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On 8/15/2020 at 6:55 PM, TrisetMaster908 said:

Adam's perk is amazing, I get someone off the hook, and if I'm hooked I get a 100% chance to get off of it!

Didn't realize until yesterday that I have Adam close to level 20, must have played him some during one of the previous bonus blood point events... I also like his Distraction (pebble) perk, so I might play him long enough to get all three of his teachable perks unlocked for my other survivors to get.

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Guest Fight Me.
3 hours ago, AlterNation said:

Yeah. Never played it before, but I'm liking it so far. The combat's a bit repetitive though.

It's got some great sequels too.

Don't play the movie one lol

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Bioshock 1 and 2

Trying to beat them on the hardest difficulty, to get the hang of it then beat it again on the hardest without Vita Chambers. Side note, man I wish Big Daddy Funko Pops weren't so dang expensive, I really want one

Fortnite tomorrow

OMG the battlepass is insane. Wolverine, Groot, Mystique, She Hulk, Dr. Doom, Ironman, Thor

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All Marvel related!

Fun fact, Mijonir is in the game, ONLY Thor and Captain America can weild it, thats a cool feature. This is a very cool season, and they will be adding Silver Surfer later on too, and I bet they'll add Black Widow and Star Lord back to ths game eventually. I was getting bored of Fortnite and this brought it back

I'm still horrible by myself, I've only been playing a few months, so I hope I get better. Just aggravates me

Mystique's ability is cool, you can transform into the skin of whomever you kill, Tony can emote to use nanotechnology to transform into Ironman, Emote as Jennifer Walter's to transform into She Hulk, win as Dr Doom to bring out an awesome looking throne, Emote as Groot and Rocket will appear, Emote as Wolverine to bring out his claws to use them as a harvesting tool. Almost each has their own personal glider only they can use(except Groot and Wolverine)

Hopefully Galactus will be a skin later

Won my first Duos! Still have 0 Solo wins

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