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What Game Are You Playing?


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Picked up Stardew Valley on the Switch. I was initially put off by how open it is in terms of what you can actually do in the game. Now that I have a goal in mind I've been enjoying it quite a bit, its so chill.


Apart from that been splooning away with the recent splatfest. New South Park in 3 days too!

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Started playing The Turing Test. Really cool game for what it is, and not what I was expecting at all. Basically a 100% Portal clone, with the exception of it being serious and not ironic or humor based.

If you like puzzle games, you should try The Talos Principle.

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Wanted the Mario Halloween theme for my 3DS, but didn't have enough gold Nintendo points...so I downloaded Bulb Boy for Switch. Game is actually very good...but super, super weird. Definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of movies like James and Giant Peach, or that kind of twisted Tim Burton aesthetic. I feel like I lack the verbiage to properly describe how bizarre the game truly is. Lol.

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