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The Last Man Standing A.I

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Sorry to spam the forum, but I just did a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Last Man Standing match at Payback Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker. The Undertaker dominated Lesnar, Lesnar tried to get the upper hand but got reversed into a backbreaker staying down for nearly the whole 10 count.


The Undertaker picked him up at 9 doing the chokeslam, The Deadman then went to call for the tombstone piledriver w/ his signature taunt but Lesnar barely stayed down for a 4 count and then Brock Lesnar got the upper hand due to the taunt but The Undertaker reversed hitting the tombstone piledriver yet Lesnar only stayed down for a three count.


How does a backbreaker reversal basically win the match, yet signatures & Finishers don't do any damage. Anyone else find the meter broken when playing Last Man Standing matches?



Tombstone Piledriver through Announcers Table = 6 count

Last Ride into standing ringside chairs = 9 1/2 Count


One final tombstone piledriver ringside = 10 count.

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I assume it's all based on chance. Much like when a player has the play the mini game to get back to their feet, it's possible that they can get lucky and get back to their feet on a one count. Or they could keep missing the mark and get counted out from a simple move.


Either way, the system for Last Man Standing sucks. It's way too easy to keep your opponent down for the count. Most of the time I can win the match without even performing a finisher. Half the time I even puck the opponent up just before the 10 count just so I can play the match a little longer.


Some of these match types need serious work in 2k16. It's like the cage match... If the computer hits you with one signature, that's usually enough to keep you down until the CPU can climb out of the cage, because it takes so damn long to crawl to the ropes and get to your feet.

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