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What Game Are You Playing?


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Resident Evil HD. Probably my favourite game from the original PS and one of my personal favourites of all time.

Playing this as well. Unfortunately, I was unaware that it was going to be free this month, and bought it 3 days before >:( It's my first time plying through it, but I've played pretty much every other RE.


Thinking about getting RE 0. Have you played that and would you recommend it? I've heard the inventory is a real pain.

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I hope you enjoy it. I never realized how different the gameplay experience would get with the HD remake, but I'm having a blast.



I didn't complete RE 0 but it relies heavily on seperate inventory management, which means thinking carefully about trading items and weapons between the two characters at all times.

The real pain is when you're stuck in a predicament as one character and you don't have the required item or weapon to get past. The only way to undo certain decisions would be to load the game, which can be annoying at times.



It can be fun if that doesn't bother you. It was okay, and I think you'll like it if you enjoy RE 1, but the inventory mechanic changes the gameplay approach significantly.

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