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Still playing Digimon World 2. Scan Domain was pretty harsh because it was full of Ultimates. Giga Domain just kicked my ass, though. The standard enemies weren't bad, but traps and mazes made things rough. The boss looked deceptively easy. I've now got MagnaAngemon, WereGarurumon, SkullMeramon, Okuwamon, and MetalGreymon. I used the first three as my digi-line against the boss.


I wasn't doing much damage, but I took out their leader, Zudomon. I knew I could win a war of attrition, because my MagnaAngemon has a lot of healing techniques. Plot twist! Tortomon starts spamming Mega Heal, which I didn't expect him to have, every round. Enemies have infinite MP, and even with my Digimon triple teaming him + me blasting the sumbitch with my Z-cannon, I couldn't cut into his healing. If I was a patient guy, I could spend a day or two raising my MetalGreymon to digivolve to WarGreymon (who has the most powerful attack in the game, Terra Force) and kick this little dude's punk ass. But, I'm just gonna bring Okuwamon next time to mercilessly chop up his defense. I'm so tired of this mission. My main 3 are maxed at level 28, and their damage sucks. Time to digivolve again, I think.

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Absolutely. I don't even talk about it so it never existed lol. It's like a demon. It feeds off of you.


Seriously though. Right up there with B3 and BT3. Probably better to be honest. Just doesn't have the big BT3 roster but everyone feels a bit different in a sense.

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