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Still playing through Pokemon Fire Red.


Damn it I wish I had more than one Master Ball. I spent way too long trying to catch Moltres and Zapdos. Just need to deal with Articuno now then I'll be off to the League after getting absolutley CRUSHED by Dragonite on my first attempt.

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WWE 2K16 (PS4)


The new Women's Championship inspired me to spend some time in create a belt. But I couldn't figure out how to color the background red, so I left that to other folks. BUT I created a custom WCW Women's Championship. I think it looks legit. I'm gonna make tweaks.

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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (PS4)


104 hours in, I'm closing in on the endgame. My megas are nearing level 90. Already beat the Great Challenges, currently working on the Seven Great Demon Lords. I saved Lilithmon and Lucemon for last. After that, it's off to continue the main questline.

... *Censored* Lucemon. OP as *Censored* on the show and in the game. Not worth it. I'm skipping this shit.

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Had a blast completing GTA III. It took me three days but I was really surprised at how good it still is, even though it lacks so much in comparison to newer titles.
The mission structure was so good back then. It was a real challenge going through some of the missions.

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