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Angel With The Burnt Wings

Best Post-Wrestlemania RAW Moment? SPOILERS, obviously


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  1. 1. Best Post-Wrestlemania RAW Moment?

    • Heyman announces Lesnar will fight tonight. Stephanie says Rollins isn't here yet.
    • IC: Daniel Bryan (c) vs Dolph Ziggler
    • Barrett Bullhammer. Sheamus return and heel turn.
    • The Ascension and Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs New Day and Lucha Dragons
    • Seth refuses to fight Lesnar and runs. Lesnar flips. Steph suspends him.
    • Damien Mizdow vs Stardust. The Miz attacks Mizdow.
    • Neville vs Curtis Axel
    • US: John Cena (c) vs Dean Ambrose
    • Renee Young interviews Seth Rollins
    • AJ Lee, Naomi and Paige vs Bella Twins and Natalya. AJ wears Bailey shirt.
    • Rusev vs. Goldust
    • The Authority (Big Show, Kane and Seth Rollins) vs Randy Orton, Ryback and Roman Reigns

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Lesnar flipping shit. Nothing comes close.


The first hour and a half was great and full-on entertainment, but Lesnar stole the show with his rampage. Bryan/Ziggler and Kalisto's performance were my other favorite moments. But I don't think anything from the second half even deserves a mention when compared to what all we saw in the first.

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AJ in the Bayley shirt

Seth's debut as champ

Doing the wave


Lucha Dragons

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The whole segment between Brock and Seth was incredible. Everything about it. From Seth telling Brock hes jet lagged and his feet kinda hurt from curb stomping him and Regins the night before to Brock actually getting his hands on Seth several times before Seth could get away then finishing by destroying everything in sight. Seth was honestly on some next level heel shit that night and its smart booking, it keeps Brock relevent by keeping him off TV and gives Seth a chance to actually defend his title without losing it.

It could also open up Heyman to take another guy under his wings for a little bit. Which i don't think will happen, but i want it to so bad especially since Balor might not be staying with NXT for a long time.

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