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What Game Are You Playing?


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31 minutes ago, Lunchbox said:

Better than the skate series?

Not better but definitely harder and different. It makes it way more satisfying to land a trick that you’ve been attempting many tries pretty much like irl.

Controls will take some time to get used too, it seems intimidating at first but it works.
Each analog stick controls a different foot and the shoulder bumpers act as your shoulders would react irl with weight distribution when you’re tunring on the board while riding.

Keep in mind this is from a very small company and there are still quite a few weird physics issues but nothing too crazy that will ruin the enjoyment.

The best way to discribe the game is a very hardcore sim that is not aimed at casual players who  just want to pick up and play. Getting good will take some effort much like actual skateboarding.

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Guest Fight Me.
16 hours ago, Jeb ★ said:

Just got platinum on Ghost of Tsushima 😁

Bro how lol

Got Destroy All Humans yesterday. It was fun, but definitely had to jump back to Ghost afterwards. :D

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Replaying the first Bioshock gave me the itch, so I did a hard run on Infinite. Likely finish it off by dusting Bioshock 2 next. The games are phenomenal, I'm hyped and slightly worried by the upcoming game. 

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Ghost of Tsushima

Modern Warfare

Itching for another win, and now with Double XP on Level, Weapon, and BattlePass, im gonna grind so see how far I can get. Finally completed the Headhunter Co-Op mission, but I shouldn't have, idk how I manged to do that. I was at the VERY end, I was on the other side of the bridge, I just took down the last Tank. My 3 teammates are down, all I have is an Uzi (because I dropped my Bison when I ran out of ammo, but I picked up an ammo case shortly after...) I'm running out of bullets in my Uzi, I'm being surrounded by enemies, on the ground shooting them as I see them. Im a medic and my skill is about to come back so I just SPAM L1 and R1 and I brought my teammates back just as I went down. Like I said I shouldn't have won :lol: Gosh I wish I could hear my teammates reaction 


Getting kinda eh with it now, haven't got a win in solo or duos but haven't got a win in squads in like 2 weeks. Just trying to grind, gotta git gud at building or I won't survive long in this

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Was playing Solo WarZone, and did the best I've ever done solo. I killed someone and they dropped Contraband and told me to take it to a drop off point id get a Sniper Rifle Blueprint. Just barely did it too. That was news to me. I knew about the bunker Blueprints but not random ones like this

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