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wwe 2k16 new moves pack ideas

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hey. So, these are my ideas for the new moves pack for wwe 2k16. most of these moves came from the old svr games, so bear with me.


*Note: @K might do something COMPLETELY different for the new moves pack, but it would be nice to bring back moves from old SvR games.


Strikes (these include standing, diving, springboard, corner, and running):


Capoeira Kick 1 & 2, Tae Kwon Do Jump and Back Kick, Corner Shining Wizard, Seated corner Shining Wizard, Modified Enzuigiri(Spinning to Face), Feint Kick & Sweep 1 & 2, Outside Crescent Kicks 1 & 2, Spinning Back Kick 1-3, Shuffle Side Kicks 1-3 and 5, Diving Thrust Kick, Axe Kick, Karate Kick 1, Heavy Combo, Hook Kick, Turnbuckle Kick Combo, Corner Karate Kick, Savate Kick 1, Karate Punch, Spinning Hook Kick, Roundhouse Kick 4, High Kick 3, Sick Kick, Jumping High Kick, Hallow Kick (Hallowicked's signature kick), L-Kick


Close combat:


Middle Kick, Chest Kick, Karate Slide, Heavy Leg Kick, Thrust Kick 2




Quick: Savate Kick 2, Crescent Kick, Palm Thrust, Back Chop


Strong: Big Fat Kill, Savate Kick 3, Trouble in Paradise 2, Knee Lift, Thrust Kick 3


Running: Sole Butt to Chest, Yakuza Kick, Shining Enzuigiri, Hurricanrana Driver


Grapples (Standing Ground, Corner, Running):


Judo Hip Throw, Oriental toss, Muay Thai Knees, Judo Flip Suplex, Double Leg Takedown, Vertical Neckbreaker, Reverse Sidewalk Slam, Leg Trip, Lifting STO, Judo Hip Toss, Arm Wrench/Mule Kick, DDT & Kip Up, RVD Kick Combo, Corner Sunset Flip, Split Legged Pin, Extreme Small Package, Rolling Clutch Pin, Alternating leg Kicks, Snap Hip Toss, Half and Half Suplex, Arm Whip, Biel Throw, Front Dropkick 4, Handspring Moonsault, Spinebuster w/ Pin, Kick Combination(the one from SvR2010), Orange Crush Powerbomb, Gutwrench Suplex 4 (the old one from svr 07-09), Tilt-A-Whirl Spinebuster (where the opponent is lifted as in a spinebuster and is then flipped onto his back), Kenta Rush




Half Nelson Camel Clutch (Back Tazmission 1), Standing Crossface Chickenwing, Dragon Sleeper w/ Scissors, Cravate, Grounded Abdominal Stretch, Drop Toe & Crossface, Trailer Hitch, Grounded Full Nelson, Buffalo Sleeper, Standing Guillotine Choke, Triangle Choke, Grounded Straight Jacket, Haas of Pain, Hip Toss to Armbar



Misc (moves that I couldn't put into any categories):


Diving Corkscrew Moonsault, Handspring Enzuigiri, Running Rolling Thunder, Springboard Corkscrew Senton, Apron SSP



Tag Team:


Standing: Total Elimination, Superkick and German Suplex, Powerbomb Double Knee Backbreaker, Superkick and Leg Sweep


Corner: Suplex and Missile Dropkick, Side Slam and Legdrop, Double Fireman's Carry, Moonsault Combination



those are my ideas. let me know what you guys think

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Hmmm... I'd love to see the Landing Crash/Styles Clash reanimated.

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Hmmm... I'd love to see the Landing Crash/Styles Clash reanimated.

i didnt think of the clash. that could be used as a catch finisher and also an avalanche version


We definitely need a Powerbomb as a catching finisher and whip rebound move for Owens

that would be cool

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