 2k15 none of the weapons have weight, this causes them to glitch out and fly all over the place making basic ladder matches Hell for the player. Wooden Tables shouldn't explode like soap suds, they should break evenly where the professional wrestler connects.


- FIX: Stamina System:

The player shouldn't lose a ladder/steel cage match after a single signature because they have to get to their knees to crawl to the ropes to pick themselves up, as enjoyable as The Stamina system in basic single matches it doesn't work anywhere else.


- ADD: Commentary:

The Commentary flows better I suppose but the dialogue isn't worth listening too or well spoken most of the time, a lot of the dialogue specifically from Jerry 'The King' Lawler comes off as being read on wikipedia. The countless 'Buzzword' commentary that just replaces a specific word/pro wrestler name/signature or finish doesn't help either, Commentary should be unique for every single match. The player shouldn't play through a single card in WWE Universe Mode and hear the same thing twice, Commentary should be focused on the match and maneuvers being used. When someone slaps The Undertaker, Commentary should react like someone just slapped The Deadman. Not continue on about looking into the eyes of The Undertaker leads straight to Hell.


- ADD: Hell In A Cell Gameplay:

The player shouldn't be limited to eye rakes in the Cell area around the ring in The Hell In A Cell match, why can't we use the door? There is a door in HIAC, I know that more recently World Wrestling Entertainment has been about keeping the action inside HIAC but using the door makes a lot more sense then most of the OMG Cell breaking moments specifically with the animation and lack of spacing outside of the cell.


- FIX/ADD: Hot Tags:

Nothing breaks a tag-team match up more then seeing someone like Cesaro & Tyson Kidd or Luke Harper & Erick Rowan doing a Hot Tag, realistically the current Hot Tag animation only fits The Usos. Hot Tags also do nothing for a tag-team match, no momentum, no signature/finisher. Nothing, if anything Hot Tags should be connected to Signature/Finishers or The Comeback Mechanic. Also, there is no way to reverse Hot Tags either.




- ADD: The Big Show Effect:

Realistically nobody should be picking someone like Big Show up for a suplex, not every heavyweight should be able to do this and even super heavyweight shouldn't be able to do this.


The player shouldn't be playing Sami Zayn Vs. Big Show, yet feel like they are playing on the same field as if Zayn was Vs. Mysterio. Zayn shouldn't be able to nail Big Show w/ The Blue Thunder Bomb or even a standing Koji Clutch. Not a living person should be able to hit someone like Big Show w/ any sort of Hurricanrana, Frankensteiner, etc.



IF the player is an underdog facing Big Show, they should barely scrape by w/ a victory.


- FIX: Distinction between Running Ropes and Turnbuckle Climb:

Nothing is more annoying then playing someone like Adrian Neville and running towards the turnbuckle after the perfect set-up for the Red Arrow just to rebound off the nearby ropes stuttering the momentum. There should be a gap between wanting to run the ropes and climbing the turnbuckle.


- ADD: OMG Announcer Table Animations:

Chokeslams, Powerbombs, Etc shouldn't have to stand on the announcers table to hit the OMG Moment none of those maneuvers makes sense for the pro wrestler to stand on the commentary table before hitting the move. There should be a different animation for different moves, certain moves should be excluded by logic.


- FIX: Reversal System:

The Reversal System as a whole has needed rewriting for years, you shouldn't see The Undertaker breaking out of powerbombs doing facebusters and not everyone should nail a Russian Leg Sweep and The Big Show shouldn't be doing literally 100% of the maneuvers connected to reversals.


Reversal Timing also needs to be fixed or adjusted, Multi-player matches makes gameplay wither down to nonexistence. Ground Grapples, Corner Grapples, Rebound Grapples or even basic Grapples are all to easily reversed, there is also the case of A.I going Reverse crazy if they attempt to go for an OMG Moment.

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everyone has a lot of good points, well here is my wish list


A Dlc pack for entrance music/trons not used by current superstars


A WCW Mode which would include all 12 wcw ppvs

WCW TV Championship

WCW Womans Championship

WCW Cruiserweight tag team championship

WCW Version of the World Heavyweight Championship

An Attiude Era WWE arena pack


More Match Types


More Caw Slots

Bring back superstar threads with the ability to freely create

Bring Back Create Modes like Belts, finishers, arenas


More NXT talent featured this year


and my biggest beef that needs to change is this... Plz Stop using more then one slot for the same damn superstar... I don't need 6 randys, 5 danials, 20 cenas.. it just plain stupid, when you could put the attire on the current modle and call it a day



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How about 2K actually make the game fun again?


Definitely this.



And of course fix + add create modes.


- Actual face and body morphing back

- A lot more hair options, beard options, body hair back, more clothes and the ability to use all clothes items in the ring attire too (not just entrance)

- Fix logo fading, god dammit it's annoying and almost makes the whole logo import thing worthless

- All entrance motions should be in advanced entrance creation, too

- Custom themes back, this is a must

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Watching the New Day using the Freebird Rule now...I hope they add an option to have a whole stable hold the tag team titles.


I also want to be able to choose different wake up taunts for each charged finisher. I know most will have the same one for both finishers, but it would really help for guys like Taker & Kane. I hate doing the Chokeslam taunt when I wanna do the Tombstone with Kane.

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Fix the targeting - give us back the perfectly responsive targeting from Smackdown 1 and 2, where you pressed the button at ANY time and you changed targets, making things like handicap matches responsive and highly playable. also manual should be manual, no random target changing when your guy feels like it, they should only ever change on their own if you grab someone.


Fix the ref - it used to be fun beating on the ref in no DQ matches, so why are we still able to hit him when he just pops back to his feet instantly, either realistically keep him down (and let us interact with him) or take him out altogether.


Make the AI better - not much needs said about this, everyone knows what it's like, the most annoying thing this year for me though is the AI breaking up moves for the hell of it, that shit needs to be addressed.


Fix the weapon physics - i'm so f***ing sick of ladders shooting out the ring and tables being absolute garbage, SvR 2011 had the brilliant new weapon physics which they broke in the very next game :facepalm:


Lastly - bring back match creator and the other match types you took out, i can't believe this year's game doesn't even have handicap matches.



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I also want to be able to choose different wake up taunts for each charged finisher. I know most will have the same one for both finishers, but it would really help for guys like Taker & Kane. I hate doing the Chokeslam taunt when I wanna do the Tombstone with Kane.


i have a tip for you - start the charged finisher with Triangle then press L1 to cancel the taunt, the opponent will still start getting up so you can initiate the taunt of your choice ;)


i found this out after being annoyed that i could no longer do the pointing to the ground taunt with my King (royal not Lawler or Tekken) CAW. on 2K14 i used to do this wakeup so it was like he was telling them to bow down to the king before smashing them in the head with the Knee Trembler, or The King's Crown as i call it :)

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The problem is they're trying to make it too much like tv.


So much irony in this post. For as long as i've been playing this game online (since 06) people have been saying they wanted the game to be more like T.V. It took them ten years but it sems they finally did it. I've always played a variety of styles and enjoyed having the option to play how i want, so hopefully they don't start forcing a play style.. I hear a lot of mixed reviews about this game, but compared to previous years it seems the online communities aren't nearly as active as they once were. While it will never happen again (at least not with a WWE game), the community benefited more when the series was exclusive to one console. Even when its among the top sellers, it seems this game is bought by more casuals than active those really looking to take advantage of all its features, which is probably why Create a Superstar hasn't growned as much as it should have by now.


I'm playing Here Comes to Pain right now its reminded me of a mode i miss, one that i can't recall being in any game after HCTP: Slobber Knocker. I don't recall it being in the SvR series, but i may be wrong. Pretty fun mode.


Another wishlist item would be the Time Limit Hardcore match. I know they don't often include modes that aren't current with the product, but this match mode added some replay value to playing offline.

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I would like to see more gamelay matches, the ability to add more than 2 single titles per brand, unification of titles from different brands and rivalry between brands. More than 3 rivals. More caw slots and caw features.


Reversal finishers, for example Undertaker countered Bray Wyatt's finisher into a chokeslam or Rock countering stunner into a rock bottom etc

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simple lil things that would for me make the game more enjoyable

-casket match.. buried alive match ...and ambulance match based on a i quit ball point system with nice lil animations

-more caw slots

-manager should be set to a superstar

- in game charakters face should be editable

- in game charakters anouncer names should be editable


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and please i hope the wwe doesnt reunite the shield at payback and give all 3 the shield theme back and 2k thinks yeah they was all angry we not having ambrose and rollins themes and trons in 2k15 so we will hold those charakters up to date and than they canceld for 2k16 the second comming rollins and the other ambrose theme xD please not absolutly not

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the championship announcing better be corrected


also they really need to re-shoot the generic title win animation cos i am so bloody sick of seeing the guy magically having his belt on.


this wouldn't be so bad if he was standing with it on but they have him falling into the ropes like he's just finished the match so why the f**k is his belt on? it looks so stupid and unrealistic.

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They need to actually work on improving the universe mode rather than just saying that they did, there were numerous problems with and it was very bland.


Where should I even begin? Rivals facing off against each other in a singles match on every damn episode of Raw leading up to the PPV, hardly having branching scenes, having about hundred stories to select from but ninety nine of them being the same, and nothing interesting EVER happening before or after a match (no interferences).

No stories involving three or more superstars, and having to spend a lot of time in order to find an appropriate storyline to turn one of your superstars.


MyCareer mode was diplorable. I lost my title three times, and each time it was Vickie Guerrero stripping me. It never mattered at all if I were face or heel, and stories were extremely random and consisted of cutscenes taken from create-a-story mode that were created about five years ago.


I love the stamina system though. I hope they improve it and make it even more important than it already is. I hope it effects the pace of a match even more.


Also, the game isn't challening enough.. But I've had this complaint for about seven years now.


Weight detection? It is amazing how they get away with lying so much. Weight detection is and will always be absent as long as Rey Mysterio is able to drop the Big Show with a running strike, period. Unfortunately, I highly doubt they would implement it. It is a shame that SvR 07 had weight detection and 2k15 doesn't.


I personally also need something that is immensely enjoyable like manager or season mode, rather than a mode about "reliving" matches that I can "relive" on YouTube.

Let me also add that if they were to merely bring back some features from previous games and were to make some small tweaks, the game would be much better.


Think back to what we had in the past.


Crowd chants, interferences during matches (remember Undertaker having his unique interference?), unique Royal Rumble entrances (and an acceptable Rumble match), weight detection, weapon physics from '11, numerous create modes, and control over A.I manager.

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