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What Game Are You Playing?

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Trying to get better at Modern Warfare Multiplayer, but god I suck bad. I did get many snipe kills with the marksman rifle with a thermal scope attached. I somehow had a blueprint for it. 

Also trying to get better at WarZone and Fortnite. Still suck lol

And playing some BO4 Multiplayer, gotta play with my girl Battery, use to be Nomad but Battery is my favorite Specialist. But wow its hard playing with all those high level people. 

And I tried Blackout again...and I kind of hate it now, Warzone spoiled me, hell to me, Fortnite is kinda more fun than Blackout is, and I absolutely HATE Alcatraz mode in it. I remember loving it when it first came out. I still wish I had M. Shadows, I grinded the hell out of Zombies for cases and nothing 

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Trying to level up the tier towers, DEADPOOL IS NEXT WEEK! I cant wait, the tiers I really want Mitus. I just got that Oro's Challenges for the Axe and weapon skins, just playing with my friends is fun. Last night I had the most fun ever playing it. One friend was drunk AF but it was hilarious.

Modern Warfare 

Playing the heck out of Team Deathmatch, man I'm getting me my own sniper montage lol. Messing people UP with that.  One load out I call Dream Team AX-50 with a RPG, with claymores with Shrapnel Perk so I can carry two. I love superstore. I always go to the top floor, put a claymore behind the door and aim out the window. 95% of the time they come upstairs just to get blown up lol

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Star Wars: Battlefront 2  - triple XP

Dead by Daylight - 1.5x XP

Friday the 13th - double XP

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