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What Game Are You Playing?

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Dying Light

How is it man?

Dude, before I brought it I was always skeptical of it. Seeing it on videos and stuff but honestly it's so much fun. It's really really fun, few bugs here and there but overall it's a solid game.

I couldn't finish Watch Dogs. I got so bored of it.


I'm playing BF4. Spring patch is out and I want to see how it is.

Dude. It's killing m right now to finish it. Because it feels like it just drags.
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I've been playing BF4, too, because I bought BF: Hardline and thought it was ass (took it back after a week or so), and I've never played BF4 online for next-gen. I'm gonna re-download the Naval Strike DLC this weekend.


Only other games I've been playing lately have been NBA 2K15, GTA V, and Shadow of Mordor. I'm seriously just waiting until Arkham Knight comes out. Haven't been this hyped for game since GTA V.

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Been playing Xenoblade on my 3DS and picked up Splatoon for the WiiU. Splatoon is so much damn fun.






I'm also interested


Hooked up the PS1, been playing me some Crash 2!

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