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How to max out the power of created finishers

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Many people have complained about how created finishers tend to lack the "punch" of in-game finishers.


I aim to end those complaints with a rather astonishing discovery--it is possible to increase the damage that created finishers inflict, to such a degree, that any opponent they are used on will NOT get up on their own (or at least for a VERY long time).


There is a group of three bytes which determine how much damage (and to what body part(s)) the finisher inflicts, and for how long the AI "sells" the move.


The first byte is the actual damage amount. Set to FF (natch) to maximize the damage of the finisher.


The second byte determines what body part(s) the finisher targets. 00 = head, 01 = torso. If this byte is set to FF, the finisher targets the entire body (head, torso, arms AND legs!).


The third byte determines how long the AI "sells" the move for. To maximize how long the AI stays down, set this byte to FF.


Be forewarned, however: any wrestler with the Kip-up ability will immediately use it upon receiving a custom finisher whose damage bytes have been maxed out! Also, any wrestler who receives a maxed-out custom finisher can (and often will) still reverse a pin attempt.

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